Chapter 834- Where is Dong Cheng Yue
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Zhan Long Chapter 834- Where is Dong Cheng Yue

Chapter 834- Where is Dong Cheng Yue

I woke up on time early in the morning to drive the A4 and bring the two little girls over to the internship office. The new year was over and Sheng Lin Media started to run as per normal. There weren't many things to do in the morning, so I just slacked around the office to send the supplies that each department needed. At noon, Dong Cheng Lei actually drove a Phantom over to the company to deliver lunch to Dong Cheng Yue which resulted in all the girls at the company looking on in jealousy and envy. They all felt that Dong Cheng Yue was so blessed to have such a rich and handsome boyfriend. When they found out that he was her brother, they felt even more envious — it was the dream of all girls to have such a brother. Lin Wan Er and I were able to benefit from it too. The food that Dong Cheng Lei sent over was cooked by the famous chefs of Hangzhou. Thinking about it, although Dong Cheng Lei was a little dumb, he really treated his sister well.


  In the afternoon when I sent a bunch of documents over to people, I noticed that Dong Cheng Yue was talking to a bald-headed old man at the door to the office. The moment she saw me, she walked up, pulled my arm, and smiled, "Xiao Yao, let me introduce you. This is Sun Hong, the General Manager of the Engineering Department and he is also an important partner of the company. Apart from that, Uncle Sun is a good friend of my father’s — it is said that he also celebrated my one-month-old ceremony..."

  I couldn't help but laugh before I walked up and said, "Greetings General Manager Sun!"

  Sun Hong smiled and nodded, "You are the Brother Xiao Yao that Xiao Yue mentioned. You look really handsome! I didn't think that you two would actually come as interns here together. It’s an honor to meet you!"

  I said in a really well-trained manner, "Oh, I will leave both of you to talk, I am heading back to work."


  Pushing the little cart in the corridor, I felt a little uncomfortable. This Sun Hong was the GM of the 12th floor? So this man definitely had something to do with the secret technologies base behind the GM office. What was his connection to the Blood Scythe? Should I inform Dong Cheng Yue to be careful? As expected, this matter was becoming a little problematic...

  No, I need to protect Dong Cheng Yue well.

  "Li Xiao Yao!"

  In the distance, a department head stuck his head out, "Have our documents arrived yet? Quickly send them over!"

  I swiftly nodded my head, "Okay, coming right away!"

  When I handed the documents over, I anxiously turned around and entered the human resources department. However, when I didn't see any traces of her, my heart turned cold. I asked a worker, "Where is Dong Cheng Yue?"

  That girl blinked her eyes, "Her? Oh… Dong Cheng Yue and the 12th floor GM Sun just left. They said they went to drink tea!"

  I panicked a little, quickly taking out my phone to call her, but I couldn't get through.

  Unable to reach her?

  I suddenly thought about something. The 12th floor Blood Scythe Base had the equipment to cut off phone signals. I pushed the cart to the side and immediately headed up.


  When I pushed open the door, a security guard saw me and said, "Li Xiao Yao, the 12th floor is the engineering department. You have no authorization to enter, quickly get out!"

  I asked, "Did Dong Cheng Yue come up?"

  "Yes, she just went in."

  "Can you help me call her?"


  The security guard smiled and looked at me, "This kid… You have fallen for her right?"

  I was filled with disgust, "Quickly help me call her, thank you..."


  Seeing that my expression wasn't right, he rushed over. A while later, he opened his arms and smiled, "Dong Cheng Yue isn't on the 12th floor, she already went down."

  "Went down?" I was lost, "There is only one elevator here so where did she go down from?"

  "I don't know. Anyways, that is what the engineering department people told me."

  I was instantly in a state of panic and had a really bad feeling. I stepped forward, but the security guard stopped me. I pushed him heavily against the wall and he hollered into his comms, "Quickly come up, this bastard Li Xiao Yao is crazy!"

  I ran really fast, charging right into the GM office after pushing the door open. I saw a few muscular males walk out from within, and one of them smiled, "Oh, what is going on?"

  I didn't say anything and kneed him right away. My fist sweeping over with qi wrapped around it, causing all of them to fall to the ground instantly. None of them were Artificials. Moreover, Artificials didn't move during the day and definitely wouldn't act in places with large crowds.

  I charged into the office and expected the rows of computers analyzing diagrams that I had no idea of. However, looking at the progress, it had to be Oracle. But where was Dong Cheng Yue?

  "Li Xiao Yao?!"

  In the direction of the GM’s desk, Sun Hong walked over and hollered, "What are you doing here?"

  I laughed coldly, "Where is Dong Cheng Yue? Don't tell me you don't know where she is?"

  Sun Hong grinned, "I really don't know where she went. After drinking tea with her, she went down Elevator C. Didn't you see her?"

  Elevator C?

  I suddenly realized that there was still an elevator behind the GM office. I swept around and noticed that no one could be hidden here. Apart from the computer, there was just a toilet. I charged up to the door and kicked it open. There wasn't anyone in there and at the end of the corridor, there was an elevator — the legendary Elevator C. Only God knows where Dong Cheng Yue was sent to from an elevator that even I as a worker didn't know existed.

  Glancing at his confident look, I knew that I wouldn't be able to get anything out of him. I immediately headed down to search for Lin Wan Er. Something might have happened to Dong Cheng Yue, so I had to ensure that Lin Wan Er was safe.

  As I stepped out of the elevator to start searching for Lin Wan Er, she came running towards me with a panicked face. It seems like she was also searching for me. She yelled, “Don’t tell me something has happened to Dong Cheng!”

  My face turned cold, "Something happened. How did you know?!"

  Lin Wan Er took out her phone and said, "A few minutes earlier, Dong Cheng sent me a message from her phone but it was all gibberish. I called her phone too, but it sounded like it was cut off. This document is around 10 MB, I don't know what it is. What exactly happened?"

  I felt a pang in my heart and said, "Dong Cheng might have touched a computer she shouldn't have touched and something happened."

  I immediately took out my phone and dialed for Wang Xin. A few rings later, it connected and he asked, "What’s up, Li Xiao Yao?"

  My mind was in chaos as I said, "Dong Cheng Yue went to the 12th floor and seemed to have touched Sun Hong's computer. She must have noticed the documents for Oracle which was why something happened and she sent some of these to Lin Wan Er. Captain Wang, quickly lock down all traffic around Sheng Lin Media, we have to find her. Send someone over, and send everyone from base!"

  Wang Xin could sense that I had totally lost it and said, "You… Calm down, I will send people to lock it down. Quickly send the documents Dong Cheng Yue sent to Shen Bing."


  After hanging up the phone, I used Lin Wan Er's phone to send the documents over to Shen Bing. I rushed down and saw two people from base come to protect Lin Wan Er. I headed out, dashing out onto the streets, looking for suspicious vehicles. However, there were tons of cars. How was I going to find her?

  Time after time I tried to call her phone, but to no avail. This time I really lost my bearings and my cool.

  Soon, many cars from the Guardian Base arrived. A large number of armed warriors went up and down under Wang Xin’s leadership. The West Lake police also locked down traffic to search all the vehicles. 15 minutes had passed and I knew that it was too late. Now wasn't the peak traffic period so the vehicle carrying her was probably gone.

  I once again returned back to the company on the 12th floor. I wore my police badge. Sun Hong laughed coldly at me, "Li Xiao Yao... you are a cop?"

  I nodded, "Where is Dong Cheng Yue?"

  Sun Hong laughed, "I don't know, maybe she went home?"

  Wang Xin scoffed coldly, "Sun Hong, I hope you can be a little more cooperative."

  Sun Hong laughed by himself, "Cooperate with what? I don't know anything. Captain Wang, we have known each other for so many years. Be careful. Sheng Lin Media might sue you for treating me like this!"

  Wang Xin was impatient, "Sue if you want. Don't think that I can't do anything to you just because you destroyed the document. The Blood Scythe and you will be taken down one by one!"

  A while later, Shen Bing walked over and said, "The documents are locked, but I’ve decoded it. There are all sorts of system codes for deciphering the Oracle and it is already 74% complete. "

  As she said that, she walked in front of Sun Hong and smiled, "You really think you can just destroy the document? With just this 10 MB document, I can also restore the original one. Just you watch and wait. You’ll be spending the rest of your life in jail!”

  Sun Hong couldn't sit still anymore, the corner of his lips twitching, "Unless you all don't want Dong Cheng Yue, just wait and see. They will have the ability to get me out."

  I punched him in the stomach right away, making him cry out in pain. I looked at him coldly and said, "If you dare harm a single strand of her hair I will make you regret ever being born!"


  Up and down, we pretty much turned the entire building over but were still unable to find her. It could already be confirmed that she had been shifted out.

  Dong Cheng Feng and Dong Cheng Lei appeared at the scene, and not long later Lin Tian Nan and Lin Feng also came. They were relaxed when they saw that Lin Wan Er was fine; however, Dong Cheng Feng's eyes were red. He loved his daughter so much and now that something happened to her, he was definitely anxious.

  It was 8 at night when some news finally appeared on Lin Wan Er's phone. It came from Dong Cheng Yue's number and the message was, "If you want Dong Cheng Yue, then bring the document she sent you to Blue Water Street at 11. Naturally, the people there will hand Dong Cheng Yue to you. Don't bring the cops. Otherwise, you will only get a portion of this pretty lady. Moreover, if you bring the cops, you will just be sending them to their deaths!"


  Looking at the message on the phone, Dong Cheng Feng gave out a tragic cry and nearly fainted to the ground.

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