Chapter 866- Breach in the city walls
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Zhan Long Chapter 866- Breach in the city walls

Chapter 866- Breach in the city walls


  The Fire Carp Army General Gangso suddenly raised his sword and walked up, saying furiously, "The Saint Ruler gave us the job of defending Heaven Water Pass. How can you abandon it just like that?"

  Clear Black Eyes looked towards Gangso and said flatly, "It has already been lost so how can you say we abandoned it? If it wasn't for your man being too careless, how would we lose control of Heaven Water Pass? Retreat immediately, I will take responsibility for everything!"

  "Yes, okay..."


  I looked on as the Fire Carp Army and [Beautiful Life] retreated into the darkness before asking, "Who is Clear Black Eyes, why did that NPC call her infanta?"

  Yue Qing Qian replied, "That is because in India Region her contribution points are the highest so that Purple Flame Saint Ruler rewarded her with an infanta position. Her status is basically the same as yours but the only difference is that the Tian Ling City Emperor targets you. In Flaming Cloud City, she is the most trusted by Purple Flame Saint Ruler and he pretty much listens to everything she says."

  Li Mu smiled, "This is the difference. In certain aspects, Purple Flame Saint Ruler can really be called Saint Ruler. He is much better than Owen who sees the throne as the most important matter."

  I smiled, "However, no one wants Owen and the Purple Flame Saint Ruler."

  Li Mu rubbed his nose, "Your sister..."

  Li Meng Yao's eyes opened wide, "What do you want to do?"

  Li Mu was speechless, "..."

  Xiao Lie seemed to understand what we were saying. He held his blood stained spear and laughed, "General, I think what this adventurer is saying makes sense. Purple Flame Saint Ruler in some areas is indeed wiser than Emperor Owen. What is the point of us defending Tian Ling City like this? Just for cowardice and selfishness?"

  I reached out with my hand to touch the cold ruins of the city wall and said, "No matter whether Owen is useless or wise, Tian Ling City is still our home where we have a foothold. Let's just treat it as us fighting for Tian Ling City, moreover... Tian Ling City also has Princess Pearl, so she would be much better than Owen?"

  Xiao Lie smiled, "Oh, then let's just treat it as us fighting for Tian Ling City and Pearl!"

  "Let's stop talking about all this. Go call the cavalry back and stop chasing. Leave a thousand people to defend Heaven Water Pass and we will go sneak attack Fire Elephant City territory!"

  "Yes, sir!"


  Since Clear Black Eyes knew that we had already taken down Heaven Water Pass, she will definitely inform the Indian Players to come and take it back. We will definitely be unable to protect it. Ever since we entered, we were already prepared to die. If the China Region players couldn't take down Fire Elephant City, we are most probably done for."

  "Let's go!"

  At godspeed I rode on the God Dragon Horse and stepped out of the pass. I brought along a bunch of Royal Army and [Zhan Long] players, around thirty thousand of them. A large portion of them were from the ten thousand who were led by Lin Wan Er and acted as a supply team at the back. I led twenty thousand cavalry to move forwards swiftly. From the Heaven Water Pass battle, Lin Wan Er's intelligence far exceeded my expectations. She could smartly grasp the chance which was something that Yue Qing Qian, Dong Cheng Yue, and Mocha didn't even notice. With such a deputy guild leader protecting the backlines our twenty thousand cavalry didn't need to worry about being sneak attacked.

  It was still night time in the game. Roughly one more hour and it would become bright. The east already had a bit of light and the star light was now much dimmer. The twenty thousand iron cavalry rushed all the way and not long later a dense pass appeared.

Roughly two thousand NPCs were defending it. This made me think about the treatment Drunken Spear got in the Xia Yu Army, however these guards were from the third army of Flaming Cloud City - the Wind Searching Army. A general who held a long blade hollered loudly, "Who is it?"

  Xiao Lie was very bold, raising his spear and heading up, using the cover of darkness as he said, "I am Fire Carp Army Major Ming Ying. Who are you, and why did you set up a pass here?"

  That guard was shocked, "Did the Fire Carp Army have a major called Ming Ying?"

  "I am a major that Gangso recently promoted. Who are you, and what is your reason for blocking my way? Are you a spy from the Tian Ling Empire? Answer me now!"

  Tha guard was after all just a lieutenant and he was totally stunned, "I am Wing Searching Army Lieutenant Ying Gan. Why did General come over? Isn't the Fire Carp Army defending Heaven Water Pass?"

  Xiao Lie hollered, "Fire Elephant City is in trouble. The attacks from Tian Ling City is too fierce so the general asked me to lead ten thousand iron cavalry to help defend. Immediately let us pass!"

  "Yes, but I will need you to show your identification!"

  "Okay, you can come and take it."

  When that lieutenant jumped off his horse and came over, Xiao Lie flew over and smashed his face. A sword slashed across and that lieutenant was instantly killed. Xiao Lie rode his horse dozens of meters forward, his spear held up as he pushed aside a bunch of things in his path, shouting, "Charge!"

  Li Mu and I couldn't help but laugh. He said, "Your major is so strong and actually quite smart too..."

  I laughed, "Of course, if not, why else would I be using him? Quick, time is precious, the more noise we make the more people will come to kill us!"



  A bunch of Fire Dragon Cavalry raised up their swords, hacking and slashing at these two thousand defending troops. When our twenty thousand cavalry charged across this place, the only things left were the corpses. However, there were a lot of country war achievement points to be gained. However, the most surprising thing was that the final country war achievement points and one's achievement value would be equated.

  Galloping on this cold piece of land, the iron hoof sounds threatened everyone. No one made a sound and in the near distance was a large city. It was Fire Elephant City. Using the last bit of starlight, we could roughly see that the giant city was stretching hundreds of miles. The outer walls were covered in red copper and there was a watchtower every hundred meters. However, since we appeared in the inner area, we could see that there wasn't red copper on this side. It seems like they only thought about being attacked from the outside and not the inside?


  A message came from Lin Wan Er which said, "Piggy, my intel network replied to me. Clear Black Eyes has already released our location and Drunk Maple has come down from the city walls. He brought around seven guilds, at least twenty thousand people to surround us. Look in the direction of Fire Elephant City, is there smoke and dust bellowing? If there is then it should be true..."

  I looked out into the distance and as expected, dust and smoke rose up into the sky. Their cavalry was really quick and at most five minutes they would clash with us!

  There wasn't a point in worrying as I replied, "Wan'er, speed up. It seems like we can't directly attack Fire Elephant City. I will summon Violet Thunder Tank to strike from the inner area to break holes into their wall. We can try to use this to attack the outer region defenses of the city to let the Tian Ling City players and troops have a chance to break through. We must cut off their grain and let them wait for death."

  Lin Wan Er sent a smiling emoji, "How smart, let's do exactly that. We will reach soon, you can attack first. Good luck!"



  The sword tip turned as I suddenly turned directions of the rein. I hollered, "Xiao Lie, Li Mu, Wang Jian, we will directly attack the city walls and break their iron defenses from here. Old K, bring ten thousand people to stop the attacks of the Indians, at least block them for ten minutes. Otherwise we won't be able to destroy the walls!"

  Old K and One Second Hero nodded their heads, "Don't worry, let's go!"

  I charged towards the city walls but there were also many NPC troops there. A few cavalry troops charged over and most of them were infantry holding spears in their hands. Xiao Lie hollered and brought the Royal Army troops to charge over.

  Along with a war horse neigh, the God Dragon Horse stopped. I summoned the Violet Thunder Tank, using a hundred God Army Cards to let a flash of lightning smash onto the ground. The God Army Cards were used up and turned into the Violet Thunder Tank. A huge chariot was summoned just like that. The guards shouted furiously, "Someone has entered our inner city. Archers, kill them!"

  I held my Dragon Reservoir Sword and charged at the walls. Along with the Violet Thunder Tank striking the walls, Li Mu and Wang Jian led the [Zhan Long] cavalry to charge up the stairs to cover the Violet Thunder Tank.

  "Peng peng peng..."

  Each strike from the Violet Thunder Tank smashed with a streak of furious lightning, many cracks appeared in the inner walls. If players used their weapons and blades to strike the walls, it would be like scratches. Even my [Seven Star Fragment Slash] which had a building destruction effect only had a slight effect on it. Without this Violet Thunder Tank, I suspect that even if I slashed for an hour I wouldn't be able to achieve anything. It felt like one using a drill to drill past an entire mountain.


  A few minutes later, there was a sudden explosion. The inner wall broke by roughly five meters, enough to see the stone within. F***, this Fire Elephant City really didn't cut on its materials when it was built. If they weren't tightly placed together stones but air pockets all around it, would be much easier.

  In the distance, killing shouts rose up. Old K and One Second Hero brought the [Zhan Long] players who were already clashing with [Conquer the World], India’s top guild. Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue led the [Zhan Long] follow-up forces to enter the battle. In a short amount of time they wouldn't be able to decide the battle but as it gets longer, we will definitely lose. We were fighting alone and definitely won't be able to last for long.

  On the city, the killing shouts got denser and denser and more and more Flaming Cloud City players rushed over, forcing Li Mu and Wang Jian's Fire Dragon Cavalry to retreat. We were pure cavalry while the enemy had archers, mages, and healers.


  Looking at the Violet Thunder Tank smash on, I said loudly, "Hold on, three more minutes and the walls will be done!"


  A person jumped down from above. Li Mu was smashed down from the walls and his teeth were nearly knocked out. He stood up with a swollen face, drinking a health potion before getting up to fight once more. He hollered, "Xiao Yao, don't worry. Brothers, we will hold on to the end!"

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