Chapter 870 Killing Gangso
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Zhan Long Chapter 870 Killing Gangso

Chapter 870 Killing Gangso

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After I woke up it was already eight in the morning. I immediately got up and went online after having breakfast.


  A bright flash shot across my eyes as I entered the game and appeared in the Royal Army camp tent. I opened the guild chat system right away and as expected it was really busy...

  Wang Jian said, "I have 700 over people here, I will come immediately. Old K where are you, how many did you bring?"

  Hero Ran Min answered, "Only around four hundred!"

  Li Mu said, "Swansong hold on, don't drop your formations. With White Wood Forest as the center, we will rotate and attack, don't let the [Beautiful Life] people break free!"

  I anxiously asked, "What is the situation like?"

  Wang Jian exclaimed, "It is bad!"

  My heart sank, "How? White Wood Forest is beside Blackwater River. I guess Clear Black Eyes brought the Red Carp Army and her guild to strike our grain?"

  Wang Jian nodded, "Oh, yes Brother Xiao Yao. We’ve been fighting since 4am till now. Death God's Elegy... that kid's men all died, f***. The Purple Spirit Army NPC is too weak — they fell after just one battle. Luckily that kid has balls and brought four thousand men to block Clear Black Eye's attacks. In two hours, most of them died. Fortunately Ye Lai and Q-Sword both brought men over and your Royal Army also went, surrounding their men inside. This time we must definitely kill all of them!"

  I gritted my teeth, "How many people from [Beautiful Life] came?"

  "Roughly thirty thousand people, half have already died."

  "Ok, I will come immediately!"


  I summoned the God Dragon Horse and hopped onto it before charging out of the camp immediately. Under the eye of a bunch of Royal Army troops I dashed straight towards White Wood Forest. I arrived in less than five minutes. Outside, I could hear a loud war drums and could see Han Yuan and Xiao Lie leading a bunch of Blade Shield Unit troops fighting against the charge of the Fire Carp Army. The bunch of NPC troops were doing a final struggle and were going all out. They struck the heavy shields of the Blade Shield Unit but were unable to break through their defenses. There were also a bunch of Dark Moon Elf teens who raised their hands up high to fire. The arrows swiftly fell into the crowd, such that fresh blood splattered all around.

  The God Dragon Horse dashed across. I casually slashed off the head of an NPC with low health. I headed forward and saw that Wang Jian was leading hundreds of people to challenge the [Beautiful Life] formation. There were roughly a thousand of them and they looked like they were about to break through. I didn't say a word and activated [Blade Rush] and [Sword Tempest]. I moved back and then used [Seven Star Fragment Slash]. At the same time I also placed down the [Azure Dragon Crossbow] nearby and released the Ancient God Tiger. It roared as it charged into the crowd, no one could stop it at all.

  The players from [Beautiful Life] guild had high levels. An Elder holding a shield charged over with his horse and hollered furiously, "Stagger our attacks, kill this [Zhan Long] guild master Xiao Yao Zi Zai. The moment he dies our pressure at Fire Elephant City will be much weaker!"

  A bunch of cavalry galloped right at me. They were probably trying to make use of the [Assault] skill to stun me consecutively and then kill me. Unfortunately, they didn't know the effect of [Hero’s Helmet]. A few of them smashed into the God Dragon Horse but were unable to do anything to me. I jumped up from the ground and used [Icy Wings], charging over with a blade and sword and a series of slashes exploded out among a group of people. Sword energy swept about sharply and immediately there were dozens of people falling off their horses. That Elder Level Cavalry had a ton of health. He gritted his teeth and backed off, shouting, "Temporarily retreat, gather up with the guild leader before we fight!"

  I had already confirmed that this cavalry was a core [Beautiful Life] member. Who knows? He might be the left or right arm of Clear Black Eyes, so I had to kill him!

  The ice wings behind me flew up as I suddenly accelerated forward. With a “peng”, the clash was a success. The cavalry hollered and struck out with his shield, using [Fire Spear]] several times. I looked at it but my heart was really calm, using the Zhen Yue Blade to block while my Dragon Reservoir Sword struck in the inner part of his arm. Then I hacked down with the blade, breaking his attack. He was momentarily slowed and I used this chance to cast [Wind Carrying Slash]!

  "Peng peng peng..."

  The blade accelerated into quick strikes and instantly shattered the armor and shield of this cavalry, cutting his body into pieces. Damage numbers appeared on his body and I heard a cry. A cavalry whose health who was over a hundred thousand was slain instantly by the [Wind Carrying Slash]. His eyes were filled with disbelief even when he died, perhaps the India Region didn't have such damage numbers? In truth, that should be the case. Looking out at the entire China Region there wasn't as sharp a damage dealing ability like [Wind Carrying Slash]. As long as the whole ability hit, then even a godlike player would have to die!


  System Notifiction: Player Xiao Yao Zi Zai (China) has successfully killed player Dark Cloud (IBN Battlenet ranked 8th) once, thus obtaining 174 Country War Achievement Points!


  F***, there were actually so many Country War Achievement Points. This guy must have killed many China Region players!

  I swifly grouped up with Wang Jian and his men. This kid was pretty much covered in blood but his face was still filled with excitement, "Brother Xiao Yao, the Fire Carp Army sent over seventy thousand people out but in these few hours we pretty much killed all of them! Hehe, [Beautiful Life] people can revive but this Fire Carp Army is all gone now!"

  I nodded my head, "Continue, shrink this encampment and find Clear Black Eyes' coordinates, don't let her escape. She’s killed too many of our people!"


  White Wood Forest was pretty much a shrub forest but at the middle were many white unknown tall trees that stuck into the clouds. When we started to gather and surround about, Royal Army and [Judgment], [Hero Mound], and [Prague] pushed forwards. In the end we directly forced the ten thousand remaining Fire Carp Army and ten thousand [Beautiful Life] members into the small area of the forest.

  Riding on my God Dragon Horse, I raised my long sword at the eager people all around. They were all delighted and raring to just go in and kill the remaining enemies.

  Yan Zhao Warrior raised his broadsword, holding the reins of his horse and slowly moving over, "Should we start to attack? Everyone can't wait any longer..."

  Q-Sword also nodded, "Yeah, attack?"

  I shook my head,"No, the trees in the White Wood Forest reach into the heavens and the geography isn't good for us to charge. Clear Black Eyes is a smart woman and she’d definitely send archers to trap us all around. Once we charge in, we will suffer heavy losses. Rather than that why not waste a bit more resources to finish them off?"

  "Use resources to finish them?" Q-Sword was shocked, "What do you mean?"

  I laughed out loud and waved my hand towards the back, "Han Yuan are you all ready?"

  The Royal Army camp troops made their way and forty Dragon Crystal Cannons were lined up with the cannonballs in the barrels. The cannoneers were already waiting for my orders.

  Yan Zhao Warrior couldn't help but laugh, "F***, it really is convenient to have your own army. Clear Black Eyes is probably going to cry. She wouldn't expect that we would welcome her with Dragon Crystal Cannons right?"

  I nodded my head and hollered, "Aim at the White Wood Forest and fire!"

  The cannon explosions bellowed and the ground continuously shook. The mounts were terrified from it all and they started to neigh in fright. The White Wood Forest in front pretty much became a flame ocean. Under the attacks of the Dragon Crystal Cannons which resounded throughout the forest, the white trees were blown apart. We could also see the Fire Carp Army which was grouped together being ripped into pieces. Players weren't any fortunate either. The [Beautiful Life] players' shields were crushed and the Dragon Crystal Cannons blew several meter-deep holes into the ground. How would players even manage to keep their shield formations?

  All of a sudden, killing shouts filled the air. Seeing that they weren't able to escape, Flaming Cloud City NPCs and players started charging in all directions. However, China Region players had been lying in wait, thus instantly killing them with spells and arrows. Many musketeers also took out small cannons to fire into the crowd. Although it wasn't as grand as the Dragon Crystal Cannons, it was enough to kill the India Region players.


  The cannon fire lasted for close to ten minutes. Seeing that the White Wood Forest was almost leveled into flat land, flames flared up into the sky and Fire Carp Army was almost wiped out. Only a few NPC troops with their little health were charging at the crowd. Clear Black Eyes died in the siege and through the notification of her death, what killed her were the Dragon Crystal Cannons.

  In the ruins, a cavalry held a sword and charged towards us. It wasn't anyone but the Fire Carp Army General Gangso, a commander-in-chief grade person, Demon Harvest Tier BOSS. Such a famous person now only had thirty percent of his health left. His armor was blown into pieces by the Dragon Crystal Cannons and if not for his high-level cultivation, his body would have been ripped into shreds by now!

  I pointed my sword forward as I hollered, "Fire Dragon Cavalry, kill this Gangso!"

  Old K, Li Mu, and Wang Jian didn't need me to say anymore as they charged over. Dancing Forest, Xing Lie, Lian Po and the long ranged ones also followed. Q-Sword and Yan Zhao Warrior stood with me and didn't have the face to attack. They just followed me and looked at the [Zhan Long] people kill Gangso. Actually, in this battle, [Zhan Long] had lost the most. Death God's Elegy's third division was wiped out. Along with the Royal Army and the main guild losses, this BOSS naturally belonged to us.

  In just a few minutes, Gangso was left with five percent health. He held his battle sword and charged about the crowd, and he also looked at me with rage on his face, "Li Xiao Yao you coward, you don't dare to fight with me. How is killing me with numbers a skill? If you have balls, come fight with me to death!"

  I raised my hand, the Zhen Yue Blade breaking the air and slashing over. With a “peng”, Gangso was forced several steps back, his face filled with shock. I wiped out much health but didn't kill him. However, it also made him less arrogant. A few seconds later, he cried out. This Fire Carp Army general was sliced up by the players. It was the lethal spear from Xing Lie which killed him.

  Li Mu laughed out loud in the distance, "Guild Leader, there are two Demon Harvest Tier items, do you want it?"

  "No, you all can split the drops, after that head to Fire Elephant City immediately!"


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