Chapter 863 Flaming Cloud Empire's intellect
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Zhan Long Chapter 863 Flaming Cloud Empire's intellect

Chapter 863 Flaming Cloud Empire's intellect

The King Flag waved on the tall chariot. Muscular men waved their arms to beat on the war drums, the sounds reverberating on the plains. Fire Elephant City also shook because of this, and there a dense group of players and NPCs surged out, most of them archers, musketeers, and mages. There were even many arrow carriages pushed onto the city walls. They were all filled with arrows, just waiting for the people below to test their strength.

  "We’re going to start just like this?" I was shocked.

  Li Mu laughed, "Of course. This is the time to start!"

  I pulled out the Dragon Reservoir Sword and said loudly, "Shield cavalry at the front, don't rush forward, attack only when the cloud ladders are pushed onto the sides of the walls. [Zhan Long], listen to my orders!"

  [Zhan Long] only had one Guild Leader and my orders were the highest priority. I said that to prevent One Second Hero and Old K to give orders to charge since they had the tendency to act more rashly. [Zhan Long] had already suffered heavy losses. After all, we had only forty thousand people and many of them had already died once.

  On this patch of Heaven and Earth, murderous energy surged into the air. The battle lines within fifteen miles were all filled with China Region players who surged towards Fire Elephant City like a flood. Between the players were the transport units of the five armies. They pushed heavy cloud ladders to get closer to the city. The so-called cloud ladders were just stacked long ladders which used mechanics to stack onto one another. When spread out they would reach forty meters, just at the right height of Fire Elephant City wall of forty meters.

  At least twenty were pushed out of the Royal Army camp. Han Yuan carried his long blade in one hand and a heavy shield in the other as he hollered, "Blade Shield Unit go forward, protect the ladder smiths. Find a way to shoot down those people above!"

  The barbarians all hollered in rage as they charged with their blades and shields. Moreover, there were many heavy cavalry who charged over while holding their shields. I rode my God Dragon Horse and charged at the city, leading a bunch of Fire Dragon Cavalry with me. Mocha and Yue Yao Yan were with them. Yue Yao Yan even dragged Dong Cheng Yue behind her to protect her to get close to the city. The moment she was close, she who had a Demon Harvest Tier Deer Cry Staff in her hand showed off her skills. Basically, with two spells stacked together, she would often be able to wipe out a group of players.


  On the city, the Flaming Cloud City Punisher Army General Xing Lu held his sword as he stood at the side of the wall. There were a few more blade wounds on his face; it was obvious that it was from last night. His face was filled with rage, probably due to feeling really insulted from his injuries yesterday as he hollered, "Archers, aim at their smiths with the ladders. After we kill them the ladders will be useless!"

  A black wave of archers reached out their heads, the arrows randomly shooting about. What was worse was that there were more behind also shooting arrows, and a dense mass of arrows headed for the area beneath the city walls. "Pa pa pa" The arrows pinned the wood on the ladders, the players, and the NPC shields. Of course, there were also many that stabbed right into the crowd, causing people to cry out. They just showed their faces and many people had already been killed.

  Xing Lu gritted his teeth and raised his long sword. With a jump, he cast [Beheading], "Shua!" The sword energy landed, directly breaking a cloud ladder from the middle. As expected from a Demon Harvest Tier BOSS — its combat strength truly wasn't weak.

  Beneath the city walls, people were constantly dying. The cloud ladder pressed onto the corpses of the dead and pushed forward. Right as they reached the area beneath the walls, the people from above threw down giant stones which smashed into the crowd. A few Steel Blade Cavalry in front of me had thirty thousand health ripped out each time they were hit. In a blink of an eye, dozens more died.

  The carriages fired out — giant arrows could pierce many at once. In a blink of an eye, there was a bloodbath. This was the price to pay for sieging.

The sieging side often suffered several times the losses of the defending side, this had been the case since ancient times. Soon, the area beneath the wall was covered in corpses. We hadn't even touched a single India Region player and Pearl also didn't look like she was going to retreat. She was certain that we had to pay this price. I also felt the same way. If we aren't willing to pay such a price, then we can just forget about taking this city down.

  Looking at the people beside me being shot and killed, I hollered and activated [Icy Wings]. A pair of ice wings spread out from my back as I pulled my sword out and charged. The blade blocked several powerless arrows before my Zhen Yue Blade and Dragon Reservoir Sword slashed the crowd. The sword energy twisted and instantly dozens of archers died and fell to the ground. After comprehending Yang Yan Energy, my attacks pretty much all dealt thirty thousand damage. If there was a critical hit, then it would be even more fatal.

  On the city walls, a team leader ranked player looked at me and hollered, "Quick, shoot him down!"

  I didn't make a sound; with a sword, I used [Seven Star Fragment Slash]. And then I reached out with an arm and locked on with my [Great Realm of Desolation]. That team leader was an archer and after a cry he was instantly killed. The people around were totally shocked, and all of them pounced over. That was because I was alone and they didn't need to fear much.

  Arrow and spells landed onto my body and my health continued to lower. I took twenty seconds worth of damage before a sharp arrow from the carriage forced me down. A [Cleansing Rain] healed much of my health. At the same time, I hacked onto the walls with the Dragon Reservoir Sword to test the thickness. I only heard a clang. The red copper was exceptionally tough, actually only having a five-centimeter sword mark when I slashed down. The strength of this top city in Flaming Cloud Empire really wasn't a lie.

  With a "hua", I landed on the ground. Not far away, Lin Wan Er asked me, "Are you okay?"

  "I am fine!"

  I raised my head and saw that Li Mu, Wang Jian, and the others had all climbed onto the cloud ladder. The ladder rested at the forty meter height and was shaking, making one nervous when one looked down. Players shot down my arrows and cast many spells. There were many musketeers who closed one eye, aiming at Li Mu and Wang Jian these two living targets and firing. Finally, under a [Scattered Shot] Li Mu fell off. Wang Jian also directly jumped down when he saw that his health was running out. I raised my hand and a [Heal] saved Wang Jian's life. However, there were many more Fire Dragon Cavalry and [Scattered Shots] who were still climbing. Unfortunately, they weren't able to call out their mounts so their stats were much weaker and defenses too.

  There were continuously many people falling from above, and the ground was covered in flames. The mages on the city walls continued to cast [Magma Abyss] and [Pillars of Fire and Ice]. Everyone's health was dropping. Along with the attacks from the crossbow carriages, everything was pretty much lethal. What was worse was that not long later many huge cannons were pushed onto the walls. In the next moment, mushroom clouds exploded in the crowd below the city walls. This time the losses were even more serious.

  "Peng peng..."

  Two Steel Blade Cavalrymen fell from the sky, and by the time they landed they had already become corpses. My head went numb when I saw that. Looking out, [Judgment], [Hero’s Mound], [Prague] and other guilds lost many players too. F***, if this goes on, we might really die here. We were also unable to charge onto the city walls as their firepower was just too strong.

  My gaze swept the surroundings, I gritted my teeth. Let's go!

  "Hua hua..."

  A hundred God Army Cards surrounded my arm and in the next moment the first Violet Thunder Tank of the Mohist Five Scrolls was summoned. There was a loud thunder clap and the purple lightning broke through right onto the ground, exploding the corpses and cloud ladder there. Following closely, a black colored war chariot appeared. Many illusionary spirits behind it were pushing the lightning hammer on the chariot!


  The first purple lightning bullet smashed onto the roots of the Fire Elephant City walls, instantly shaking the wall. A few seconds later, another strike caused cracks to form on the walls. The red copper which was one meter thick was unable to withstand the strikes of the Violet Thunder Tank. Li Mu healed up while smiling, "Not bad, we have hope!"

  At this moment, the people on the city walls seemed to realize how scary the Violet Thunder Tanks were. Drunk Maple's voice spread out from the distance, "We have to destroy that chariot, quick, charge up!"

  In the next moment, the sounds of war horses spread out. Many heavy cavalry charged down from above the city, riding down the city walls. At the same time, they used all their sword energy abilities onto the crowd. There were even many archers and mages that charged down. As what Lin Wan Er said to me, Conquer the World was a bunch of crazy people. If not they wouldn't have been able to steal the position of the top guild from Clear Black Eyes’ hands!

  However, the [Zhan Long] people were all crazy too!


  Wang Jian waved his sword and hollered. Along with the Fire Dragon Cavalry and Steel Blade Cavalry, he charged into the fire ocean allowing the [Magma Abyss] to explode out while they landed their blades into the bodies of the enemies I also activated [Icy Wings] and flew into the sky. While in the air I was able to deal large amounts of damage to the people who came down. My blade danced and instantly killed many. Battles began both above and below the city walls!

  "Destroy that chariot!"

  Drunk Maple hollered furiously on the city walls. At the same time, the NPCs shouted, "Xing Lu, ask your men to use their crossbow carriages to aim this area. Quick, suppress them!"

  One really couldn't tell, but Drunk Maple's position in Flaming Cloud Empire was actually quite high. Although Xing Lu seemed unhappy, he still changed the direction of the crossbow carriages. In the next moment, dozens of them seemed to be aimed at the [Zhan Long] group right away. Under the heavy firing, the Fire Dragon Cavalry and the Steel Blade Cavalry suffered heavy losses. The Violet Thunder Tank's durability also dropped quickly. A million instantly became less than two hundred thousand!

  "The Dragon Crystal Cannon is there!"

  Li Mu reached out and pointed to the right. There was a cannon turret there that stuck out. At this moment, the Dragon Crystal Cannon was pointing at us!

  I felt pain in my heart and said, "Everyone back away!"

  Everyone quickly retreated but it was already too late. A cannon roar and the Dragon Crystal Cannon blew a deep hole among the group. Many people were killed while Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Mocha and the others were at low health. We couldn't let the main players die once here. Otherwise, our losses would be too huge!

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