Chapter 832- God Dragon Horse
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Zhan Long Chapter 832- God Dragon Horse

Chapter 832- God Dragon Horse

Those Fire Dragon Beasts that escaped probably went to tell on us, thus leading this "King" over. There were approximately 100+ of them and one BOSS. I hollered, "Form up, let me draw the attention of the big one. Take out your arrows and let's pick some off first!"

  Han Yuan, Xiao Lie, and the others didn't have much troop forming experience and naturally didn't know how to coordinate with me. They just grabbed their blades and hacked around randomly without much care about anything else.

  I was so close to the BOSS that I could touch it. Its stats appeared in my personal channel. When I saw its grade, I was shocked, it was actually Deity Tier?  There was actually a Deity Tier BOSS in such a secluded area in the south barbarian lands! Who would believe me if told them I saw that?!

  [God Dragon Emperor] (Deity Tier BOSS)

  Level: 157
  Attack: 18,000-22,400
  Defence: 17,000
  Health: 100,000,000
  Ability: ???

  Introduction: God Dragon Emperor, the legendary Fire Dragon King. When the Dragon Race faced the calamity, this Dragon King led hundreds of Fire Dragons to escape, killing tens of thousands of God Demons until they were hunted down by Sif. In the end, the God Dragon Emperor was caught by Sif and had a vicious curse cast on it, turning it into a horse to be ridden on by generation after generation of men.  


  If not for the stats that were so strong, I would have started to pity this God Dragon Emperor. However, the attack was too soul-stirring — its defense was also really terrifying. The health alone was at a full hundred million. This was not comparable to normal Deity Tier BOSSes, but it seemed like it was due its cursed state which was why it was largely weakened. That was good though — if not, how would our small thousand men handle everything?

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  I executed the [Icy Wings] skill and buffed myself with [Wall of Dou Qi] before slashing down on the BOSS’ body with my Zhen Yue Blade.


  The damage wasn't that high. The God Dragon Emperor was furious as it rose up on its four hooves — flames exploded out from the horn on its head and fired at my Violet Heaven Cape. A soul-crushing pain spread over me. This giant dragon breath-like hit directly sliced off 30 thousand health. This couldn't do. I immediately laid out an Azure Dragon Crossbow before frantically retreating, throwing the Zhen Yue Blade from afar to kill the beast.

  Han Yuan and Xiao Lie carried their weapons forward and stood together with the God Dragon Emperor. These two fellows had more health than me and they could take the hits. Dealing damage from afar was good enough for me.


  Han Yuan's long blade drew a cut of fresh blood on the butt of the God Dragon Emperor. I immediately aimed it and struck, healing myself to full before executing a [Combo] and then retreating. The Ancient God Tiger roared out, wrapping the BOSS and launching relentless attacks. Many Royal Army soldiers shot arrows and aided from the sides whilst a bunch of Shield Cavalry troops waved their shields and fought along with the Fire Dragon Beasts. The entire hill was pretty much dyed in red flames. In the distance, one could see many barbarians walking out of their caves, looking at the killing scenes on the mountains with their mouths agape.

  "Kong kong..."

  The attacks of the BOSS were just too strong. Just a few hits and Han Yuan’s chest was already bleeding. I anxiously said, "Back down, bandage yourself before coming back. This is an order!"

  Han Yuan slashed down furiously before retreating. Xiao Lie and I pincered the BOSS, maintaining the fighting style of hitting after one another. Since the Revered One's Empire battle, he had risen up to a Demon Harvest Tier BOSS.

He was just a small ways away from this Deity Tier BOSS. I didn't want him to die here as it would be a catastrophic loss to me.

  Xiao Lie used his spear to cover the body of the God Dragon Emperor in cold glimmers, stabbing and creating several spear wounds, slowly withering down the health of the God Dragon Emperor. Along with the help of the surrounding Royal Army troops, the health of the God Dragon Emperor fell to 30% really quickly!


  The roars continued. The God Dragon Emperor was furious, brushing down from the sky and summoning a fire pillar around it. The people around it, including me, were scorched. Even a dozen Royal Army troops had been burnt to death. I gritted my teeth and opened my palm, activating [Hand of Hell]. My luck was good and I successfully locked it down for a full 10 seconds!

  Han Yuan and Xiao Lie took the chance to attack frenziedly. The surrounding Royal Army troops waved their machetes and blades to chop down this monster. The God Dragon Emperor was in more and more of a haggard spot as it was unable to hold up under such damage. The scales on its body flipped on itself, magma-like fresh blood spurted out. Its pierced the ears and it was quickly on the verge of death.


  Its ultimate was here. This time, it was an even larger scale flame attack. I quickly blocked in front and ordered, "Everyone, retreat!"

  I was the commander of the army and my order was the highest decree. Han Yuan, Xiao Lie, and the others retreated while I continued to hold up beside the BOSS. I cast [Invincible Body], for 25 seconds of invincibility. I also activated the Halberd Flame to sweep it at the BOSS. I spread my palm and cast [Thundering Heavens] — lightning dragons came down to this night hill. The BOSS' cries became more and more tragic. Time after time, its horns struck my chest. The moment the [Invincible Body] effect ended, it activated my [Twin Dragon] effect. However, since the dragon was cursed and only had a hundred million HP, it couldn't sustain all the hits. By slashing it with the Zhen Yue Blade and my [Combo], the last bit of its health was taken out. After a tragic cry, this Deity Tier BOSS finally knelt down on the ground and became a decomposed corpse.    

  My heart shuddered — there was actually no glow showing that equipment had dropped. Was it conning me and there were no equipment drops?

  I walked up, kicking aside the BOSS' corpse. As expected, there wasn't a single one. The ground was just a mess of flesh and blood.

  Han Yuan galloped forward with his horse and said, "General what are you looking for? This evil dragon is just a corpse, would it leave anything for you?"

  "It is tough to say, I will take a look..."

  "Oh, okay..."

  Han Yuan flipped off the horse, searching around in the pile of flesh with his bare hands. A few seconds later, he held a round and shiny thing. He stood up and smiled, "What is it?"

  It was totally covered in fresh blood and one couldn't see anything.

  Xiao Lie walked up, taking out a water bag from his horse. In it was delicious wine from Tian Ling City. He poured it onto the round thing and instantly cleaned it. It was an egg, and after washing it with the wine, it gave off a flaming glow. Just one look and one could that it wasn't an ordinary item. I was instantly delighted. Were my dreams going to come through?!

  I took the egg from Han Yuan's hands and held it. The egg's stats appeared in front of my eyes. It was a Deity Tier Mount egg. My eyes were opened wide, what insane profits this time!

  God Dragon Horse (Deity Tier Boss Mount)

  Strength: +510
  Stamina: +508
  Agility: +505
  Spirit: +500
  Attack: +150%
  Defence: +200%
  Movement Speed: +620%
  Maximum Health: +30,000

  Specialty: Dragon Emperor Bloodline, greatly increases attack and health regeneration speed of the rider

  Specialty: Beast Emperor, suppresses 40% stats of target's mount

  Mount Toughness: +110%

  Mount Stamina: 400

  Stamina Recovery: 2/minute

  Required Level: 150


  I immediately bit my finger and signed a blood contract. In the next moment, the egg hatched and a muscular red fire war horse jumped out in front of me. It was covered in dragon scales, they were like glass and had a flame glow to them. The head of the God Dragon Horse wasn't a dragon anymore but of that of a war horse. Its body gave off light and it had the aura of a godly beast. Deity Tier Mount, it could be considered a God Beast right?

  I exchanged it for the Flying Scythe War Horse, hopping onto the back of it. My stats instantly changed like going from a Xiali to a BMW, instantly becoming tall, rich, and handsome.

  I looked at my stats once more. There was an explosive increase...

  [Xiao Yao Zi Zai] (Country Protecting Dragon Rider)

  Level: 152
  Attack: 19,510-23,575
  Defence: 12,303
  Health: 113,865
  Magic: 19,840
  Charm: 833
  CBN Battlenet Ranking: 6


  Tsk tsk, these stats were enough to bring the other mount players in Tian Ling City to tears, especially its defense and health which totally suppressed all other players. My 110 thousand health was something that even the Blood Cavalrymen didn't reach. Who would become the best in PK now? Feasible! If not, then there was no need to say any more — even if I wanted to say anything, I would lie down and speak to the opponent.

  Compared to the Flying Scythe War Horse, the defense and movement speed buff of the God Dragon Horse was so much better. I grabbed onto the reins of the horse and did a light swing. It was so quick that I nearly flew off of it. Dozens of meters were quickly covered. I was nearly unable to stop it, and cold sweat covered my body. It seems like I had to familiarise myself with the speed of this mount. Otherwise, it would be bad for PKing. However, the stamina of the God Dragon Horse was huge — it was fast too, so if I killed someone and ran away, no one would be able to catch up and face me, especially when fighting for Country Weapons. The moment I get it, no one will be able to catch up.

  On the side, Han Yuan smiled, "Congratulations, General, on your god mount!"

  I nodded my head and laughed, "Thank you all!"

  Xiao Lie said, "General, to kill these damn Fire Dragon Beasts, we suffered many losses. Should we head back to bring more over?"

  I thought about it and said, "No, let's all return. We will rest up well and naturally there will be people who will help us."


  "There is no need to ask anymore, let's go!"

  "Yes, sir!"


  While going back, I sent Lin Wan Er a message, "Wan'er, tell Li Mu, Macha, and the core members to lead the main force of [Zhan Long] over to the Holy Flame Desert outside of Ba Huang City to search for the barbarian tribes. After you enter, you will find something known as Fire Dragon Beast which will give a level 1 Divine Tier BOSS Mount Fire Dragon Horse. The specific coordinates of the tribes are at (13718, 7262). Tell them to keep it a secret and rush over using the cover of night to get as many as they can. In the future, [Zhan Long] won't just be the Steel Blade Cavalry. It will become the world of Fire Dragon Horses!"

  Lin Wan Er laughed with an excited voice, "Piggy, really?"

  "Oh, why would I lie to you? Quickly, bring people over to the coordinates. I will accompany you all to kill these fire horses throughout the night. We must be quick while the others don't know yet! [Legend] went over to the Hybrid Demon Territory to find mounts, so we have no reason to give up on such a good chance!"

  "Okay, I will go gather the men now!"

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