Chapter 858- First Blood
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Zhan Long Chapter 858- First Blood

Chapter 858- First Blood

After five hours, Lin Wan Er woke up and nicely knocked on my door. It was 3 am in the morning and after eating some noodles, we prepared to go online. Fortunately, we ate a lot during the buffet and a full twenty-four hours online wouldn't cause us to starve to death.



  I appeared in Tian Ling City and repaired my equipment. I didn't need to replenish the potions or cards in my bag so I directly exited the city. Outside, there were many patches of troops that had set off towards the Flaming God Castle. This was where we were focusing our attacks. Yesterday we were defending it but today we ended up attacking it. How intense and dramatic was this?

  Outside the city, Emperor Owen was holding a huge swearing ceremony. The Fire Dragon Army, Royal Army, Changfeng Army, Fire Axe Army, and Purple Spirit Army were all lined up and ready to go. Han Yuan, Xiao Lie, Long Xing, Xia Ye, and the majors were all lined up too. However, the Dark Moon Elf Major Ling Luo didn't appear. She brought the Dark Moon Elves to hide behind the Royal Army heavy shield unit to not let others notice them. After all, a bunch of Dark Moon Elves supporting the Empire would be sensational news.

  I called out my God Dragon Horse, hopped onto it, and headed toward the Fierce Wind Forest. Most of [Zhan Long] had already gathered here. Although most of them died once yesterday, they were still really pumped up. Moreover, Li Mu and I also emphasized that anyone who died more than two times didn't need to join in anymore. They could just find a place to kill mobs to level up and just play casually for the time being.

  The moment I arrived, there were many Fire Dragon Cavalry players who gave out respectful expressions, "Guild Leader!"

  The people in the game respected all experts. In Destiny, I could be considered a true expert and I was also a famous CBN Battlenet player. So naturally, I was respected. Apart from Li Mu, Lin Xiao Wu, and Yue Qing Qian who called me brother, all the other people treated me as the [Zhan Long] guild leader. As such, they would be more polite. Otherwise, future rolls for equipment would be a little poor for them.

  Wang Jian held a long sword and steered his horse forward. He smiled, "Brother Xiao Yao, we are ready to go! What do you think are the chances of us taking over Flaming Cloud City this time?"

  I responded, "At most thirty percent."


  "Moon City, Waterfront City, and Swirling Abyss City won't sit still to watch us take over Flaming Cloud City. Just wait and see!"

  "Oh, that makes sense. Then what should we do?"

  "Just go all out to fight and adapt to the situation."

  "Yes, okay..."

  I calmed down the group of [Zhan Long] people and we set off in advance. This time I led the [Zhan Long] forces, letting Han Yuan and Xiao Lie lead the Royal Army. They went across Fierce Wind Forest and Broken Blade Canyon, reaching the west coast of the War God River through the Bridge of Fate. After that, we entered the region where the armies were amassing grain. The Royal Army and Changfeng Army had transported loads of grain over here, standing at the coast of the Bridge of Fate. There were many black and red Flame Dragon Cannons and Dragon Crystal Cannons that had been pushed onto the Bridge of Fate. I couldn't help but sigh. Although this battle was fake, it still required real money. Players put in RMB into this game and the potions, equipment, durability, etc were all irrecoverable. Destiny was probably happy to see players fighting one another which is why they would be able to benefit from within.

  Not long later, a huge army crossed the Dragon Surrendering Forest and after that it would be the mountain canyon of the Flaming God Castle. From afar, one could see that the sky was lit brightly by flames and the war had already begun. The Indian Region definitely sent players here to defend the place. The China Region had a notification so they definitely would have one too. The killing shouts within the Flaming God Canyon surged into the sky. China and India players killed one another and it was a total mess. Instead of the main forces, both sides were quiet and didn't make a move.


  Horse hoof sounds spread from the grass.

Princess Pearl rode on a white war horse, dressed in martial gear and she pressed the sword by her waist. On her head was the Tian Ling City flag was dancing in the air. She looked towards the Fire God Canyon and said calmly, "Has the war already started?"

  Marquis Louis nodded his head, "Yes, Your Highness!"

  Fire Dragon Army General Xu Wei cupped his fists, "Your Highness, we have a total of four hundred and sixty thousand troops here. The Flaming Cloud City troops are totally useless. Just give us the order to charge and wipe them all out!"

  Pearl slightly hesitated and shook her head, "No, Flaming God Canyon is pretty narrow and it isn't good for troops to charge through it. Send out the Blade Shield Unit to take back the Flaming God Castle. If we don’t do that, all the cavalry would just be wasted for no reason. We’ll suffer heavy losses if we fight like that. If we have no choice, then use the Flame Dragon Cannons to blow the Flaming God Castle to level the land!"

  "Yes, Your Highness!" Xu Wei cupped his fist and smiled, "Your Highness is wise!"

  Pearl smiled and looked towards Baili Ning, "Teacher, what do you think?"

  Baili Ning held his staff, his old face filled with a bit of exhaustion, "Your Highness is right so I have no objections. To use a small number of soldiers to charge out of the enemy attacks, this is an expected strategy."

  Pearl looked toward me and said, "General Li Xiao Yao, I will leave this mission to your Blade Shield Unit. The Royal Army's Blade Shield Unit contains the powerful barbarians with endless amounts of strength and is famous in the Empire. I’m certain your Blade Shield Unit can break through the formation."

  I nodded my head, "Okay!"

  Who knew that Louis would be unhappy, "Your Highness, isn’t that a little inappropriate? His Majesty said that I am the vanguard general so this merit should be granted to our Fire Axe Army. Isn't that so? I know... Li Xiao Yao is your man and the Royal Army is the top in the Empire. But, if the vanguard army doesn't fight the first war, it would affect our morale!"

  Pearl was stunned, "General Li, what do you think?"

  I looked toward the Flaming God Canyon in the distance. The Flaming God Castle was covered with India Region players and there were even some giant cannons placed on the walls. The India players had started to wait for the China Region players and NPCs to attack. This first blood was a tough bone to chew on.

  I grinned and smiled, "Since the Marquis wants this first merit, then go ahead. However, don't blame me for not saying anything. The Flaming God Castle is under the control of Flaming Cloud City and to take down Flaming God Castle, the Fire Axe Army will have to pay a heavy price.”

  Louis nodded his head. His son, Deputy General Luote, laughed coldly, "Does General Li Xiao Yao really think that apart from you, no one else can conquer this Flaming God Castle? Then just open your eyes and watch how Fire Axe Army levels this castle to the ground!"

  I didn't say anything more. I put my blade back into my sheath as I said, "Han Yuan, Xiao Lie, order the Royal Army to stay put and wait for orders until the Fire Axe Army breaks into their core channel. Then we will head right into Fire Cloud Plains!"

  "Yes, General!"


   I was still a little worried as I headed back to the [Zhan Long] base and brought a bunch of Fire Dragon Cavalry with Lin Wan Er, Yue Qing Qian and other main players to enter Flaming God Canyon. A bunch of Moon Spirit Cavalry formed a shield formation at the front to defend against the spells and arrows. Speaking of which, they truly were trump card forces. Iron umbrella defenses and shields together could block the attacks from the enemy. Therefore, one lightning eagle formation could go up against ten years of strikes. However, the Moon Spirit Cavalry was able to block that using their iron umbrella defenses. The positions behind them wouldn't be swept by the Lightning Eagle Formation. A bunch of them raised their shields and formed a turtle formation such that the mages in the distance were totally powerless. One could see that the Moon Spirits were the natural counter to mages!

  Within the canyon, the China Region players were getting fewer and fewer. India also sent many elites out to help with the battle. Flaming Cloud City had a full army in there to defend the castle and that made it really tough for the China Region players to seige it.

  Not long after the chiding of Q-Sword and Ye Lai, the factionless players all scattered. Just at this moment, the Fire Axe Army attacks finally came. Luote personally led the iron cavalry unit, infantry unit, and archer units to attack. The cavalry was first to charge and roughly five thousand of them raced forward with thunderous horse hoof stomps.

  "Peng peng peng..."

  Cannon sounds rang out relentlessly in the stronghold. Many Dragon Crystal Cannons swept the cavalry formation in an unrestrained manner. Before they even came into contact, there were many people who had already died. However, Luote had some skill. With a wave of his flag, the cavalry spread out. Each of them held the spears out in packs and threw them out. The archers on the walls were all slain. Next, the Blade Shield Unit of Fire Axe Army shifted quickly over.

  The cannon fire still continued. Heavy shields weren't able to block the Dragon Crystal Cannons and Flame Dragon Cannons and there were a bunch of tragic cries. I frowned as I looked on.

  Lin Wan Er bit her red lips while looking at the tragic battlefield, "These NPCs are actually dumb enough to actually gather up and charge like that? Don't they know how to hide and retreat?"

  I said, "This bunch of Fire Axe Army troops are private troops under Marquis Louis. They usually train very little, so how would they know how to dodge cannons and change positions? They didn't know that surging forward could help them avoid a lot of the cannon fire. Dragon Crystal Cannons and Flame Dragon Cannons turn really slowly. They don't even know about such a small technique."

  Li Mu said, "Then why didn't they let the Royal Army go first?"

  I waved my hands, "Marquis Louis is greedy, which is why I handed this first merit over to them."

  Song Han smiled, "The Flaming God Castle is indeed a tough bone to chew. The Fire Axe Army is going to have their teeth chipped off."

  "Who cares about them..."

  Resting on the God Dragon Horse, I looked into the distance and said, "Once it breaks, our Fire Dragon Cavalry will charge in without hesitation. Don't let other players charge or we will lose even more. Also, send healers over to give each Fire Dragon Cavalry soldier a buff!"

  "Okay!" Old K nodded his head and went to give the orders.


  It was a thirty-minute long seige battle. After the canyon was covered in Fire Axe Army corpses, Luote finally led a bunch of people and made it up Flaming God Castle to blow the gates open. He hollered, "Fire Axe Army, attack!"

  Flaming God Castle was conquered!

  I raised my hand and pulled out the Dragon Reservoir Sword. I turned around and smiled, "Brothers, charge. Together, let's find our footing on the Flaming God Plains before talking!"

  Everyone pulled out their blades and weapons, and all the light shone like one. In the next moment, they swept forward like the wind — the Flaming Cloud City players and NPCs along the way were washed by blood. Anyone that dared to block was murdered!

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