Chapter 833- Scouting Blood Scythe base at night
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Zhan Long Chapter 833- Scouting Blood Scythe base at night

Chapter 833- Scouting Blood Scythe base at night

After waiting for roughly an hour in the barbarian tribe lands, a bunch of [Zhan Long] Steel Blade Cavalry, Mages, and other class players appeared in my field of sight. The sky in the game still hadn't lit up. Li Mu, Wang Jian led the front of the troops. I headed over and smiled, "You all came quite quickly!"

  Wang Jian opened his eyes wide and looked weirdly at my mount, saying in shock, "Brother Xiao Yao, your new mount... Looks really cool. What are its stats? Can you share it with us?"

  I didn't bother to hide secrets and I shared the stats of the God Dragon Horse to all of them. They were all instantly stunned. A Deity Tier BOSS Mount stats placed there made for an indescribably strong presence. Moreover, I had the [Icy Wings] which allowed me to enjoy the mount stats while I was flying in the air, making things more perfect.

  I pointed at the mountain in the distance and said, "There are many Fire Dragon Beasts there. The Fire Dragon Horses are level 1 Divine Tier BOSS Mounts. Head over quickly and be careful, don't kill the level 1 mount.”

  Everyone nodded their heads. [Zhan Long] sent at least 20 thousand people over this time, splitting into many thousand men groups to train. The barbarians in the tribes were also not wary of players. Although the AI of the NPCs in the game were replicated through memories, they still understood the basic rules of the game.


  I accompanied the people to kill mobs in the game to help get myself some experience. Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue, Meng Yao, and some others formed a ten person group. I was the tank and close combat damage dealer. We slashed over and met several level 1 mounts, helping little girls like Li Meng Yao and Yue Yao Yan change into Fire Dragon Horse mounts. The Fire Dragon Horse's stats were far stronger than the Steel Blade Cavalry while the mount I gave to Li Meng Yao was just level 115 and it wasn't enough. A 145 level Fire Dragon Horse was much stronger.

  Until the dead of night, most of the [Zhan Long] members managed into change to Fire Dragon Horses. A patch of fire red cavalry on the hill looked really majestic. One can imagine during the country war, if one fought in the night, a bunch of them charging out would pretty much scare any sub-standard enemies.


  Another sword slashed over as a Fire Dragon Beast flipped onto the ground. I wiped off the sweat on my head. I was too into this, making Lin Wan Er laugh, "Piggy, let's not play through the night. We still need to go for the internship tomorrow. It is the last day and we will have school again."

  "Oh, okay." I looked at the [Zhan] Long people on the hill and said, "Then let's go offline. I will leave this to Li Mu, Qing Qian, and Mocha."


  After informing the rest of the people, I brought Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue to go offline with me.


  It was late at night and I felt a little hungry, so I went to the hall. In the end, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue were both cleaning the dining table. I could smell a fragrance. There was something to eat! Supper was egg noodles cooked by Dong Cheng Yue. I didn't expect this spoiled princess of the Dong Cheng Family to actually be able to cook and it tasted pretty decent too.

  After that, Dong Cheng Yue went back to her room. I looked over at Lin Wan Er and she looked at me. During these few days, I had been cooped up with Royal Army matters and didn't have time to spend with her, so I felt really guilty. I held onto her hands and walked into her room. The moment I closed the door, she opened her arms and jumped into my embrace. She grumbled, "Piggy, you haven't spent time with me in forever!"

  I was a little awkward as I lifted her up and kissed her red lips. It lasted for a long time until her lips turned red and she started tickling me that I let her go. This little miss was so extremely embarrassed.

The twin peaks in front of her chest rose up and down. Looking at me look at her, her cheeks got even redder as she said, "Okay, cousin is at home too. Go back to sleep and don't think about nonsense..."

  I hugged her and said, "Okay, I will go now."


  Lin Wan Er sent me out and the moment I walked into my room, my phone rang. It was a call from Shen Bing. Her unique charming voice spread over, "Tsk tsk, picking up the call so late. Say, is the girl sleeping beside you Lin Wan Er?"

  I was speechless, "What is Sister Shen Bing thinking about every day? Okay, let's talk about proper matters. It is impossible for you to call me without a reason."

  Shen Bing laughed and said seriously, "Okay let's talk about work matters. 10 minutes ago, I captured the signal of someone deciphering the Oracle system and have locked onto the coordinates. It is in the Sheng Lin Media building. I also got a phone call from Tian Jin Corporation's weapon manufacturing division and they too noticed the signal. Although it was just for a moment, there were indeed people trying to break into the Oracle defense mechanism. The moment they do, Oracle, which is worth hundreds of billions, will no longer belong to China anymore."

  I was shocked, "Sister Shen Bing, you want me to sneak in to see if there is anything within Sheng Lin Media?"

  Shen Bing said, "Yeah, Captain Wang thinks the same way too. Go take a look since it is nighttime? Sheng Lin Media must have some corners that you don't know about right?"

  "Yes, it’s on the 12th floor. But a low-ranking employee like me doesn't have the rights to enter the 12th floor."

  "Hehe, that is simple. Currently, there shouldn't be any random people in the company so you can head over at night lightly equipped. This is the compulsory mission that Captain Wang gave you."

  I sighed, "Life is so tough. My salary is not even over ten thousand and I actually have to risk my life late at night. What is the point..."

  Shen Bing laughed and scolded, "Dumb brat, go quickly. Be careful!"



  I walked to the window, opened my secret stash, and took out a black uniform. I placed my pistol into the holster by my leg. Xiao Hei was too large so there was no need to bring it. I just brought the Electric Arc Sword and placed it by my chest. The cold wind from outside struck me and I instantly felt a chill. I jumped down from the second floor, using my energy to land softly, landing almost silently. Stepping onto the grass into the distance, I made no sound whatsoever. This made me a little cheerful. My skills were getting more and more refined!

  I took a taxi straight to Sheng Lin Media. I stopped by the streets and looked around. I didn't enter through the front door since were cameras, but I stuck close to the walls from the side. I ran quietly to the main building. It wasn't practical to head up through the elevator or stairs as it would be left on video. I also didn't want to alert them in advance. As such, I grabbed the drainage pipes fitted to the side of the building, energy accumulating through my arms. There were energy wings beside my body which greatly reduced my weight. If Tang Qi saw that, he would definitely be in awe.

  I climbed all the way up to the 12th floor. The window was locked from within. I took in a deep breath, taking out the Electric Arc Sword and carefully slashing it on the corner of the glass. There was a light crack and a thin line appeared. Then, I closed my eyes and propelled a thread of energy currents into the window. This was similar to the technique that Tang Qi used to perform the controlling of the copper coin. They were little tricks that belonged to cultivators like us. In the blink of an eye, the window handle spun and the window opened, allowing me to jump in carefully.

  I raised my head and looked around. There were a total of three cameras here, but one could use the blind sides to get over. When I stuck myself onto the ceiling and climbed across, I fell right outside the 12th floor Engineering unit's door. There was a button on it which I pressed, "Activated, give me the password!”

  Shen Bing's voice came from the micro earpiece in my ear, "Give me 10 seconds. This is a password that changes every thirty seconds!"


  A few seconds later, Shen Bing said, "34772112, you need to be careful!"

  I swiftly typed in the password and with a "kacha" sound, the electrical door opened. Shen Bing was really skilled in this aspect. The Sheng Lin Media people were trying to break into Oracle, but they didn't know that Shen Bing had hacked their system.

  I slowly pushed it open, trying not to make any sound. I carefully swept through the large hall where rows of computers were placed. They all contained the details of actors and actresses who came over to do auditions. There were even cameras here which showed that this was not where they were trying to break into Oracle.

  I could hear Shen Bing's voice in my ear, "How is it? Did you see it? Don't act yet. You are alone and you didn't bring any heavy weapons!"

  Shen Bing was worried that I might’ve met Artificials. If Blood Scythe was really using Sheng Lin Media as an outer shell to break into Oracle, there would most likely be Artificials stationed here. I didn't make a sound, avoiding the camera while slowly inching toward the end of the room. I noticed that there was an office with the General Manager sign on it.

  I couldn't help but frown and suppressed my voice, "This place is the Engineering Section and there are no suspicious computers. However, at the end, there is an office, a GM office, above..."

  I rose up and looked at the lock. My heart shuddered, "It has a retina scanner and a password entry lock. My retina will definitely not match!"

  "F***, so problematic!" Shen Bing was furious and actually cursed.

  At this moment, footsteps came from outside. I swiftly took a few steps back and hid behind a wall, only to see a short-haired young man walk out with a cup of noodles, grumbling, "Motherf***ker! I can't even eat anything for a full night. What is General Manager Sun thinking?!"

  I looked on carefully at the opened door. When it closed, numerous rays of red light scanned the walkway. The security system here was just too brutal!

  Shen Bing said softly in my ear, "Okay, we’ve basically locked down the location of their secret technology base. Just get out of there, don't leave any traces. I will send someone to deal with them."

  I nodded my head and didn't speak before I turned around and headed out. I closed the window and used the same method to climb down. I didn't make a sound and left like nothing had ever happened.


  Standing at the side of the road, I took off my mask and took in a deep breath. Blood Scythe was truly a bunch of despicable people, was there really nothing that Wei Fan didn't dare to do?

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