Chapter 855- Wolf instincts
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Zhan Long Chapter 855- Wolf instincts

Chapter 855- Wolf instincts

Close to an hour of battling and Barry finally sent out the heavy armored cavalry of the Clear Current Army. Top-Heavy armored troops of Flaming Cloud City, one could imagine how strong they were. I looked at the [Zhan Long] members behind me and none of them were at full health. There was even exhaustion on their faces. If we continued to make them fight the Clear Current Army heavy armored cavalry, we might win but not many of them would be left.

  "What should we do?"

  Mocha also realized that the situation wasn't good, so she asked anxiously, "Boss, once the heavy armored cavalry sticks to us, we won't be able to leave."

  I nodded my head, "Spread the order, retreat according to our original path, we have already completed our mission!"



  The backline became the frontline as the Steel Blade Cavalry started to charge backwards. Li Mu ordered the retreat while asking, "Xiao Yao, why don't we directly charge into the Clear Current Army formations to gather with the main forces with Wan'er and Dong Cheng?"

  I shook my head, "We are at least four miles away from the main base and if we charge over, more than half of us will die."

  "Oh, understood."

  I swept the Zhen Yue Blade across, chopping down two low health Flaming Cloud City players. I looked at the heavy cannon formation and confirmed that at least a hundred of them had been destroyed, decapitating their resources. A hundred Dragon Crystal Cannons should already be a large portion of their heavy cannon power. On the other side, Tian Ling City’s Royal Army alone had a hundred. The Fire Dragon Army and Xia Yu Army probably didn't have any less either. Altogether, there should at least be four hundred Dragon Crystal Cannons. These heavy cannons would definitely be of some use in the future country wars.

  Just at this moment, two bells rang in the sky. Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword both killed...


  System Notification: Player Fang Ge Que (China) has successfully killed player Sangai (JBN Battlenet rank 9) once, obtaining 47 points!


  System Notification: Player Q-Sword (China) has successfully killed player Kim Zaihao (KBN Battlenet rank 11) once, obtaining 46 points!


  "Tsk tsk..."

  Li Mu smiled, "It seems like there is also a great stage over at the southern shore of War God River Coiling Dragon Cliff. Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword must enjoy fighting there!"

  My brow was tightly furrowed as I said, "It isn't a good thing for us to split up and fight. We are losing too many men. If Moon City sends men to charge at us from the desert we won't be able to block them. Speaking of which... Doesn't Flaming Cloud City want to occupy Waterfront City?  If I were them, I wouldn't attack China. Instead, I would directly attack Waterfront City and occupy the Japenese and Korean main cities!"

  Li Mu said, "You think that the twenty million people in front of us is their main force?"

  My heart jumped, "Right, the India Region has at least twenty million more people. Apart from the few main guilds in front of us, the rest are third rate and not skilled players. Some of them are amassing strength, right?"

  Mocha galloped over, giggling, "Boss managed to guess it? I heard that the India Region's Clear Black Eyes deputy guild leader has made an agreement with Japanese Region Frost Forest and Korea Region King Myra to attack China together. Once they take down Tian Ling City, it will belong to Flaming Cloud City while Fan Shu City, Ba Huang City, and Jiu Li City will belong to Korea and Japan."

  I couldn't help but break into a laugh, "They even planned on how to split up the main cities of the China Region?"

  Mocha squinted her eyes and smiled, "Boss, do you really think that Clear Black Eyes is simple enough to be willing to hand over the three sub-cities to Japan and Korea?"

  I shook my head.

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I took in a deep breath and said, "No, I think Clear Black Eyes probably considered the fact that the China Region can’t be taken down so easily, so why not just do a probing attack? Let the Japenese and Korean players suffer heavy losses to attack Waterfront City and destroy their home. With the NPC army of two main cities, the India Region would have the ability to fight against the China Region!"

  Wang Jian sucked in a deep cold breath, "Brother Xiao Yao, are you saying that the twenty million fierce troops here is just a probing attack?"

  I smiled, "Why not?"

  Li Mu's sword brow was tightly locked, "The Indians are so cunning. Clear Black Eyes is so shrewd!"

  One Second Hero held his halberd and smiled, "F***. Why do I feel that she is getting shot lying down? She didn't even do anything and these are guesses we are just throwing on her."

  Li Mu smiled, "Eh, Yong Jie truly cares about beauties. If you really see Clear Black Eyes, will you be able to attack?"

  One Second Hero clenched his fists and said flatly, "I will volunteer to be the first to go up."

  Li Mu also said expressionlessly, "Clear Black Eyes is the top IBN Battlenet player. I think you will be the first to go up and also be the first to die..."

  One Second Hero added, "Guild Leader, I want to report Li Mu and remove his Elder position. He is so aggressive. Pull him down and I will bring my men to beat him up every day!"

  I said flatly, "Go ahead and beat him up, I won't care either way."

  One Second Hero was stunned, "..."


  I returned to the [Zhan Long] main formation and did a headcount. We sent out eight thousand and lost a full three thousand. In addition, we also lost a thousand Fire Dragon Cavalry. They charged all the way at the front so they lost the most. However, if not for the long spear formation of the Fire Dragon Cavalry, the Steel Blade Cavalry would have twice as many losses.

  The country war rules indicated that if one died, one could still revive. Upon the first revival, a player's level would be reduced by one, the second was two levels, the third time it would be four, and then eight. So one could still revive after the first time. I ordered those dead Fire Dragon Cavalry and Steel Blade Cavalry to revive and fight once more. [Zhan Long] could at most die twice for this country war, or maybe... three times?

  The Fire Dragon Cavalry quickly reached the frontlines to replace the Steel Blade Cavalry to continue to fight against the Indian Region Players. After the heals from the healers, the players all had the blessing of new lives. Thinking back to the battle just now, it was really intense — many players were blown into meat paste by the heavy cannons. More of them died to the spear formation while most of the corpses were still lying on the ground with the spears. The battlefield was dyed in blood, and a burnt odor pervaded the area. Most of the people couldn't take it anymore, especially the females. Mocha, Yue Yao Yan, and the other girls nearly vomited so they were glad to back off into the forest.

  I led the Royal Army to fight for a very long time and have long since gotten used to such intense battlefields. Moreover, I also saw such things in real life too, having personally killed over a hundred people in reality by slicing off their heads. I also saw many bodies shiver and spit blood on the ground before as well. As long as one knows that the person deserved to be killed, then it is enough. One had to fight to stop battles so I just killed people who wanted to kill me.

  However, following that thought, I also killed many people. Shouldn't I be killed too? I couldn't help but mock myself. Forget it, there was no need to think about it. I just know that the Artificials were killing people mercilessly for power and money. Such people deserve to die! Since Wang Xin and the others didn’t want to have fresh blood on their hands, then I shall be the one to do so. Someone has to take up the responsibility.


  Just as I was thinking about that, a bell rang across the sky...


  System Notification: Player Clear Black Eyes (India) has successfully killed player Bai Li Ruo Feng (CBN Battlenet rank 5) once, thus obtaining 114 country war points!


  I raised my head and looked at the announcement. I couldn't help but frown, "Bai Li Ruo Feng was killed? [House of Prestige]’s defenses are so weak..."

  Lin Wan Er slowly pulled out her dagger from the chest of a cavalryman and said, "Clear Black Eyes is also an archer, for her to kill Bai Li Ruo Feng from afar is normal. However, this is a waste — the top archer of China was killed by the top archer of India. This will definitely affect [House of Prestige]’s morale."

  Li Mu asked from afar, "Should we assist them?"

  I took in a deep breath and before I spoke Mocha interrupted, "There’s no need. After killing [House of Prestige], Clear Black Eyes will bring her guild to retreat, just like how the Clear Current Army General ordered them to retreat..."

  "Investigate the situation," I said.

  A few seconds later, Yue Qing Qian said, "I got it. The Flaming Cloud City Emperor ordered not too long ago for the entire Clear Current Army to head west of Flaming Cloud City to support a stronghold. I heard that Swirling Abyss City sent seven million players to attack that fortress."

  I couldn't help but laugh, "Swirling Abyss City is the Russian main city? They actually came to join the fight!"

  Yue Qing Qian asked, "Brother Xiao Yao, what do we do now?"

  The corner of my lips relaxed and I smiled, "Very simple, there is a condition in the country war rules. Once a country war begins, all City Return Scrolls and Teleportation Formations are useless. The twenty million Flaming Cloud City players spent four hours coming over from Flaming God Castle so they have to spend another four hours heading back. We can go forward using these four hours to kill as many as we can. These country war points are freebies!"



  My words made the [Zhan Long] members really happy. Everyone wanted to stand up and stick out in the country war and the points were the most direct method.

  However, the core members of India Region like Clear Black Eyes and Drunk Maple weren't so simple and they would have their own tactics to cover their retreat. They will send a few big guilds to cover them while the rest quickly left. But, this wouldn't be able to block the flames of revenge from China, especially with the few huge guilds charging and killing together. The ten million people were like tigers chasing after sheep, sweeping out in an unrestrained manner among the seventeen million India Region players. Clear Black Eyes and Drunk Maple had calculated incorrectly and didn't expect for Swirling Abyss City to suddenly launch an attack.

  Of course, the main reason wasn't just that. Rather, they had left a lot of players in the city to defend against the Russians. That city would become empty and they also needed to defend against the Koreans and Japanese. Everyone was a wolf and they were all defending against one another.

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