Chapter 854- Drill shape formation
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Zhan Long Chapter 854- Drill shape formation

Chapter 854- Drill shape formation

Drunk Maple suddenly understood; however, it was already too late. The Tian Ling City players from the two wings of the canyon had slashed over, looking really unstoppable. I led three thousand Fire Dragon Cavalry to charge at the front. The Fire Dragon mounts were all Divine Tier Boss mounts and all had the specialty of being a Beast King, suppressing thirty percent of the enemy cavalry stats. This also meant that no one during the cavalry-charging process was an opponent of the Fire Dragon Cavalry.

  However, Drunk Maple didn't seem to know much about the abilities of the Fire Dragon Cavalry just like how we didn't get any news about their secret soldier types either. Everyone in [Zhan Long] also seemed to have done a good job in keeping secrets. Facing the strikes of the Fire Dragon Cavalry, Drunk Maple raised his sword and hollered, "[Conquer the World], charge with me and protect our NPC Dragon Crystal Cannons. We cannot let them succeed!"

  The sound of horse hooves echoed throughout the clouds. Over twenty thousand cavalry players followed Drunk Maple, causing a patch of dust to rise up into the air. I also led the Fire Dragon Cavalry over. Before both sides even came into contact, there were many close-combat players clashing with each other already. Many threads of sword energy broke out such as [Whirlwind Sword Break] and other skills that clashed with the opposing group of people. The Fire Dragon Cavalry charged full speed ahead, directly causing the Flaming Cloud City cavalry to retreat backwards. In terms of stats, they were being fully suppressed.

  I released the reins that my hands were clutching, and the Dragon Reservoir Sword and Zhen Yue Blade danced out. Sword energy and blade energy fell onto the group of people. The God Dragon Horse breathed out warm breaths of air from its nose. With wave after wave of slashes and cuts, I split the [Conquer the World] cavalry, bringing the Fire Dragon Cavalry to face the Clear Current Army heavy cannon unit. While charging, roughly twenty yards away there was a Flaming Cloud City Berserker who slashed out with his axe and was clashing with the Steel Blade Cavalry. The axe gave out a lightning glow and he cut down three Steel Blade Cavalry in a row. His strength was really high; one axe dealt close to twenty thousand damage. The surrounding Steel Blade soldiers were terrified by him.

  One Second Hero held his spear and charged over while looking at me, "Guild Leader, we need your help for that 14th IBN Battlenet player!"

  I didn't hesitate at all. I pulled the reins, and the God Dragon Horse swiftly charged over. It was already too late when the Indian player noticed. His axe was still stuck in the shoulder of a Steel Blade Cavalryman when I raised my hand — the dragon hook shot out right into the chest of the Berserker. I forced him off his war horse.

  My body sunk slightly as I used both of my arms, the Dragon Reservoir Sword and Zhen Yue Blade both slashing down three times. Three damage numbers rose up at the same time...





  He was instantly killed. At the same time, a system notification reverberated through the air...


  System Notification: Player [Xiao Yao Zi Zai] (China) has successfully killed player [Rainwalker] (IBN Battlenet number 14) once, thus obtaining 72 Country War points!


  There was actually a system notification? I was slightly startled. Either way, that might be good. This could help to raise everyone’s morale, right?

  Not far away, Li Mu said, "When one kills someone from the top twenty of the Battlenet rankings, there will be a system notification. Good luck, keep all the Indians over here!"

  I didn't say anything, continuing to order the cavalry to charge into the heavy cannon unit. When the three thousand Fire Dragon Cavalry lost roughly two hundred people while charging out of the encirclement, there were actually a bunch of Clear Current Army NPC spearmen waiting for us there. Behind them were many archers. The Flaming Cloud City NPCs were that smart to actually follow a formation to stop us?

  Wang Jian said loudly, "Not good, we will suffer heavy losses by taking a spearmen unit head-on!"

  I gritted my teeth and said, "We don't have any other choice. We’ll lower our heads and charge up. Cavalry, hold up your shields and charge with us, try to minimize our losses as much as possible. Immediately change into a three-sided drill formation!"


  Wang Jian shouted in the guild channel, and instantly the Fire Dragon Cavalry and Steel Blade Cavalry started to group up once more. They all gathered towards the middle and instantly formed a three-sided drill shape formation. It was like the tip of an arrow or a blade. I was the tip of this blade, and the two girls, Mocha and Yue Yao Yan, were by my side forming the second layer to take the attacks. Li Mu, Wang Jian, One Second Hero, Star Blade, and the other elites of [Zhan Long] were also there!


  I rode on the God Dragon Horse, keeping the speed of the Steel Blade Cavalry to bring them all to charge forward. Instantly, Clear Current Army General Barry looked towards us, gritting his teeth and saying, "Damn it. They are here, the person leading is... Is that the general of the Royal Army, General Li Xiao Yao?"

  A major nodded his head, "Yes, General. That person is Li Xiao Yao. Our scouts have seen that person before. The group of people behind him aren't soldiers from the Royal Army, are they... Li Xiao Yao's own troops? This person is simply too terrifying!"

  Barry clenched his fist, "Defend this area no matter what. Archers, aim for Royal Army General Li Xiao Yao at the front, shoot through him!"

  Instantly, there were sounds of bows being pulled within the formation, and at the same time, numerous [Conquer the World] players gathered around the NPC troops. Many archers pulled their bows and hollered, "Use [Scattered Shot] to stun the person leading the charge to let them collapse into one another. How can a drill formation be too tough for us Flaming Cloud City brothers?!"

  In the next moment, numerous arrows fell towards me. Ding, ding, ding, many sparks flew out. Unfortunately, the players were unable to penetrate my defense even though there were even hundreds of people that dealt double digit damage. What they didn't expect was that I wasn't stunned at all, and in the end, they wasted many cooldowns on me. In a blink of an eye, the [Zhan Long] iron cavalry had already reached the Clear Current Army’s Spearmen Formation.


  With the wind blowing across, the Zhen Yue Blade in my hand had already slashed out. I forced aside numerous spears, and I used the Dragon Reservoir Sword to slash a group of people. Along with the effects of [Sword Tempest], I cut through the spearmen unit. Mocha and Yue Yao Yan at the side raised their shields to block incoming arrows and spears. The intense clashing noises rang out. The Fire Dragon Cavalry was unstoppable as they directly charged into the spearmen formation. The Steel Blade Cavalry also followed up from behind.

  The attacks of the Clear Current Army couldn't be neglected. Under the spears and arrow abuse, there were many Steel Blade Cavalry and Fire Dragon Cavalry that were stabbed through, falling to the ground. However, most of them went past the spearmen formation, stabbing their swords and spears into the bodies of these NPCs. They didn't insist on insta killing. After a strike, they quickly moved to let their partners from behind to continue to deal damage. In the end, a full health spearman would often die after dozens of Fire Dragon Cavalry slashes with hundreds of holes in his body. Who knew how the experience was even shared?



  The major from the Clear Current Army took several steps back. His face was ashen white, "Drill-shaped formation charge... General, our spearmen unit can't block that. What should we do?"

  Barry slowly pulled out his sword and held it high up as he hollered, "Archers, retreat and shoot at the same time. Their target is the heavy cannons! Heavy cannon unit, turn the cannon barrels and fire toward the crowd. Don't let them get close too easily!"

  The major was shocked, "General, if we fire from such close range, we will harm our own people! The Dragon Crystal Cannons have been fired many times and it can't be fired consecutively or else the barrels will explode!"

  Barry's face turned cold, "I don't need you to teach me. Listen to my orders!"



  While we charged, many Dragon Crystal Cannons turned and fired towards us. The cannon barrels became hot and they roared out as they fired. I swiftly bent my back and shouted, "Spread out and avoid the attacks. Split into groups of a hundred men to destroy the Flame Dragon Cannons and Dragon Crystal Cannons. Be careful, we will fight for ourselves. The goal is to destroy all the heavy cannons and not leave a single one left standing!"

  The Fire Dragon Cavalry were like waves which spread out towards the two sides. In the next moment, there was a loud clang, and the pitiful Steel Blade Cavalry behind who didn't hear my orders were directly hit. Hundreds of Steel Blade Cavalry were torn apart by just one wave of Dragon Crystal Cannons — their damage numbers reached seventy thousand. Not many people were able to block it. The ground was covered in flesh, equipment, and dust. Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Old K's eyes turned red, hollering as they cut down the cannoneers surrounding the Dragon Crystal Cannons. Killing them first and then hitting the heavy cannons would make things much simpler.

  I instantly cast [Icy Wings], flying low in the air and slashing past. The Dragon Reservoir Sword slashed out and attacked a group of people. The Zhen Yue Blade struck once more and instantly a bunch of archers were sliced down. There were many Fire Dragon Cavalry that followed behind who charged into the NPC army. Most of them surrounded the cannons and randomly slashed about. A few seconds later, the first Dragon Crystal Cannon was destroyed with a loud "peng" sound, becoming a bunch of scrap iron. It was totally useless now.

  At this moment, the cavalry of the [Enemies at the Gate] also broke through the spearmen unit defenses. Misty Clouds personally led them forward. They too suffered many losses; three thousand out of their ten thousand had fallen. However, they still had to take attacks from the Flaming Cloud City players, counter-attacking while destroying the Dragon Crystal Cannons. Looking into the distance, [Flying Dragon] and [House of Prestige] had also finally broken through the spearmen formation and pushed through into the group of people. The Clear Current Army's heavy cannon unit sounded out. They were already crazy and started to randomly fire at the crowd. Not only the China Region players, but even the India Region players were killed. Most of the battlefield was dyed blood red.


  The heavy cannon unit struck a large area and it was pretty much close to impossible to find Drunk Maple. I opened my [Icy Wings] like a machine to charge into the group. The more people I killed, the less people we would lose on our side. Li Mu, Wang Jian, and the others were so fervent that their eyes turned red. They brought the Fire Dragon Cavalry and Steel Blade Cavalry to charge about. In the end, we brought a total of forty thousand cavalry, causing the 170 thousand heavy cannon unit troops to be stirred into chaos. Along with cannon after cannon being destroyed, General Barry couldn't sit still anymore. He stood on the general carriage, pulling his sword and hollering, "Heavy cavalry troops, we will immediately charge once you’re ready. Kill this bunch of people such that not even their armor is left!"

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