Chapter 853- Drunk Maple
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Zhan Long Chapter 853- Drunk Maple

Chapter 853- Drunk Maple

Killing shouts rang out from all sides of the valley. Moments later, the 2000+ players who were there all turned into corpses. The horse hooves sounds rang out as the cavalry troops from the Flaming Cloud City charged out. The player's movement speeds were much faster than the NPCs. Most of their eyes had turned red from all of the killing wanting to kill more people to obtain more points. This was the charm of the country war, treating enemies as your own prize. This strong eating weak law was apparent in war games like this.


  In the distance, the [Zhan Long], [Enemies at the Gate], and [House of Prestige] guild players were all lying in wait. Once the Flaming Cloud City players got out of the canyon, someone held the sword up and hollered, "Attack!"

  An official attack, the true country war had finally arrived. Moreover, this was a land defense and attack battle with both sides having over 30 million numbers in total. This was the charm of such a game. In reality ten thousand men would be enough to fill up the forest. Moreover the grain and resources would all take up large amounts of space. So tens of million people battles could only take place in the game. To be able to carry so much data, Destiny's running ability was just too overpowered!

  At the front of Zhan Long's formation, Lin Wan Er held a dagger. Yue Qing Qian and Dong Cheng Yue stood beside her. Li Meng Yao didn't join in this sneak attack but instead led a bunch of Steel Blade Cavalry to defend the formation. The bunch of Steel Blade Cavalry were raring to go but Lin Wan Er just stood there calmly, her eyes filled with intellect as she smiled, "Don't attack, wait for them to charge and attack first. Draw out all of their cannons and inform the other guilds not to act. Steel Blade Cavalry, take defensive formations!"

  Li Meng Yao smiled, "Understood."

  The bunch of Steel Blade Cavalry players raised up their shields and pushed out their spears from the gaps between the shields, instantly creating a solemn atmosphere. Everyone waited seriously, waiting for the Flaming Cloud City players to charge out. A few minutes later, a large bunch of cavalry soldiers charged out, "Peng, peng, peng!" They struck the Steel Blade Cavalry defensive line. At the same time, they were also struck by the long distance forces of [Zhan Long] while Lin Wan Er led a bunch of assassins to activate [Unyielding Spirit], slashing about within the enemy forces. Numerous people died under the daggers of those players.


  The entire Dragon Surrendering Forest was boiling up, many towering trees were being pushed down by the cavalry forces. Moreover, apart from [Zhan Long] and the other large guilds, there were many other guilds that proactively moved forward. The scenes were a total mess, and each person was fighting for themselves. However, this also drew out more Flaming Cloud City Clear Current Army troops!

  "Da da..."

  The horse hooves stepped onto China land. A general carried a long spear and walked at the front of the Clear Current Army. His hand had a black cloth wrapped around  it as he smiled, "Tian Ling City's land is so fertile, this will soon belong to the Flaming Cloud Empire. Isn’t that so?"

  Beside him, a major nodded his head, placing his long saber onto the back of the horse. He smiled, "What General Barry said was that the moment Rob died, Prince Theodore also lost his life. Just one Owen is nothing to be fearful about. The Tian Ling Empire's thousand-year rule is about to end too. This is our time to defend the northern lands to find the Hybrid Demons and lead the seven kingdoms!"

  Barry was a level 159 God Tier BOSS and was the general of the top army of Flaming Cloud City, or the Commander in Chief of Flaming Cloud City. In comparison, as a general of the Royal Army, I can also be called the general of the top army of Tian Ling City. However, I was just the Country Protector General. Just a slight comparison and the gap was apparent. People were God Tier BOSSes while I was just a player. So the original gap was already really huge so there was no need to think about it that much.


  Li Mu was about to lose his breath.

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A pair of bright eyes looked into the distance. Deducing the time, he smiled, "They should be about ready to push all the heavy cannons out, we have really waited for a long time!"

  I nodded my head, "Don't be rash, wait a while longer. Let [Flying Dragon] and [House of Prestige] be patient. Our location is really discrete so that they wouldn't be noticed. Even if they were, that Barry wouldn't listen to the words of players. Anyway, we have a great chance this time,  it’d be best if we can wipe out the 170 thousand troops of the Clear Current Army over here. Of course, it is great if we can wipe out the other armies too, then Flaming Cloud City wouldn't be much of a problem."


  In a blink of an eye, twenty minutes passed and the formation battle had entered its crucial moments.

  Along with the sound of wheels, the Flaming Cloud City army had pushed out at least four hundred crossbow carriages, shooting strong arrows into the crowds. The China Region players lost large numbers, and even some small guilds were wiped out. In just less than half an hour, a million men were killed!

  Crossbow carriages were a very problematic matter. I quickly opened my friend list and sent news to Lin Wan Er, "Wan'er, let Meng Yao lead the Steel Blade Cavalry to charge over to cover the mages. Strike the crossbow carriages with fire element spells. A portion of the carriages are made out of wood and once they are burnt they are useless. The people on our side are going to be wiped out!"

  Lin Wan Er quickly replied, "Understood!"

  Very quickly, a group of cavalry from [Zhan Long] charged out. Li Meng Yao personally led the troops. The Flaming Cloud City also reacted, and a general holding a flaming long sword hollered. In the next moment, tens of thousands of cavalry charged along with him. Moreover, a bunch of words floated on the head of that person...

  Drunk Maple LV 153 Flame Sword Master

  Main City: Flaming Cloud City

  Guild: Conquer the World

  Position: Guild Master

  IBN Battlenet Rankings: 2


  The golden words were really bright and eye-catching. This was the guild leader of the top guild of the Indian Region and also the second ranked person on IBN Battlenet. The cavalry under him were the top elites of Flaming Cloud City. I was instantly worried for my younger sister. Can the Zhan Long Steel Blade Cavalry led by Li Meng Yao withstand the pressure?

  Truth proved that I worried too much. Meng Yao didn't face Drunk Maple head on, leading a group of Steel Blade Cavalry to charge into [Conquer the World]. From afar, they locked onto the crossbow carriages and executed their charging abilities. Lin Wan Er, Yue Qing Qian, Yue Wei Liang, and the other assassins charged over, bringing a bunch of mages out. Dong Cheng Yue was lightning quick, [Thunderbolt Finger] pointing at the flame beasts and casting out. They instantly wiped out the cavalrymen of [Conquer the World] whose health bars were at half. Their mouths were agape, "This China lady's magic attack is too high! Quick, wipe her out!"

  In the end, Dream of a Thousand Cities, Lin Xiao Wu, and some others appeared. A bunch of Flaming Cloud City players who tried to wipe out Dong Cheng Yue instantly became corpses. A bunch of people charged in, using the Steel Blade Cavalry as price to get close to the crossbow carriages. They crossbow carriages continued to shoot out, piercing through the players of [Zhan Long], thus leaving corpses lying all around. Using blood as a price to get close, Dong Cheng Yue instantly cast [Magma Lance] and [Magma Abyss] and other flame element spells to instantly burn dozens of crossbow carriages. The Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands mages didn't just stand there and do nothing. A few minutes later, the hundreds of Clear Current Army crossbow carriages turned into a flame ocean. Li Meng Yao ordered the forces to retreat to cover the long ranged people to back off. However, this charge caused at least three thousand Steel Blade Cavalry to fall in battle. [Zhan Long] had suffered such huge losses during their first engagement. [Conquer the World] was really just too strong!

  However Drunk Maple's face was even worse. Not mentioning the lack of crossbow carriages, his own guild lost close to five thousand men. He didn't expect that China Region would have so many elite cavalry, embarrassment turned into rage as he hollered, "Have the long range forces arrived? If they have arrived, then let the frontlines press over, don't give them any chance to breathe. F***, even if I lose half of the brothers of [Conquer the World] today, I will wash the China Region players with blood and wipe them out completely!"

  The [Conquer the World] players all raised their weapons; their morales were soaring. Through that, one could see how high Drunk Maple's fame was in [Conquer the World].


  At this moment, a bunch of killing shouts spread out from the Dragon Surrendering Forest. In the next moment, Liu Ying led ten thousand troops from [Wrath of the Heroes] to charge out. This was the first decent-looking charge since they remodelled their forces. A large portion of the elites of the [Wrath of the Heroes] were within. Drunken Cold Rain and Dawn Hero were among them. Dawn Hero even looked towards Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands in the [Zhan Long] crowd when he charged over, shouting, "Tang Xue, I will let you see that I am a man!"

  I couldn't help but feel dizzy. Dawn Hero really hasn't stopped his chasing of Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands? Men would only know how precious something is after they lose it, only then will they know how to cherish it. How much of a jerk was he?

  However, Dawn Hero seemed to have miscalculated. The [Wrath of the Heroes] charged halfway but suddenly, a loud explosion broke out within the group. It was a large sized Dragon Crystal Cannon which directly blew open a ten-meter deep hole in the ground. A portion of the [Wrath of the Heroes] cavalry were smashed into a pile of meat. Dawn Hero was left with blinking health, and his war horse was covered in blood. He raised his head, swallowed a health potion, and continued to charge forward. However, who knew that another Dragon Crystal Cannon shot would land once more!


  Dragon Crystal Cannon once again smashed another deep hole in the ground. Within the thick smoke, Dawn Hero totally disappeared. What was left were a few shocked shouts, "What a fierce cannon..."

  Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands was really calm, smiling slightly, "Hehe..."

  Li Meng Yao danced with her sword as she ordered the Zhan Long Steel Blade Cavalry to back off. It wasn't a good thing to be covered by the cannon fire of the Clear Current Army.  Lin Wan Er defended from the front. The [House of Prestige] and other guilds weren't fools either. All of them retreated and contracted their formations as many heavy cannons of the Flaming Cloud City NPC army were pushed to the front.


  "Keng!" "Keng!"

  I pulled out my Dragon Reservoir Sword and Zhen Yue Blade, smiling, "Ok, it is time for us to attack. The chance is here!"

  I sent information over to [Flying Dragon] and the [House of Prestige]. In the next moment, eight thousand Zhan Long cavalry and ten thousand [Enemies at the Gate] cavalry charged out, quickly slashing out from the two wings. When we appeared on the horizon, Drunk Maple's face turned cold as he said, "Damn it, their main force is laid in ambush. What is their goal... our Dragon Crystal Cannons?!"


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