Chapter 831- Fire Dragon Beast
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Zhan Long Chapter 831- Fire Dragon Beast

Chapter 831- Fire Dragon Beast


  Han Yuan pulled out an arrow from the shoulder of a Royal Army soldier and said, "Damn it. They actually dare to shoot at us. General, should we let them taste our might? Let me bring some men over to cut off a few heads!“

  I quickly stopped him, "Stop! Don't be rash. We didn't come here to fight with them. Xiao Lie, go talk to them!"

  "Yes, sir!"

  Xiao Lie was a really calm and responsible person and this helped make me feel at ease. He brought several dozen Blade Shield Unit barbarian warriors over. Who knows what he said from afar, but the barbarians suddenly stopped their attacks. Our Blade Shield Unit soldiers shouted out and the enemy instantly relaxed. Xiao Lie smiled and pointed to the transport carts behind us and said some words. The enemy didn't fully believe him. Soon, an old man walked over, using a stone dagger to stab a bag on the transport cart. White rice instantly flowed out. This barbarian old man's eyes turned wet, tears flowing down his cheeks of gratitude. This type of happiness was like how a barbarian man who hadn’t seen a woman in dozens of years suddenly saw one appear naked in front of him.

  Xiao Lie pointed at me. The old man held his stone dagger and walked over, muttering towards me. A Blade Shield Unit soldier explained to me, "Commander, he is trying to say whether or not we can give him a small bag of rice first as his granddaughter is sick and can't eat solid food. If there was some grain to make porridge then maybe she could live..."

  I nodded, "Just give it to him. However, let him gather the barbarian leaders to meet me. I want to tell them the reason why I have come as soon as possible, otherwise this would all be for nothing."

  Xiao Lie nodded and smiled, "Understood. Sir,  can it wait till we set up camp in the valley? We probably won't be able to leave this place today."



  The area after entering the valley was really wide. I wasn't worried that the barbarians would sneak attack us, and even if they did, they wouldn't be able to defeat our ten thousand strong Royal Army. They didn't have elite equipment or good training either. One could say that even if my 4000 barbarian Blade Shield Unit soldiers swept through the barbarian tribe, they wouldn't suffer that many losses.

  It was roughly nighttime when the Royal Army moved in. The last bit of light disappeared from the valley and they all raised up their fire torches. In the distance, numerous flames flickered. Finally, the barbarian tribe leaders from the tribes in the eight villages from a ten-mile radius all came over. There was a total of 14 of them. Actually, there were 14 barbarian tribes in the area — they all fought one another and it was never peaceful. This time, the Royal Army showed their strength and military resources which was enough to touch them.

  Within the central army tent, I sat on the main general spot. I ordered the lamps to be lit around, including the Dove Lamp produced by the Empire. The light flickered and shone onto the faces of the barbarians. These people were mostly old, although they were only 40 to 50 years old, they looked like they were 80. It probably had to do with their living environment.

  Looking at the 14 tribe leaders, I stood up, learning from the Empire rites to cup my fists and smiled, "I am Li Xiao Yao, the commander of the Royal Army. We come from Tian Ling Empire and I guess that the few of you know our goal for coming here."

  The Blade Shield Unit soldier translated it halfway for me before one of the leaders stood up, saying in non-standard Chinese, "General, we know why you came. We only want to know whether or not we will be attacked and killed when we head over to Tian Ling City. Were there some tribes in the past?"

  I shook my head, "Definitely not!"

  The leader said, "You humans... are really going to teach us how to farm?"

  I said, "Yes, how did you all spend your lives in the past?"

  The leader's face dimmed, "We… We followed the seeds..."

  "Follow the seeds?" I was shocked, expressing that I didn't understand.

  Xiao Lie smiled at the side and explained, "Commander, what they mean is that they don't know how to plant seeds, so they can only follow the seed dispersion. For example, there is a bunch of plants on the mountain, but afterwards the seeds will float down the mountain and grow below in autumn. As such, they can only follow it and shift downwards. Year after year, they didn't have a fixed living location. The worst event is if the seeds float into the river — then they can only search for a new place to live. Most people would starve to death because of that. Moreover, their arrow-making techniques are rough and botched, not precise at all. Even if they have tons of strength, they can't hunt too many prey. Instead, they would be bullied by them."

  I was slightly stunned, "Bullied by prey, what's that about?"

  That tribe leader's eyes were red already as he said, "My tribe has a total of fifty thousand people, and we rely on a large patch of plants to live on. Half a month ago, a bunch of fire-spitting beasts trampled over our plants, making us lose everything. Many of the warriors that we sent out were killed by these bunch..."

  As he said that, the tears of this old man flowed down as he knelt down with one knee, "Commander, if you really are a God sent by the Heavens, then please help us kill these demons. As long as you do that, then our 14 tribes are willing to move half the people over to Tian Ling City. The moment we confirm that you won't hurt us, then we will all head over to choose the youth to work for you!"

  "Demons?" I stood up and asked, "What demons?"

  The leader said, "They can spit fire and have horns that are really sharp. Many of our soldiers died to the sharp horns. Moreover, the beasts love the taste of ocher, causing us to lose the last thing that we rely on."

  Han Yuan walked in and threw a bunch of things on the table and said, "General, this is the ocher that they speak of!"

  I pulled out my Dragon Reservoir Sword and cut off a chunk. It was purple. I cut off a small peace and tasted it. It was really bitter, making me frown, "The barbarians eat this to survive?"

  "Yes, General!"

  I nodded my head, "Okay, I understand. How many people do the 14 tribes have combined?"

  "A total of 200 thousand. Can this humble general help arrange a peaceful life for us?"

  I confidently sat down and said, "Don't worry. Just 200 thousand people. The Fire Crystal Basin is enough for you all to live in. Okay, you all can go back. I will immediately plan to kill the beasts and give you all an answer!"

  "Thank you sir, you really are an angel sent by the Heavens!"

  I didn't say anything more. I sent these people a few carts of grains and the leaders all delightfully carried them back like they had never seen something so great before.

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  Walking out of the tent, I hopped onto the horse and said to the people behind me, "Han Yuan, Xiao Lie, follow me to search their ocher land to see what the legendary demon beast is living here."

  "Yes, General!"

  Soon afterwards, a thousand people were chosen. Using the moonlight to get out of the valley and traveling forward for 20 minutes, my nose could already smell the scent of ocher in the distant mountain range. There were a few specks of light huddled in the ocher field like pigs. However, they were more magnificent than pigs as flames surrounded their bodies... Earth Traveling Dragons?

  No, their four limbs weren't as twisted as dragon claws, but they really straight and there had fur on their backs. Their bodies were covered with red scale armor and a flame burned out around the armor. On its head was a blade-like horn. The moment I saw it, my heart sunk. Was this a high class mount for [Zhan Long]?

  I walked up, the blade in my hand pointing forward. I hollered as I charged over. I managed to see the levels of these beasts. Level 155 Ancient Tier... Ancient?  This was a tier higher than the Titan Tier, their strength should be comparable to Grade Six and Seven Hybrid Demons? Looking at the stats, it was around there. When I got close enough, I slashed out with my sword!


  This Fire Dragon Beast's defense really wasn't low. The moment the Dragon Reservoir Sword slashed down, 22 thousand damage rose up. It also swung its head and smacked me, dealing 3,000+ damage. After killing several of them, nothing exploded out. Han Yuan and Xiao Lie also brought the Royal Army to charge about. Dozens of people killing one Fire Dragon Beast was pretty safe.

  We soon swept the mountain. There were a few Fire Dragon Beasts that hollered and fled. They ran at a top speed that even my cavalry couldn't keep up with. Even my Flying Scythe War Horse couldn't catch up. Just leave them be. I turned around and didn't bother.


  After killing a few, I momentarily noticed the first level 1 Fire Dragon Beast. It was a little one that stood tall and gave out a low roar. I slowly walked up and read the stats of the beast. It was really strong...

  [Fire Dragon Beast] (Divine Grade Mount)

  Strength: +310
  Stamina: +305
  Agility: +300
  Magic Attack: +297
  Attack: +100%
  Defense: +150%
  Movement Speed: +400%
  Maximum HP: +20,000

  Additionally: Giant Dragon Bloodline, greatly increases the stamina regeneration and attack of the rider.

  Specialty: Beast King, suppresses target's mount by 30%

  Mount Toughness: +70%
  Mount Stamina: 200
  Stamina Recovery:  0.5/minute
  Required Level: 140


  I shuddered a little. I really couldn't believe that it was actually a BOSS Grade mount! Similar to my Flying Scythe War Horse, but the required level is 140, so the stats are much better than my Flying Scythe War Horse. This mount is good and I have to take it. Luckily, I have a dozen mount crystals to seal it.

  Taking one out, I started sealing it. After seven or eight times, I finally succeeded!


  The Fire Dragon Beast fell into my pocket. Just as I was about to delightfully sign the contract, Han Yuan hollered, "Sir, no good, look over there!"


  Turning around and looking over, a bunch of Fire Dragon Beasts were dashing over. Moreover, the one at the front looked huge, its head was like that of a Fire Dragon. My heart instantly felt cold, I felt that this could be the mount that I was looking for. However... this wasn't a level 1 mount. Let fate decide, let's kill it first!

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