Chapter 865 Swiftly obtaining Heaven Water Pass
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Zhan Long Chapter 865 Swiftly obtaining Heaven Water Pass

Chapter 865 Swiftly obtaining Heaven Water Pass

"What do you need me for?"

  The cavalry army traveled under the starlight. I sent a piece of news to Lin Wan Er once more. Since she wanted the power to command [Zhan Long], then she definitely had her reasons. She wasn't someone that would casually want to control tens of thousands of people.

  A few seconds later, Lin Wan Er sent me a message, "Piggy, don't bring the Royal Army back to the city, ask them to cross the forest in the southwest to coordinates 27373, 9843. I have checked that this place was where Fire Carp Army and Clear Black Eyes moved out from. This place is downstream of Blackwater River and there is a pass known as Heaven Water Pass. Since Clear Black Eyes brought people to sneak attack our grain, then we should make use of the time before their ships return to destroy their nest!"

  I was delighted, "Okay, I will immediately bring men over!"

  Ten minutes had already passed so if Lin Wan Er was fast enough, she would already benear Heaven Water Pass?


  I immediately pulled the reins and after an order, the twenty thousand cavalry from the Royal Army and [Zhan Long] charged into the forest at the side, directly trying to to take down Heaven Water Pass. The starlight seemed to have become brighter as it scattered onto our bodies. Li Mu, Old K, and Wang Jian's faces were all really solemn as they moved forward. But I knew that these bunch would definitely enjoy this battle.

  Roughly ten minutes later, the twenty thousand of us charged out of the forest and in front of us was a white stronghold that wasn’t wasn't too fortified and strategic. It was just built on the pass around Fire Elephant City, with entrance to a river and entrance to land. At this moment, there was a bunch of flame lights in the direction of the land entrance. At least ten thousand [Zhan Long] players were attacking. The pass only had a few NPCs and no players. It seemed like Clear Black Eyes kept it a real secret but didn't expect that the China Region players would find this pass and attack it so quickly.

  I raised my sword from far away and chased up. Before I reached the iron gates, I heard a loud explosion and the heavy iron gates fell. Lin Wan Er held her dagger, and with a few jumps, she dove into the war, casting [Blade of the Death God]. With a few slashes, a few NPCs were struck off the walls. The bunch of [Zhan Long] players all charged into the pass, waving their blades and killing into the infantry unit from Fire Elephant City.


  I gave an order and brought a bunch of Fire Dragon Cavalry to charge into the pass. The group of us killed freely. Along with the ten thousand Royal Army cavalry, the pass was almost instantly taken down. There were roughly two thousand guards in the city. We didn't leave any prisoners as there was no need to do so, so we just killed them all.

  Raising the Dragon Reservoir Sword, I walked up to the Heaven Water Pass City. Looking at the Blackwater River at the specks of light there, it was obvious that the grain-burning group had returned. There were many warships which were all grouped up together.

  Lin Wan Er giggled. "Now what?"

  My smile widened, "I want to return back to the south of Fire Elephant City and strike them from behind. Maybe this might make it easier for the troops attacking them head-on. However, Heaven Water Pass is already in our hands so there is no rush. Let's beat them up here first?"


  Lin Wan Er pointed at the city and said, "Heaven Water Pass has two Dragon Crystal Cannons and they are great for sinking ships. The problem is how to bluff them to get closer?"

  I frowned and said, "Players' heads have levels and stuff so it is easy to notice. As for the NPCs... Maybe if their level is high enough they can hide from Clear Black Eyes' sight..."

  As I said that I looked towards Xiao Lie and said, "Wear the uniform of the Fire Elephant City army to bait them to get closer to Heaven Water Pass. Then we will use Dragon Crystal Cannons and arrows to welcome this bunch of people who made us take a huge loss!"

  Xiao Lie gladly nodded, "General, don't worry, I will definitely not let you down!"

  I smiled, immediately telling the [Zhan Long] players to enter Heaven Water Pass. As such, the red dots on the map wouldn't appear. Xiao Lie put on the specially-made war robe of a Fire Elephant City soldier, holding his spear and standing on the walls. He looked into the distance and hoisted a Fire Elephant City flag that just fell down. His level was high enough and unless a player got too close, they wouldn't be able to see his name and unit. Moreover, the Dragon Crystal Cannons and Royal Army flame arrows could reach hundreds of meters. That was already enough.


  From afar, dozens of ships continued to sail over. When they were roughly three hundred meters away, a loud-voiced general shouted, "Brothers on the city walls, open the water gates and let us pass!"

  Xiao Lie was smart and smiled, "Brother, did the operation work?"

  The general on the ship laughed, "General Gangso led the operation so how would we not win?"

  Xiao Lie nodded his head, "Men, open the gates!"

  A few Royal Army soldiers went to spin the mechanisms and pulled up the water gates. The ships also crossed the gates one by one. In a blink of an eye, fifteen of them entered but from afar there were many Flaming Cloud City players sitting on a boat. It was Clear Black Eyes who looked at everything occurring on the city walls. Her brow furrowed as she hollered, "No good. We have fallen for a trap. The ships in front didn't ask for the code from the opposite side?"

  The general at the front was shocked but forced himself to keep calm, "Brothers, let’s check the code... Heaven and Earth if far and wide, time is precious!"

  Xiao Lie was stunned, the Fire Elephant City soldiers in the city were all wiped out so how would he know so much? He laughed, "A red walnut jumped out of the wall... Brothers, raise your flames and blow them up!"


  The Royal Army soldiers in the city all held their torches up. In the next moment, the two Dragon Crystal Cannons which were already armed blazed and shot out along with two explosions. The two Fire Elephant City ships in the Blackwater River were immediately blown to pieces. The NPCs and players on it were most probably dead. What was worse was that the Royal Army troops took our their bows, lit up flames on the arrows, and instantly many fire arrows shot out. All of a sudden, many of the ships in the Blackwater River were in flames.

  "Damn it!"

  On the main warship in the distance, Fire Carp Army General Gangso held a sword, his face was ashen white as he raged, "F*** these bunch of Tian Ling City dogs actually dare to sneak attack our Heaven Water Pass? Soldiers, attack with me and take it down!"

  This was exactly what we wanted as I held my sword up. The Royal Army and [Zhan Long] cavalry charged up the walls. We had at least thirty thousand people here and we didn't fear them at all. Dancing Forest, Lian Po, and the other archers charged up and right away they used their archer rain skills to shoot into the crowd. The Fire Elephant City NPCs who lost health to the fire ocean instantly died. Dong Cheng Yue's Deer Cry Staff also slowly waved and many fire beasts rose up from the water, smashing the warships into pieces.

  "Go to hell..."

  A Fire Carp Army major suddenly held his war axe and charged up the city walls along the steel ropes. His movement speed was not bad. With a hack, he smashed into the [Zhan Long] crowd. Mocha immediately held up her shield and with a loud clang, she managed to defend against it. Lin Wan Er used the chance to move past her. With a bunch of dense strikes, this major's armor was sliced off. His body was also covered in many bloody wounds.

  Along with Li Mu and Wang Jian’s attacks, this major's health dropped bit by bit. Xiao Lie charged with his spear and with a pierce he broke right through his throat.. I used my blade, the extremely sharp Zhen Yue Sword, to slash down. This major was only a Divine Tier BOSS and he directly fell, his head dropping into the water with an arc, totally silent.

  Lin Wan Er's dagger danced as she pushed two Fire Elephant City soldiers who tried to charge up back down. Then she pulled out the iron umbrella on her back, spinning on the wall in an ethereal manner. With a powerful sweep, she pushed yet another NPC out of the city. A tragic cry rang out.


  On the ships not far away, Clear Black Eyes's beautiful face looked right at Lin Wan Er, she gritted her silver teeth, "Cang Tong, it is you!"

  Lin Wan Er landed lightly onto an iron chain like a fairy from above. She looked over at Clear Black Eyes expressionlessly. I raised my head and asked, "Wan'er, do you know her?"

  Lin Wan Er smiled, "In the country war in Conquer, I battled her before."

  Clear Black Eyes held her bow. She was at least a hundred and fifty yards away from us as she hollered, "I will remember this debt, just wait for my revenge!"

  Lin Wan Er's eyes were captivating, "When do you plan on taking revenge?"


  The breeze blew on her war robe. When Clear Black Eyes's entire left hand seemed to be hidden in her robe, she suddenly grabbed the bow with her right. That long bow which was hidden in her robe was armed and pulled. A purple lightning glow shot out from the bowstring and many arrows carrying a pale purple lightning glow shot out. She laughed coldly, "Now!"


  The arrow shot across the sky and it was pointed right at Lin Wan Er. She didn't dodge, taking a deep breath and holding the umbrella in front of her chest. Half a second later, the arrow smashed into the umbrella.



  The defense succeeded but she still suffered heavy damage. If she was directly hit, she would have at least suffered forty thousand damage. How strong was Clear Black Eyes' arrow attacks?

  "[Lightning Chirp Arrow]." Li Mu said expressionlessly, "This chick’s attacks are really strong!"

  I held my sword in front of her and reached out with an arm. [Great Realm of Desolation] exploded on the warships near the city and instantly several NPCs screamed as they were killed. My Ancient God Tiger roared, stepping onto the water as it charged about the warships. The gates below opened as Xiao Lie gave an order. A bunch of Royal Army troops attacked to chase the Fire Elephant City troops who had fled onto the shore.

  Heaven Water Pass was lost and that was an incontestable fact. Clear Black Eyes had no choice but to accept that. Moreover, [Zhan Long] and the Royal Army's strengths made it impossible for her to win in a short amount of time. She helplessly held her bow and said flatly, "Retreat, give up Heaven Water Pass!"

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