Chapter 856- Civil servants die for values, generals die in battle
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Zhan Long Chapter 856- Civil servants die for values, generals die in battle

Chapter 856- Civil servants die for values, generals die in battle

The war was really intense. Although Drunk Maple and Clear Black Eyes retreated back into Flaming Cloud City territory, the players they left in Dragon Surrendering Forest didn't give up. They were clashing with the Tian Ling City players. Within three hours, they were unable to obtain any upper hand but the following three hours became a massacre due to the difference in strength.


  All the way until seven at night, the Flaming Cloud City players south of Flaming God Mountain Range and their NPCs were pretty much washed in blood. The forest was covered in corpses and there was a thick blood stench which made one have the urge to vomit. Lin Wan Er and Yue Qing Qian ordered the troops to clean up the battlefield. [Zhan Long] was the strongest force here and them blocking the entrance of the Flaming God Mountain Range was also a huge merit. Therefore, the area we got to clean up was the largest too. Each person was able to obtain 1 to 3 pieces of equipment. Even if they couldn't wear it they could exchange it for some living expenses.

  Drunken Spear held his spear and galloped over, his face was joyous as he smiled, "Wow, [Zhan Long] really performed well today. I thought that there were a few advances that you all wouldn't be able to make but in the end the Fire Dragon Cavalry took them down right away."

  I pulled my God Dragon Horse and broke into a laugh, "The losses were heavy too. Did news spread from your Xia Yu Army? We have fought up until now and there should be some movement from Tian Ling City. Does Owen not want to be an emperor?"

  Drunken Spear shook his head, "I don't know, my messenger soldiers haven’t come to find me. What about you?"

  "Neither did they."

  "F*** the Royal Army General also didn't get any news? This f*****, why does it feel like the China Region NPCs are useless?!"

  "They are. Why don’t you head to the palace and complain to force Owen to send out troops? Directly send the troops to the Fire Dragon Army and Xia Yu Army to attack Waterfront City to take the city down in front of the Indians and let the Japanese and Koreans eat sh**. If he doesn't agree, then knock your head into the pillar, he’ll definitely agree."

  Drunken Spear's face turned green from my words, "F***, stop bullsh***ing me, I won't do such stupid things... Moreover, you are the Country Protector General and your rank is so much higher than mine. If you want to do so, then go ahead. How would it be my turn!"

  I smiled, "Someone like you is a general? Tsk!"

  Drunken Spear retorted, "Who knew that the Royal Army General was a hooligan? Hehe, speaking of which, let's be serious. Do you think the China Region can win?"

  I pursed my lips and said, "It is tough to say, but we probably won’t just perform too outstanding."

  "What is called not too outstanding?"

  "To get first blood. We shouldn't take the initiative to attack cities and just defend like today. Let Waterfront City, Flaming Cloud City, and Moon City fight one another. When they are about to end, then we will strike. Otherwise, if we send troops too early, we will become targets. Moon City, Waterfront City, and Flaming Cloud City will stop restricting one another and they will all attack us. Then the end of us will really arrive."

  "Oh," Drunken Spear took in a deep breath. A weird expression appeared on his face as he looked at me. He smiled, "It seems like Ye Lai was right. Throughout the entire China Region, only two people have the ability to rule the world. One is the Mage God Fang Ge Que and the other is [Zhan Long] Guild Leader Li Xiao Yao."

  I cupped my fists, "Since you have such high hopes for me, when will you come over to support me?"

  Drunken Spear rolled his eyes, "Didn't you say you won't poach? My guild leader is watching us from behind, for you to poach so openly later he might fight you head on. I also have no intentions to leave [Flying Dragon]. I have more and more of a sense of belonging to [Flying Dragon] and I want to build it into a super guild. You also see that I am trying my best and I have also seen some effects."

  In the distance, Soaring Dragon was staring over viciously as if he would fight me to the death if I talked more with Drunken Spear. As expected, when I saw his fierce look I laughed, "Then let's work together. At least in the country war we will advance and retreat together. Let's not plot against one another. With our location, it is really tough. Once we consume too many members, the Hybrid Demon Army will invade and then we will be screwed!"

  Drunken Spear nodded and said, "Ok, I think the same way too. At least in the country war we are friends and we will take care of one another. I can ensure that when I am in [Flying Dragon], we will fully focus on the country war and fight the enemy alongside [Zhan Long]!"

  "Okay, then I am retreating. It is time to eat dinner."

  "What are you eating?"

  "Anything, something good. I am rich so I’ll eat meat!"

  "Very good, I will eat meat too. My salary has increased recently, and I also earned seventy thousand yesterday from selling equipment. I went to the aunt on the streets and bought ten tea leaf eggs. After all, in the eyes of some, only tea leaf eggs are worth the identity of a rich person like me!"

  "Well done, let's go!"



  After the [Zhan Long] players cleaned up the battlefield, they returned to Dragon’s Den for resources. Most of their potions and equipment had been used up and damaged and they could only fight without any armor. I returned back to Dragon’s Den to recruit another batch of Cliff Dragon Cavalry. Under Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue's rushing, I went offline to eat something good. The dinner was great, and along with Tang Qi, the four of us went to splash some cash.

  Hangzhou Pingshui Street Yinqin City had the only Jin Qian Bao Buffet Restaurant in Hangzhou. At this time, it cost each person five hundred dollars. I paid the bill and we had a great meal. Lin Wan Er was really happy but Dong Cheng Yue didn't have much appetite. Although she walked out of the shadow of Dong Cheng Lei's death, she still hadn't fully recovered to her previous state.

  I looked at her and felt a little helpless. I made a promise in front of Dong Cheng Lei's grave to help him take care of her as her brother. But what should I do to make her happier?

  As we were eating, a chef held a barbecued lamb leg with the fragrance wafting all over. He smiled, "Do the few of you want lamb legs?"

  Lin Wan Er nodded, "I want a piece."

  The chef slashed down; his knife skills were average. I smiled, "Master, your knife skills aren't that good. Why not let me try?"

  The chef was stunned, "Little kid, you want to try?"

  "Yeah." I nodded my head, "What is the proper knife technique?"

  The middle-aged chef was shocked, "Using Qi to control the knife?"

  I nearly vomited out blood and said, "No, the true knife technique is for the knife to follow the heart. The meat you slice just falls down. Let me try. Do you think I can slice it through the air?"

  The chef was surprised, "Here, have a go!"

  I stood up while holding the lamb leg. Then I looked towards Dong Cheng Yue, smiling, "Dong Cheng, how far am I from your plate?"

  Dong Cheng Yue blinked, "Three meters?"

  "Okay. I am so far away but I can slice five pieces of meat in one second and make each piece land on your plate. Do you believe me or not?"


  "Okay, let's bet. If one piece falls outside I will swallow the entire lamb leg. If I succeed, you need to finish these five pieces, how about that?"

  Dong Cheng Yue excitedly nodded her head, her chest pushed out as she stood there, saying in anticipation, "Brother Xiao Yao, go ahead!"

  The chef also opened his eyes wide as he looked from the side. His expression was pretty much saying, "Let's see how much you can brag. You are going to fail."

  I held the lamb leg on my left hand, my right hand shaking and instantly Yang Yan energy surged around the blade. The knife was actually not really sharp. Five cuts would take a long time, but after adding in Yang Yan energy it was different. My right hand waved instantly five times. Before any fragrances wafted into my nose, five thin slices of lamb landed on her plate and they were stacked together, joining up where the cuts were.


  Dong Cheng Yue's mouth opened wide, and her eyes did the same. Tang Qi was also shocked, "Wow, such predictive ability..."

  Lin Wan Er smiled, "It seems like your martial arts have improved again..."

  I returned the lamb leg to the chef whose mouth was still agape. He left only after some time, and he didn't forget to turn around and look at me, feeling that I was not normal. Actually, the only thing that was not normal was that he was a mortal. Moreover, within the cultivator realm, I was not considered a mortal anymore and was someone really close to god. I was probably a semi-god?

  This time, Dong Cheng Yue finally had some appetite. After she ate the few pieces of lamb, she drank a bowl of vegetable soup. A beautiful smile appeared on her face once more. Tang Qi was also really happy as he looked over at me in gratitude. I didn't even bother to look at him. I did this because both Lin Wan Er and I loved this girl, not for Tang Qi.


  Not long later, Dong Cheng Yue and Lin Wan Er touched their thin tummies and laughed. They also mentioned how they were going on a diet next week. I didn't even see any signs of them getting fat. On the other side, Tang Qi and I were still randomly eating, determined to make the five hundred dollars back. Moreover, we only ate the expensive items and stopped when we felt like we were about to die, walking while using the wall as a support. Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue laughed out loud, one on the left and one on the right as they supported me out the door. In the end, Lin Wan Er had to drive because I felt like my stomach was about to obstruct the steering wheel. Dong Cheng Yue laughed, "Brother Xiao Yao, you are the handsome god for all the female players of Tian Ling City, to eat till such a stage, your image is totally gone!"

  I patted onto my stomach and burped, "It is okay, as long as I am full..."

  At this moment a notification rang on my phone. The NPC in Tian Ling City was searching for the Royal Army General. They wanted me to rush back online to see what had happened.

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