Chapter 857 Long distance attack on Flaming Cloud City
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Zhan Long Chapter 857 Long distance attack on Flaming Cloud City

Chapter 857 Long distance attack on Flaming Cloud City

Going online deep at night, I appeared in Ba Huang City. Not far away was an NPC cavalry with a flag on his back dashing over. He hopped off his horse in front of me and said respectfully, “Sir, the Emperor has invited you to discuss the attack on Flaming Cloud City!"

  "Attack Flaming Cloud City?"

  I was slightly stunned, however, there also seemed to be no use arguing with the messenger. I nodded my head, summoning my God Dragon Horse to follow him towards the palace. When I reached the main hall of the palace there were many people gathered here. The usually empty hall was filled with NPC and players. Tian Ling Empire's generals and officials were all present, slightly higher-ranked players were also asked to come. People like Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, and Drunken Spear were all among them.

  I walked into the hall, standing still beside Princess Pearl and not saying much. However, most people had turned their eyes to me. As the Royal Army General, I was already hugely powerful in the empire. The truth was just that. The Royal Army now had a hundred thousand troops and was really strong. The overall numbers of the Fire Dragon and Xia Yu Armies had also lost to Royal Army by much and this was an incontestable fact.

  In the hall, Owen stood on the throne expressionlessly, "As for sending troops to Flaming Cloud City to deal with the Purple Flame Saint Ruler, just say the views that you all have directly. Today we will have an open meeting and there is no need to hide anything."

  Fire Axe Army General Marquis Louis stepped up and said respectfully, "Your Majesty, Purple Flame Saint Ruler has provoked Tian Ling City time and time again and deserves to be punished. Moreover, during the battle at Dragon Surrendering Forest, the Clear Current Army had already suffered heavy losses. I believe that Tian Ling City can send our men to wipe out Flaming Cloud City and their fertile land will be ours for the taking!"

  Owen nodded his head in satisfaction, "General Les, what do you think?"

  Les cupped his fists, "Your Majesty is wise, I also think that we need to punish Flaming Cloud City. Pfft, that emperor is so young and actually dares call himself Purple Flame Saint Ruler. He really didn't bother about you. Tian Ling City sending troops south to sweep Flaming Cloud City is when your name will spread through the seas. At that time, your shining achievements will make the ancestors feel ashamed!"

  Owen couldn't help his delight but he didn't show it. He asked, "Do the other generals have anything else to say?"

  At this point, the Fire Dragon Army General Xu Wei cupped his fists and said, "Your Highness, conquering Flaming Cloud City isn't a small matter and I think we should discuss a plan. Moreover, we don't have enough grain and we lack troops. Flaming Cloud City hasn't fought for many years and it naturally isn't something we can crush easily."

  Marquis Louis's brow furrowed, "Since General Xu Wei is the General of the Fire Dragon Army, then you should serve your country. Why are you so greedy to live and afraid to die? Did the Flaming Cloud City destruction of our Flaming God Castle not tell the truth?"

  Xu Wei's brow rose, "That is the truth, but Marquis..."

  Owen stood up and interuppted Xu Wei, "There is no need to say any more, I have already decided. Immediately prepare grain and troops and set off a day later. I want to personally lead the troops!"

  I couldn't help but laugh.

  Les looked towards me with a provocative gaze, "General Li Xiao Yao, what are you laughing at?"

  I took a step up and said, "If Tian Ling City went all out to attack Flaming Cloud City, then who will defend the south of the War God River? Once Waterfront City people crossed the river then they would be able to directly attack Tian Ling City. Moreover, in the direction of the desert, there is also Moon City looking at us aggressively. If we become an empty city, Moon City wouldn't sit still and not do anything. With Tian Ling City being there for the taking, there is no reason for them not to want us."

  Les laughed coldly, "Li Xiao Yao, stop spreading fear!"

  Princess Pearl said, "Brother, I also feel that what Li Xiao Yao says make sense. Once we go all out to attack Flaming Cloud City, we will lose the balance between the countries. Moon City and Waterfront City will attack us so we must definitely consider our attack on the south!"

  Owen said expressionlessly, "Pearl, you want your brother to take back my orders? Don't forget I am now the Ruler and not the Prince.”

  Pearl was shocked, lowering her head and saying respectfully, "Then... Then you can't personally lead. This matter isn't a game. I am willing to lead half of the Tian Ling City troops to attack Flaming Cloud City while the other half will remain to defend Tian Ling City how about that?"

  Owen smiled, "Pearl, with just half you really think you can take down the Flaming Cloud Empire? If you can't then won't the hundreds of thousands of troops of Tian Ling Empire be sent to their deaths?"

  Pearl gritted her teeth, "I am willing to lay down my life. If I don't take it down, then I am willing to be punished by military law, how about that?"

  Owen slightly couldn't bear it, "Forget it, Father is only left with the two of us. I don't want to lose you. Just be careful!"

  Pearl said, "Fire Dragon Army, Fire Axe Army, Royal Army will follow me out. Xia Yu and Violent Thunder Army etc troops will remain to defend how about that?"

  Owen nodded his head, "Let's follow what you said, I hope you will return victorious soon!"



  Pearl looked at me, her eyes were filled with uneasiness. That was indeed the case. Owen was just too eager to gain merit, he couldn't wait for a chance to appear and was trying to take a gamble to attack Flaming Cloud City.

  At this time Marquis Louis said, "Your Majesty since Pearl personally leads the troops then the east conquest also needs a commander right? Out of all of us, Xu Wei, Li Xiao Yao, Baili Ning and General Wei etc, who can be this Marshal?

  Owen took in a deep breath, "I already made my mind up. Xu Wei is one of the top five generals of Tian Ling City and is also the General of the first division of the Fire Dragon Army. Naturally he would be the Marshal. Men, hand over the battle axe and commander seal. Apart from that, Fire Axe Army General Les is the vanguard, Royal Army as the left wing and Changfeng Army as the right. Gather up eighty thousand Purple Spirit Army members as the backline. Purple Spirit Army General Xiahou Ren will be in charge of all logistics.

  In the back a general with his face covered in a mouostache stepped out, "Yes Your Majesty!"

  This person was Xiahou Ren the General of the Purple Spirit Army. The eighty thousand of them could be considered a trump card of the empire but they didn't have much chance to show their skills. Their combat skills were also quite weak so naturally no one paid attention to them."

  Owen gave the order and no one else had anything to say. Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, Drunken Spear etc were all low ranked and didn't even have a chance to speak.

  After the orders were given, a bell rang out in the sky of Tian Ling City. Another conquest quest but it was still a pessimistic one...


  System Notification: Tian Ling City officially declares war on Flaming Cloud City, all of Tian Ling City players can head to Flaming Cloud City. During this period the war achievement points will increase twenty percent and the final rewards will increase by forty percent. If you succeeded in getting Flaming Cloud City, the top three players will obtain God Tier, Deity Tier rewards. If you fail, the rewards will belong to the Flaming Cloud City players. Tian Ling City players would at most get Demon Harvest Tier artifacts!


  Although the system notification details were really messy but I could roughly understand it. The country rewards were at the end, each city that changed master would give rise to a reward. This was not bad, using war to get stronger. We spent seven days on the country war and as long as not too many people died, one levels won't be left behind by too much.

  A day later Pearl led these people out to Flaming Cloud City. A day in the game was six hours in real life, pretty much not leaving any time for us to sleep.

  Everyone scattered. As for Q-Sword, Fang Ge Que, Ye Lai and Drunken Spear they didn't leave. I headed over and said, "This isn't good, what do you all think?"

  Fang Ge Que nodded, "En, now we really have problems both inside and outside. Owen deciding to go south pretty much added more difficulty to our China Region..."

  Enchanted Painting held her Water God Halberd and said to me, "Xiao Yao Zi Zai you are the General of the Royal Army, the Country Protector General and you are the only person here that could have a say. Why didn't you try to stop him?"

  I gave out a bitter laugh, Drunken Spear argued for me and smiled, "Li Xiao Yao wanted to stop him but can't you all see. His Royal Army was too strong now and Emperor Owen is fearful of him. Li Xiao Yao's words might give rise to a negative effect. Owen could even dare to put his own sister in danger. His heart was probably blinded by power."

  I nodded, "Drunken Spear is right, even if I am the Country Protector General but I am still under him. Apart from me having more power, I don't have anything else. Instead, we players must be prepared to not gamble it all along with NPCs. I don't support us attacking Flaming Cloud City if not no one will be able to defend Tian Ling City. Moreover, Waterfront City and Moon City are the biggest threats to us.”

  Fang Ge Que nodded her head in praise, "Yeah."

  [Prague] Guild Leader Yan Zhao Warrior raised his sword and walked forward and said, "Then [Prague] is willing to go!"

  Enchanted Painting said, "[Legend] is willing, what about [Zhan Long]?"

  I smiled helplessly, "The Royal Army must follow along so as a General I will definitely bring [Zhan Long] over. Moreover, I suggest [Legend] to stay behind to defend the War God River shores."

  Fang Ge Que nodded, "Yes, then [Legend], [Appearance Alliance], [House of Prestige], and [Vanguard] will leave to defend Tian Ling City. As for the other guilds like [Zhan Long], [Prague], [Hero Mound], [Thousand Burial], [Wrath of the Heroes], and [Knights Templar] will head all out to attack Flaming Cloud City. Only then will our chances of winning be a little higher. How about that?"

  Ye Lai nodded, "You are the Country War Commander so we will just follow you. We will just follow your orders."

  Q-Sword, "Then this is decided. Let's make use of the few hours to rest and then get online to prepare!”



  I made some arrangements and then made a trip to the Royal Army. I ordered Han Yuan, Xiao Lie, and the others to prepare grain to set off. NPCs and players were different and they needed to eat. If not, they would have no strength to fight. Moreover, if one headed into the distance one would have to bring heavy resources such as Dragon Crystal Cannons or Flame Dragon Cannons. Those things were really heavy and there were many boxes which needed to be transported in advance.

  I went offline and forced myself to sleep. After a slight rest, I was prepared to welcome a historical long-distance war!

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