Chapter 835- Golden shield, smelted by hot blood
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Zhan Long Chapter 835- Golden shield, smelted by hot blood

Chapter 835- Golden shield, smelted by hot blood

At the Guardian Base commanding headquarters, there were numerous computers running. Shen Bing sat behind one of them and looked at the data on it. Her eyes didn't even blink and she said, "We have locked onto the phone signal. It is near Number 7 Blue Water Street. Although it is off, we can still trace bits of the signal!"

  Wang Xin clenched his fists, "F**k his mother, as expected, it is really at Blue Water Street..."

  Dong Cheng Feng anxiously said, "Then why aren't you all sending people over? What are the police doing?"

  Wang Xin gritted his teeth and said, "Do you think that I don't want to strike out immediately? But… Why is the Blood Scythe so confident and fearless? Besides, they’ve got a large number of Artificials and they also have a really strong expert!"

  Dong Cheng Lei punched the wall, actually making a huge hole. His eyes were red as he said, "Who cares about what expert, Yue'er is in their hands. If the police want to wait till 11, then go ahead, I can't wait anymore. Every moment we wait will put her in more danger!"  

  I rushed up and grabbed his arm, "Ah Lei, don't panic!"

  This time, Dong Cheng Lei's natural response was to turn around and punch again. Peng! I was forced to stumble back. His eyes were blood red and filled with deep disappointment, "Brother Xiao Yao, I thought that you loved Yue'er like me and would go all out for her safety. I was wrong. You care about your own life more!"

  My entire body shuddered. I clenched my fist and stood there, standing straight while looking at him.

  Wang Xin said something very directly, "Li Xiao Yao, don't be rash. This is an order. We can only move after 10. Blue Water Street is an entertainment and commerce street and you need to give the police time to clear out the place."

  I looked towards Wang Xing and said, "How about this — let me bring a unit of Guardians to enter from the underground passage of the north street to catch them off guard."

  "Shut up!"

  Wang Xin raged, "Your job is to follow orders and not act alone!"

  My nose felt sour as I said furiously, "Yes. The lives of others are important, but what about Dong Cheng Yue? What about her? Did you think about what the Blood Scythe might do to her?"

  Wang Xin shuddered; he was unable to say anything in response. The Bureau Chief at the side wearing a high ranked police uniform looked at me and said, "Li Xiao Yao, calm down. It isn't time to be a hero. You are a police officer and a member of the Special Forces. You should know how to think about the bigger picture. Helicopters from Hangzhou, army jets, and armored vehicles are all rushing over. We must give them some time. You also know that a normal cop can't handle the Blood Scythe, right? You can't make us level out and enter Blue Water Street just for Dong Cheng Yue to kill thousands of people, right?"

  I had nothing to retort as I rested on the wall behind me, holding onto the handle of Xiao Hei. I slowly pulled out the black sword, my eyes feeling bitter and sour as I said, "Captain Wang Xing, do you remember the oath? With the flag above, my actions and words will not dirty the golden badge. For the so-called bigger picture to sacrifice Dong Cheng, isn't that dirtying the badge that I wear on my chest? You tell me, small me, big me, aren’t they both me? Dong Cheng Yue is also a person. So who has the rights to sacrifice her?"

  Wang Xin felt really bad as he punched the table at the side, his eyes dyed red. He raised his head and looked at me, "What do you want me to do? What do you want me to do? To be as rash as you to go on a killing spree at Blue Water Street to let all of China see hundreds of Hangzhou policemen getting killed by the Blood Scythe?"

  I shook my head and looked at him in despair, I pulled off the police badge and placed it on the table, holding onto Xiao Hei, "What I do today has nothing to do with the police."

  "Hold it!"

  The Bureau Chief stopped me and gave the order, "Men, lock up Li Xiao Yao. Today, he is not to leave the base before 11, if not... Kill him on the spot!"

  "..." I was speechless.


  That General Lie raised the pistol in his hand and pointed it at me.

  I looked at him and muttered, "Little Lie, you want to start?"

  Xing Lie's expression was really ugly, tears rolling within as he said with a trembling voice, "Boss, don't… Don't put me in a difficult spot, I don't want to lose you. Just follow orders this once... From today on, the brothers will hand our lives over to you..."

  On the side, Shen Bing stood up, pressing down on my shoulder, "Li Xiao Yao, don't act alone!"

  Nearby, Lin Tian Nan brought Lin Wan Er in and she walked over. Lin Wan Er looked at those policemen pointing their guns at me and she rushed in. She pushed away Xing Lie, standing in front of me while shouting, "What do you all want to do?"

  I said, "Wan'er, it is okay, it is okay..."


  Dong Cheng Feng's murky eyes were filled with rage, "If the police aren’t going, then I will go. I am just a bunch of old bones. If I die, then so be it!"

  Wang Xin anxiously said, "Dong Cheng Feng, why are you so rash too?"

  Dong Cheng Feng turned around, his eyes blood red, "That is because the one being held hostage isn't your daughter. You all aren't fathers of a daughter so you ask me why I’m acting like this? You all are dragging on and wasting so much time. Do you all befit your uniforms?"

  Wang Xin had no words, "..."

  In the end, the Bureau Chief said, "We are clearing out the field at the fastest possible speed. There aren't many people at Blue Water Street and a number of policemen and troops are entering the city. Please give us some more time. Just one more hour."

  Everyone kept silent and no one spoke.

  Xing Lie and the other policemen were still pointing their pistols at me. In the end, they cuffed me. No matter how much Lin Wan Er begged, it was useless. Lin Tian Nan was silent on the side; his expression was really ugly.


  Shen Bing walked up and said, "Xing Lie, don't look at Li Xiao Yao like that. There is no need to. Li Xiao Yao, follow me. I will take you to see all the cameras on Blue Water Street."

  I followed over. A large monitor divided into dozens of small ones displayed various public spots. As expected, the usually busy Blue Water Street was now really empty. Many cops had gathered around and the area was cordoned off. The cameras near Number 7 had already been removed by Blood Scythe and one could see from afar that it was a castle-like structure. It was a clubhouse. I remembered that a person stayed there, a nightmare-like person in my head named Ouyang Chuan, a person of Yang Yan level strength.

  I slowly rested on the chair, rubbing my dry eyes. My heart was filled with worry and unease. What could I do now? Could I only pray for Dong Cheng Yue to be safe?

  Suddenly, Wang Xin's voice spread out from outside. He rushed in and said, "Where is Dong Cheng Lei?"

  Shen Bing shook her head, "I don't know. No one was taking care of him."

  Wang Xin was stunned, his fists clenched tight, "Damn it. That dumb kid wouldn't really head in right?"

  Xing Lie quickly walked over, "Captain Wang, Dong Cheng Lei's car is missing. Someone said that they saw him driving toward Blue Water Street!"

  I anxiously stood up and said loudly, "Aren't you going to send someone to bring him back? Inform the cops at Blue Water Street to stop him and don't let him pass the cordoned line!"

  Wang Xin nodded his head, "Understood, I will do so immediately!"

  I clenched Xiao Hei on my side — my heart suddenly felt painful.


  Time passed on bit by bit, who knows when the snow started falling on the outside. More and more snowflakes rained down. It was the first snow since the new year, a late snow. I walked out of the room and stood on the balcony. Raising my head and looking at the sky, I allowed the snow to land on my face. Threads of chilly intent froze my heart. If this world had any fairness, why did people like Ouyang Chuan and Wei Fan roam the earth freely? If there really was a god, why would Dong Cheng Yue face such danger?

  I didn't dare to think what Dong Cheng Yue was going through and I didn’t want to think about it either. If Dong Cheng Yue is hurt, I will blame myself for the rest of my life and never forgive myself.

  A guardian unit member held his pistol up as he looked at me, "Boss, go in..."

  I couldn't help but laugh bitterly. Wang Xin was still sending people to keep a lookout on me?


  The sky was already dark and night fell. It was totally silent all around and only the sound of snow landing could be heard.

  Who knows how long passed when there was a voice from the outside. My heart felt a needle-like pain as I charged out and asked, "What happened? What happened?"

  Shen Bing's face turned ashen white and she trembled, "Dong Cheng Lei died!"

  "Ah Lei..."

  My mind suddenly felt lost, "Ah Lei, how..."

  I charged out the door; it was still raining outside but a police car was shining eye-piercing sirens. A group of people crowded over and Dong Cheng Feng's cries rang out.

  I lost my footing and fell to the ground. I picked myself up in a haggard manner, not bothering to wipe the dirt on my shoulder. I stumbled over and split up the crowd. I saw a body lying on the stretcher wearing Dong Cheng Lei's clothes. Even I could see that tattoo on his wrist, which was a wolf. It was something he did himself. It was really ugly but still unique.

  Many cold arrows were stuck in his body. They were the modern titanium alloy metals from modern crossbows.

  Dong Cheng Feng had fainted. Although Dong Cheng Lei was his adopted son, he had long treated him as a real son. One could imagine the pain in his heart.

  "Xiao Yao..." Shen Bing looked at me, her eyes filled with worry as if she was afraid I would do something stupid.

  I knelt beside his corpse but was unable to see his face. His head had already been sliced off — only this headless body with numerous arrows had come back. How lawless was Blood Scythe?


  Wang Xin was behind me, "Li Xiao Yao, you... you don't...."

  I acted like I didn't hear him as I grabbed an arrow and pulled it out. There was actually a thread of black blood on it — the arrow was actually poisonous. Each arrow pulled out was like a knife stabbing my heart. When I pulled out all the arrows from his chest, tears nearly swarmed out.

  I knelt beside his body, raising my head and crying out, my hoarse voice filled with unspeakable grief.

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