Chapter 862 Attack signal
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Zhan Long Chapter 862 Attack signal

Chapter 862 Attack signal

At night, the sky was covered in stars, and dew silently nourished everything in the world. The five armies rested up on the plains. Players didn't directly head to siege - most of them went offline to rest. The body was one's fuel to fight. Without enough sleep, one's combat strength would greatly be reduced. Moreover, without the support of the NPC troops, it would be extremely tough to take down Fire Elephant City. The advantage of having NPCs was that they had all sorts of cannons and siege weapons which players rarely had. Maybe my last scroll of the Mohist Five Scrolls, the Violet Thunder Tank, could be considered one of them as well.

  Looking back, many God Army Cards were granted from disassembling the equipment. After obtaining the equipment from the battle, I just broke them down without thinking much. That's why I was able to use [Azure Dragon Crossbow], [Black Tortoise Realm], and [Soul Army] throughout the fight.

  The stars shone brightly as I walked south toward the Royal Army camp. On one side was the resting place for [Zhan Long]. Some players were killing mobs in the area while Li Mu ordered the [Valiant Bravery] camp to stay and defend in case the Indian players decided to attack at night. Most of the other players had already gone offline to rest. On the plains, China Region players and NPC camps stretched ten miles. The campfires surged into the sky, making it a truly majestic sight. The Indian Region players probably didn't dare to face a camp like this.

  "General, why aren't you resting yet?" Han Yuan suddenly walked out from his tent.

  I nodded, "I will go soon. Why are you still awake?"

  Han Yuan laughed and patted the wine flask by his waist, "I am hungry. I need to go get some wine and meat. Otherwise, I really can't fall asleep."

  I smiled, "Sure, drink less wine and send some people to scout around just in case."


  Looking as Han Yuan walked away, I immediately activated [Icy Wings] and many cold glows wrapped around me, forming into a pair of ice wings. In the next moment, I pulled up off the ground and directly flew hundreds of meters into the sky, looking down on everything. This time everything became more clear. The China Region camp was like a sleeping dragon coiled up in this foreign land. In the distance, there was a city looking at us in the dark - Fire Elephant City, the strongest fortress of the India Region!

  I confirmed that there weren't any fatal dangers lurking around. The river water of Blackwater River was too little and there wasn't a height advantage so they couldn't launch water attacks on us. The forests on the plains weren't that proliferate and most of them were short trees so they couldn't use fire attacks either. Along with the large scale of the camp, there wasn't much they could do. After confirming our safety I followed Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue offline to sleep.

  There weren't many surprises during the first day of the country war.

  I laid on the bed, closing my eyes to let my thoughts calm down. At the same time, I was also thinking about the country war situation. Clear Black Eyes and Drunk Maple didn't lead their main force to fight us head on and retreated and retreated. Their goal was too obvious which was to force us to siege, and then they would have a final battle with us. Thus, we could tell that the strength and sturdiness of Fire Elephant City far exceeded our expectations. However, the China Region Players didn't have any other way and we could only fight them there. Emperor Owen had already given the decree and we wouldn't be able to answer to him unless we achieved something. The Country War system had also been activated already and the players wouldn't just give up like that. We could only take it one step at a time.

  I slowly drifted into a dream, not even remembering what I dreamt about.


  When I woke up, the bright sunlight outside splashed onto the clean and white sheets. I stretched my body and sat up. Looking at the things in my room, I felt that everything was really clear. After entering the Yang Yan Realm, even my eyesight had improved. My senses and Yi Hai sensitivity also increased greatly. I just needed to pay attention and get rid of the random sound and light rays; however, those things weren't much of a problem for me.

Actually, I knew that my mental cultivation had long broken into Yang Yan, only the training of my body didn't keep up. Until the battle against Ouyang Chuan did I truly break out of the limits of the Royal Air level such that the moment I entered, I was roughly at the mid-Yang Yan level. Currently, I don't think anyone in the world would be able to be my opponent.

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  "Du du..."

  Lin Wan Er's clear and sweet voice rang out from outside, "Honey, time to wake up. We have to eat and then go online to fight!"

  I couldn't help but laugh, "Yes, I am coming!"

  After brushing up I walked out of the room and noticed that everyone was here. It was around 8 am. Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue, and Tang Qi were all sitting the meal table. Even Qin Wen was here.

  "Sister Qin Wen hasn't gone to work yet?" I said after taking a bowl of porridge from Lin Wan Er and sitting down.

  She was already dressed up as she smiled, "Haven't I already worn my uniform? I'll leave after I finish. Work starts at nine and there is still time. It is okay even if I am late anyway since I am already the General Manager.

  The corner of my mouth twitched but I didn't say much. Tang Qi was the one that smiled, "Li Xiao Yao, do you think we can take down Fire Elephant City today?"

  "I don't know..." I answered truthfully.

  Tang Qi touched his nose, "F*** the [Zhan Long] Guild Leader Royal Army General actually says he doesn't know. Who will be the one to control and lead this fight?!"

  I broke into a laugh, "Tang Qi, do you really think I am that important?"

  Tang Qi was caught off guard and said, "Yeah. Anyways, that's what Q-Sword said. He said that the war between China and India will be the one where [Hero's Mound], [Prague] and [Judgment] are just supports. Only [Zhan Long] and the Royal Army can decide this battle."

  I was delighted, "Q-Sword giving me such praise, is he trying to hurt me? The Royal Army only has a hundred thousand people and [Zhan Long] only has forty thousand. Just a hundred and forty thousand people going into a ten million strong battlefield. I am even restricted from all sides. Fire Axe Army Louis, Purple Spirit Army Xiahou Ren, and even Fire Dragon Army Xu Wei are all under Emperor Owen. This emperor is terrified of me and still I can't do anything at all."

  Tang Qi laughed, "Isn't Princess Pearl supporting you? We can all see that this princess is quite interested in you. Be careful, don't be led over to become her husband. Miss Lin Wan Er won't let you off easily!"

  I couldn't help but laugh, "Don't joke around. This is a game! NPCs won't have any relationships with the players. Destiny hates such things, if not for the company's ability, don't you think players would be able to do some... hush things in the game?"

  Tang Qi touched his nose, "That makes sense..."

  Lin Wan Er's eyes opened wide, "Dummy, what things are you referring to? Why don't I understand?"

  Qin Wen laughed, "You are just acting like you don't understand, right?"

  Lin Wan Er's face instantly turned red and she didn't know what to say. She just stared at her cousin, "Sister, you aren't helping me at all. Do you even still dote on me?!”

  Qin Wen giggled, "Ok ok, I will bring you some snacks when I come back as compensation. How can I not dote on you? Just fight the country war well. Our company has many young workers who are crazy about Destiny and have been focusing on this country war. All of you work hard. I am going to have a tough day at work!"

  Qin Wen went to work while we all quickly ate our meals and returned to our rooms to log on. So much time had passed that the battle at Fire Elephant City should have already begun.



  I appeared on the plains. The surrounding NPCs all packed up their tents and headed forward. The [Zhan Long] players were already ten miles out. I quickly summoned my God Dragon Horse, and after waiting for Lin Wan Er to get online I pulled her into my arms, bringing her to charge into the distance. Dong Cheng Yue used her wings to catch up; the more she tried, the further the distance. The speed of wind elves was obviously slower than the God Dragon Horse.

  Along the way, there were huge groups of players, many cannons were moving forward under the hard work of the transport unit. After some Royal Army troops saw me they bowed respectfully, "General!"

  I nodded my head and continued moving.

  Soon, Fire Elephant City appeared on the plains. This city wasn't that huge; it was squarish and about fifteen miles long and wide. However, the city walls were really tall. Many red-colored things were on it, which displayed the effects of the red copper. These red copper walls could reduce the damage of cannons which was why this city looked like a giant red elephant in the plains. The two sides of the city also had high walls which stretched into the mountain range, becoming a natural barrier for the city. It looked like it was just waiting for a strong enemy to attack it.

  In front of the city, Tian Ling City players and NPCs stopped and formed up roughly two miles away. At this distance, they would be able to avoid the damage from the city's trebuchets. Both sides were tempted but no one launched an attack. Princess Pearl immediately placed down the flag - her goal was obvious which was to wait for the Flame Dragon Cannons and Dragon Crystal Cannons to be transported over before they started. If not, we would be at a huge disadvantage.

  I guided my horse to the [Zhan Long] camp. Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Mocha were all waiting for orders. Old K looked really pumped up, smiling, "When will we attack? It seems like the walls aren't that thick, so we should be able to break through? If we take this down, would we have conquered the first city in the game?"

  I chuckled, "Then would depend on the situation of the other regions. We can't underestimate them. Mocha, check how many people they have inside Fire Elephant City now."

  Mocha blinked her eyes and said, "The system scouting system and the scouts on the India Region on the forums said that there are at least fifteen million players and two million NPCs. Along with the civilians, there are at least twenty million people inside."

  Song Han couldn't help but feel tongue-tied, "Wow, twenty million in such a small city, I really can't imagine that."

  Mocha laughed, "It is impossible in reality. Without farming and agriculture, it would be unsustainable, this is a game... Actually, many NPCs are set not to eat rice. If they are all squeezed together, with one yard per person, this city can have hundreds of millions of people. When that happens, how would one even be able to move..."

  Lin Wan Er jumped off the horse from my arms, carrying her dagger to the frontlines. She said, "It seems like they have gathered most of their strength to have a final battle here with us. Clear Black Eyes is smart, even if she lost this she would make the twenty million people from China die all at once. She obviously wants to fight a battle of attrition!"

  I smiled, "Let's wait and see. We won't give them such a chance!"


  At this moment, a horn sounded out. That was the attack signal of Tian Ling City!

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