Chapter 830- Botched Army
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Zhan Long Chapter 830- Botched Army

Chapter 830- Botched Army

The vast army crossed Ziwu Mountain and reached Ba Huang City. They didn't need any travelling documents as Queen Angela had given orders to let anyone with the Royal Army Token to walk around unobstructed in Ba Huang City. She had given me huge face. I rode on the Flying Scythe War Horse while looking at the long snake of troops behind me. I felt a little nervous, but I was also really pumped. When had I ever become the commander of such an elite army? Such an achievement was something every man dreamt of.  

  On the way to Green Qilin Valley and Dragon City, I ordered the troops to go first while I took a trip to Dragon’s Den. I recruited 500 more Cliff Dragon Cavalry. With that, after so many days of development under me, Dragon’s Den had a total of 6,500 Cliff Dragon Cavalry and the overall morale had also reached a terrifying number: 13,855 soldiers. With Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing commanding, if they were really taken out for battle, their overall combat strength would be no lower than the 40 thousand men strong Royal Army. It could even be compared to the overall strength of [Zhan Long]. However, the weakness was that they couldn't be revived after death, and if not for that, they would truly be invincible.

  After managing Dragon’s Den matters, I chased them on my horse and caught up to the transport unit. Han Yuan was holding a new blade and charging all about. He looked over at me and said, "General, wouldn’t we face barbarian tribe attacks by just entering their territory like this? They aren't friendly towards humans..."

  I laughed, "Don't worry, I sent a 100 men from the Blade Shield Unit to follow along. They too are barbarians and speak the same language. Having them communicate with the local barbarians there shouldn't be a problem."

  ”So that’s how it is!”


  While we galloped forwards, I opened [Zhan Long]'s management page to take a look at the classes and level overview of the players. Then I opened the guild chat channel and said, "Oh right. Wasn't there a Frost Emperor Demon King Tier BOSS which attacked Swirling Abyss City?  What happened in the end? Did the Americans manage to kill that Demon King Tier BOSS?"

  Li Mu said, "They killed it!”

  I was lost, "Wow, the American Region is that strong?”

  Yue Qing Qian laughed, "Doesn't Brother Xiao Yao know that? The Demon Frost Emperor was attacked by all the players to the borders of the Sea of No Return. That Country Weapon Grade Staff dropped from this boss. It was called the ‘Staff of the Ice Queen’ or ‘Aisha's Staff’? The name is so long. I heard that the stats were really good and it was taken by the guild leader of the second guild of the American Region, Rhythm of the Rain. It was said that to obtain the rights to Aisha's Staff, Blades of War and Feather God. In the end he still failed to get it, and Sky Rose was so furious that he nearly cried!”

  I was speechless, “Sky Rose, this woman is actually quite pretty — however, she is just too aggressive and rough. Why is a woman playing as a swordsman..."

  Li Mu smiled, "However someone's girlfriend is playing as an assassin..."

  Lin Wan Er was killing mobs but she also laughed, "Li Mu, who are you talking about!”

  Li Mu laughed out loud, "Nothing much, don’t worry! By the way, didn’t Enchanted Painting bring the Earth Bane Ox Cavalry into the northern Hybrid Demon Terrority to scout? [Legend] must be planning something. Do we have any news regarding that?”
  Yue Qing Qian said, "I only know some bits and pieces — even Fang Ge Que brought people over. I heard that they received intel that the Hybrid Demon Territory has even higher level mounts. [Legend]'s goal is simple — they want to strengthen their cavalry players to prepare them to take over the China Region.”

  I frowned and said, "[Legend] still wants to rule over the China Region?”

  Yue Qing Qian smiled, "Brother Xiao Yue, Fang Ge Que is the top person in the China Region, why wouldn't he want to establish his own position? This is the most simple method to let [Legend] continue to rule over China.”

  I said, "How would they crown themselves king of the China Region? A civil war, or would [Legend] start a war against the other guilds in Tian Ling City?”

  ”Both are possible.”

  Lin Wan Er was continously killing beasts, her cheeks flushed red as she said, "Perhaps they are fighting for some tools. Let's continue watching. Maybe Tian Ling City will give rise to some extraordinary cities, territories, and etc. As long as such a situation may arise, [Legend] will go all out. Moreover, maybe they’ll treat us as their top competitors."

  I nodded my head, "Oh..."

  Maybe it was as what Lin Wan Er said that Fang Ge Que slowly began treating me as his top opponent. [Zhan Long] was also the strongest competitor against [Legend] in the China Region. Since Tian Ling City was opened, war continued endlessly and people could all feel that [Hero’s Mound], [Vanguard], [Prague], etc., were slightly weaker. [Thousand Burial], [The Knights Templar], and the others hadn't really stepped up to the international level. Thus, only [Zhan Long] which continued to rise and was continuing to grow stronger could compete with [Legend]. This battle would be inevitable and it was probably going to happen before the country war.

  Who cares, anyway? I patted the head of the Flying Scythe War Horse and was too lazy to think about all of this. It is best if [Legend] wants to challenge us, let's just fight!


  Not long after, the Royal Army's ten thousand men cavalry and transport unit entered the Butterfly Forest within the territory of Ba Huang City. They reached the Qian Qing Plains and then went around where the Han Feng Army was housed. The Han Feng Army was Angela's direct reports — they were extremely strong and majestic. From far away, one could hear an orderly training noise. The Royal Army didn't go closer in case they suspected something. From afar, a high mountain peak appeared in the south, the legendary Xinyun Peak, or the tallest mountain in Ba Huang City, even taller than that of Ice Ridge Mountain. However, no one had ever truly scaled up the mountain. Beneath it were traces of a camp, the place where the Zixing Army was camping. However, since they were wiped out by Demon Dragon Flame Rhinoceros, Luo Lin turned the Zixing Army into hybrid demons. Maybe they were already killed by us throughout our journey, so this camp was also in ruins. However, there were many hunters hunting in the camp to kill some rabbits or boars and picking fruits in exchange for money.   


  Han Yuan looked towards the ruins of the Zixing Army — there was still a tattered Zixing Army flag waving in the air. He couldn't help but sigh emotionally, "To think that in the past the Zixing Army ranked third as the trump card force in Ba Huang City. It could be considered one of the best throughout the Tian Ling Empire — who would’ve known that it would fall to such a state? General, will something like that happen to our Royal Army one day?”

  I don't know from where this NPC Han Yuan got his memory fragments from, but this general was really brave and courageous. Such a person was much better than those cunning and scheming people in real life. I laughed and said, "As long as I am still alive, the Royal Army will never be destroyed. Each and every one of you represent the soul of the Royal Army. Even if there is a day when I am not here, with this ember, the army will still live on!"

  Han Yuan cupped his fists and said sincerely, "Commander, you are the only soul of the Royal Army. If you are not here, then we will lose this aura. I hope that you will never abandon us!"

  I was a little emotional in my heart as I nodded my head, "Don't worry, I will not!”



  Not long after we passed through the borders of the Holy Flame Desert, we directly reached a desolate area. From afar we could see really simple structures built there, between the barbarian tribes and us was wilderness. Above the camps danced the Ba Huang City flag. It was obvious that Ba Huang City housed troops here. Looking at the situation, there shouldn't be more than 1,000 of them.

  Han Yuan carried the Royal Army flag and galloped forwards, shouting towards the guards on the fortress, "Royal Army Commander Li Xiao Yao personally leads the Royal Army over to the south to deal with matters, let us through!”

  The guard on the wall was caught off-guard, "Is it really General Li from the Royal Army?”

  Han Yuan nodded his head, "Would there be a fake?”

  "I will come down straight away!”

  A few minutes later, this guard officer appeared below the fortress and rode his horse over. He cupped his fists and smiled, "I am Liu Ren. Greetings, Royal Army Commander. Please allow me to inspect your token, and upon verification, I will naturally let you through!”

  I took out the Royal Army Commander Token from my waist. After showing it, I said, "Is that it?”

  The officer smiled, "Yes, I have already confirmed it. Sir, please don't blame me. Recently, the barbarians of the south have been disturbing the farmlands of Ba Huang City, and it’s been really annoying. And that was why the Queen sent us over to guard. Once the barbarians invade, we will face them with weapons!”

  I nodded my head, "We are going to go over. Moreover, this trip is to the barbarian tribes is to recruit them over to Tian Ling City to become troops. Go and inform Queen Angela that this is my request.”

  "Yes General, I have received the order!”

  This officer was just a commandant, at most Tier 12, and compared to me who was a Tier 4 General of the South, there was a huge difference. That was why he was really respectful and careful when he spoke. In this world where strength and power decided everything, being rude would result in one’s death. It’s okay for me since I am a player, but if I was an NPC, my actions and words would have caused me to be beheaded by the royal family of Tian Ling City several times. Take for example Emperor Rob trying to promote the four generals to reduce the power of the Royal Army. If they wanted to scheme against me, there were millions of ways for them to do so.    


  The Royal Army cavalry squeezed to pass the fortress. The transport carts behind also followed suit. Very quickly, our entire army entered the wilderness. During our half an hour journey forward, we saw many scattered and simple buildings all around us. They were really simple, most of them were caves dug into mountain bodies while some were just buildings built using wood and trees. From the outside, one could see sunlight shining through the gaps. Without needing to think, one would know that it would be drenched inside on a rainy day. In terms of living standards, there were really no similarities between barbarians and humans.

  "Careful, someone is coming! "Xiao Lie suddenly hollered and raised his shield!"

  A bunch of Royal Army Shield Cavalry charged to the front to get into formation. Numerous arrows rained down from the sides of the mountain. They all fell onto the shields of the Royal Army or onto their armor. I took a look at the arrowheads on the ground — the handiwork was really clumsy and botched. Even the wood used was curved and twisted. How would one be able to shoot accurately like that?

  In the distance, there was a bunch of barbarians holding stone axes and botched spears, roaring out frenziedly as they charged over. Although their combat strength was high, in terms of equipment... one could only call it simple. With such combat strength and tactics that could only beat the young master armies, they were just asking for death when fighting against the Royal Army!

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