Chapter 864 Burning grain
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Zhan Long Chapter 864 Burning grain

Chapter 864 Burning grain

[Zhan Long]’s main force retreated a thousand meters to continue healing up. The entire process wasn't too quick but it wasn't too slow either. However, at this moment, there was an obvious lack of healers. Fire Elephant City was covered in war. The Tian Ling Empire Dragon Crystal Cannons and crossbow carriages were all sent forward. The Dragon Crystal Cannons exploded as they went head-on with the Flaming Cloud Empire army.


  I stood within the crowd, removing the effects of [Icy Wings]. It wasn't that I couldn't bear to spend the one gold a minute, but I was too eye-catching and it would make people feel out of place.

  Not far away, a cavalry brushed by, it was the south battle Marshal Xu Wei. He looked at me standing in the crowd behind [Zhan Long] and the Royal Army. He couldn't help but call out, "General Li, what is the meaning of this? The army is already sieging so why is General Li still at the backlines doing nothing?"

  At the side, Long Xing who was wrapping up his wounds couldn't help but frown and say, "Marshal Xu, do you have to be so demanding? Didn't you see that our general was the first to get onto the walls? Xing Lu and Flaming Cloud Empire treat him and his troops like a nail in their skin, same for the Royal Army. We have suffered heavy casualties so can't we have any time to rest at all? If you aren't blind, you should be able to see the large amounts of Royal Army troops bathing in blood and battling? Take ten thousand steps and say our general is a strategic general. If he stays here, he can still lead the troops. Although you are the Marshal, don't think about shifting any blame onto him."

  Xu Wei scoffed coldly, "Long Xing, you seem to have already forgotten that you were once from the Fire Dragon Army!"

  Long Xing placed down his shoulder that was patched up, raising a spear and smiling, "No, the only thing I remember is that I am a member of the army of the empire and I do not belong to anyone!"


  Xu Wei licked his lips and looked at me, "General Li, it isn't that I am finding fault with you but it’s that we have to go all out to take down Fire Elephant City. Otherwise, we will end up in a battle of attrition. We traveled so far away from Tian Ling City and our grain is insufficient. If we don't take it down the outcome will be catastrophic."

  I jumped onto my horse, pulling out my Dragon Reservoir Sword as I said, "Marshal Xu, if you think we can't continue to fight here then why not carefully check if the grain from Tian Ling City is safe? If I were them, I would secretly send troops to attack our grain. As long as we don't have grain then after a day of hunger, we won't have the will to fight anymore."

  "You don't need to worry!"

  Xu Wei curled his lips, "Although I am not a general that uses troops like a god, I have commanded for a very long time and understand such little details. Don't worry, our grain amassing location is really safe and is enough to support our five hundred thousand troops for half a month. Moreover, Tian Ling City General Xiahou Ren has been sending grain over too."

  I nodded and smiled, "Then that is good!"

  Pulling onto the reins of the God Dragon Horse, I looked toward the Royal Army and [Zhan Long] members and shouted, "Brothers, let's continue to fight. Use up all their ammunition and arrows and this bunch of grandsons will be forced to come out to fight us head on!"

  Li Mu laughed, "I also think that way. As long as their crossbows and cannons are used up, NPCs have to fight to reduce their losses. The moment the NPC army comes out the players will too. At that time, it will be our chance!"

  "Oh, good luck!"


  My hand sunk down as I held the sword low and the horse charged forward. I led the [Zhan Long] players and charged toward the city once more. However, the firepower on it was still really strong, their arrows, spells, and ammunition looked like they were endless. In truth, even if we didn't want to fight a drawn-out battle, we didn't have a choice.

Only the top guild's Drunk Maple was leading his troops to attack while Clear Black Eyes whom I feared the most still hadn't appeared which made me feel slightly uneasy.

  Although I didn't answer the India Region situation that well, I was really clear about the fact Conquer the World was the top guild built by Drunk Maple. However, he was only second on the IBN Battlenet rankings and the true top player was Clear Black Eyes. Although she was a woman, her combat strength and intellect were so much better than Drunk Maple’s. If Drunk Maple was a fierce general that charged formations, then Clear Black Eyes was a strategic and brave queen.

  Due to that, Clear Black Eyes and her guild [Beautiful Life] didn't appear, making me feel really uneasy. What was she doing, and what was she planning?

  The only thing I could think about was that Clear Black Eyes had three targets. One was Tian Ling City, to directly go around Fire Elephant City to attack Tian Ling City to save Fire Elephant City. The other would be our Dragon Crystal Cannons and Flame Dragon Cannons. By striking and destroying them, they would be able to crush us. The last would be our grain, by sneak attacking our grain they would basically have a total victory.

  I charged and cut down the India Region players while thinking if she went to strike Tian Ling City. That would be up to Fang Ge Que and Rumor it had nothing to do with me. Dragon Crystal Cannons and Flame Dragon Cannons were already at the front lines so it would not be that possible to strike them. As for attacking our grain, now was night in the game and it was going to get late, so sneak attacking would be the best way.


  My heart sank as I charged into the Royal Army camp and shouted, "Xiao Lie, come out!"

  In the group, Xiao Lie carried his spear with blood dripping as he replied, "Yes, sir? War matters are currently intense..."

  I gritted my teeth and said, "Where is our grain amassed at?"

  "The coast of Blackwater River, why sir?"

  I said, "I suspect that Fire Elephant City will send some troops to sneak attack the Tian Ling City grain when we don't expect it."

  "That isn't possible!" Xiao Lie said, "First, we have blocked the road from Blackwater River to Fire Elephant City. Blackwater River's granary has at least twenty thousand troops defending it. Moreover, we are blocking Fire Elephant City us so where can they come from?"

  "Maybe there are other entrances."

  "Then which way can they get to the grain? Those paths and small roads are all our people..."

  "What if they strike us using boats on the Blackwater River?"


  Xiao Lie was shocked, his eyes opened wide and were filled with shock, "I... I actually didn't think about that, god... Our grain is really in danger!"

  I nodded, "Immediately bring ten thousand Royal Army troops to support us. It is best if they aren't attacked but if they are you must cry to reduce losses. Be quick, go now!"


  A few minutes later, Xiao Lie gave an order and ten thousand Royal Army cavalry left the base.

  Soon, a messenger came to summon me to head back.

  Pearl sat at the center of the tent and Xu Wei was at the side, shouting, "Li Xiao Yao, the siege is in its intense moments. Why did you suddenly send ten thousand cavalry out?"

  I said expressionlessly, "I suspect that they are going to sneak attack our grain."


  Xu Wei hollered, "Our grain is perfectly fine so there is no need for you to worry. Did you split out so many troops because you have other thoughts?"

  I raised my head and looked at Pearl, "Your Highness, please speak for me!"

  Pearl smiled, "Marshal Xu, you don't have to worry about so much. I trust General Li Xiao Yao and I will support everything he does!"


  I turned around and walked out; the worry in my heart got even more intense. I said in the guild channel, "Li Mu, Wang Jian stop sieging and bring ten thousand [Zhan Long] troops to follow me. We need to take a look at the NPC grain, I feel that something is going to happen!"

  Li Mu answered, "Okay, we will finish gathering in five!"

  When I arrived at the [Zhan Long] base from the center tent, our ten thousand cavalry had all formed up. We immediately headed off. The sun was already setting and the starlight shone onto the road like it was giving it a layer of frost.

  The cavalry traveled swiftly and roughly thirty minutes later we reached the Blackwater River. I also felt that we were too slow. Half an hour was too long and if nothing was unexpected, I could already see the flame light. The Tian Ling City grain had really been attacked and was up in flames.

  There was a battle at the shore of the river. Xiao Lie led the Royal Army and was slashing a bunch of Flaming Cloud Empire troops who set fire to the grain. There were many ships on the boats and they were all soldiers. Apart from that, there were a few that carried players. Naturally, they were a part of the burning of the Tian Ling Empire grain.


  I held my sword up and charged over. After killing a few NPCs, I stopped my horse at the shore. The dense amounts of arrows made it impossible for me to get close. The closest warship had bright eyes and white-toothed women dressed in war gear. She held a bow in her hand and it was Clear Black Eyes. She was a beauty that gave off a Chinese style, it was said that she was mixe. At this moment, she was looking at me and giggling, "Royal Army General Xiao Yao Zi Zai, see you soon!"

  Li Mu gritted his teeth, "Guild Leader, do we chase?"

  "There is no need..."

  I sighed, "We have no ships and even if we chase we will only be shot by arrows."

  Xiao Lie got off the horse and knelt on the ground trembling, "General, we... We came too late and the grain is almost all burnt. Only the smaller ones were fortunate enough to survive."

  I gritted my teeth, "This isn't your fault. Which army from Flaming Cloud City was it?"

  Xiao Lie said solemnly, “Their Fire Carp Army Gangso led them. Their cavalry are also on the ships, a total of thirty over ships and three thousand cavalry charged about our grain. Our defenses couldn't block them at all."

  I nodded, "Alright, understood... Order the troops to rush grain from Tian Ling City."



  At this moment, news came from Lin Wan Er, "What happened, the grain got burnt?"

  "Yeah, you know about it?"

  "Yes, give me soldier rights!"


  "Just give it to me..."


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