Chapter 836- This is the real me
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Zhan Long Chapter 836- This is the real me

Chapter 836- This is the real me

My entire body seemed to be frozen in ice. At that moment, even my heart was ice cold. I suddenly stood up, pulling out the sword behind my back, "Is anyone still going to try to stop me?"

  Wang Xin felt pain in his heart, "You... Do you want to die too?"

  Shen Bing said, "27 of us went in and only 5 came out alive... Wait for another half an hour. SU-35 will carry light target missiles to lock onto Number 7 and directly kill Ouyang Chuan..."

  I hollered, "Then what about Dong Cheng Yue?! Are we going to abandon her too?"

  It was already close to 11. I reached out my hand and said, "Sister Shen Bing, give me the Blood Scythe's Oracle document. I will trade it with them for Dong Cheng."

  Shen Bing's body shuddered, "You..."

  Wang Xin said, "Li Xiao Yao, don't be rash!"

  I shook my head expressionlessly, "No, let me complete this mission. Keke, I will end Ouyang Chuan..."

  Lin Wan Er at the side seemed to have seen through my thoughts. Her shoulders trembled and tears flowed out, "You... You don't want me anymore? You... You can't abandon me..."

  I turned around and didn't look at her. I was afraid that if I turned around, I would lose all courage and only think about staying by her side.

  I didn't bother about any document — I drew my sword and charged over. Opening the door of a police car, I said flatly to the officer inside, "Get out, let me use this car."

  The police officer stepped down in a stunned manner. When I ignited the engine, Wang Xin hollered from behind, "Guardian Unit prepare to move, at most we will all die. F***, this bunch of animals..."


  I switched on the police car sirens, speeding on the roads at night. There seemed to be a thousand kilogram rock on my heart as tears continuously flowed down. Ah Lei was killed and these bastards sliced off his head to hang it on the roof of Number 7 Blue Water Street!

  When the car rushed over to Blue Water Street, a bunch of armed policemen were there. The siren noises were relentless and many ambulances headed over. There was already a clash; I even saw many claw wounds and marks on shoulders and chests. Those were done by the Artificials. Blood Scythe finally clashed publicly with the police for an Oracle document!

  After parking the vehicle, I walked into the crowd wearing a special forces uniform while carrying Xiao Hei. A bunch of policemen saw my badge and nodded their heads, "Brother, you are from the Guardian Base?"

  I looked forward only to see that the streets were already locked down. There weren't any civilians, just dozens of policemen hiding behind defense shields. There were people who were continuously bleeding. On the streets, there were auras hiding in buildings on both sides. It was the violent aura of the Artificials.

  Carrying Xiao Hei, I slowly crossed the cordoned line. My voice wasn't loud or soft as I said, "Orders from the Guardian Base: all of you defend here and don't act recklessly."

  "You?" A sergeant saw me but I didn't know what he said as I had already stepped out.


  My right hand rose up and I grabbed a small USB. Lin Wan Er had given this to me. I shouted into the distance, "The document is in my hands, come get it if you have the balls!"

  As I said that, I held my blade low, dashing out. In a blink of an eye, I disappeared from the policemen’s line of sight.


  A gunshot resounded. I instinctively stepped to the side. A bullet went by my face and landed on the ground, shattering the stone floor into pieces. That was an explosive breaking bullet.

  A series of beast-like roars rang out from the sides of the streets.

A few Artificials appeared under the night sky. In the next moment, they dashed over. One of them actually had long golden fur on his neck like that of a lion. His palm had grown out several sharp bones as he swiped at me.

  My body sunk a little as I injected qi into the blade. I slashed with the long sword. “Kacha!” I sliced off his palm and also split his body into two at the same time. Hot, fresh blood scattered on the snow-white ground like a blood-colored plum flower.

  Not bothering about the trembling and struggling corpse, I pulled out the pistol by my leg and fired three consecutive swords. Instantly, three snipers by the window cried out and fell. In terms of shooting, the Blood Scythe shooters were far weaker.

  In front, the beast roars gathered together. There were hundreds of Artificials who charged over. Some of them held crossbows. That's right, these were the ones that killed Dong Cheng Lei!

  My heart felt pain once more. I rose up with all of my strength, and the energy in my body seemed like it was endless as I was able to gather the strength continuously. Xiao Hei shuddered, a visible layer of qi was wrapped around the sword. I charged out, using the Penetration Strike of the Song Feng Sword Style, dashing out 70 to 80 meters. The Artificials on the sides had their bodies sliced at a speed that the naked eye couldn't grasp, and fresh blood splattered on the road.


  An intense pain spread from my arm. There were too many Artificials and their attacks were also really messy. The only thing I could do was reduce the injuries I suffered to the lowest.

  My right hand suddenly exerted strength, sending a single slice into the crowd. Several Artificials had their stomachs ruptured and they laid on the ground, convulsing. At the same time, I pulled out a military blade with my left hand, injecting energy into it and the sharp energy currents surged. I sliced off a C-Grade Artificial's head. Xiao Hei danced randomly, both my arms flew up and my body dodged a bullet. I kicked out with my leather shoe and directly flipped an Artificial. The moment he fell down, I used Xiao Hei to slash his shoulder and head off.

  All of a sudden, my uniform was dyed red. More and more Artificials charged over. Blood Scythe raised over 100 people and this time all of them came out?



  A gunshot rang out and I was hit in the shoulder. The fiery and hot pain filled me as I turned around quickly. I picked up a crossbow on the ground and shot the sniper’s eyes. At the same time, I was sliced on the legs. The Artificials used knives made of titanium alloy, so my Royal Air Level protective qi couldn't block it.

  Fresh blood continuously flowed out. However, I seemed to not know what exhaustion was as I continued to tangle with the group of people, turning one Artificial after another into corpses. It was like I couldn't feel any pain at all — what was painful was the gate of Blue Water Street Number 7 where Dong Cheng Lei's head was hanging. What was painful was that I didn't know what was going on with Dong Cheng Yue.

  "Kong kong..."

  More and more Artificials were being killed and only ten of them remained. Within the group, You Yi appeared with a vicious look on his face. Just now, he was the one who struck me on the shoulder. At this moment, he licked the blood on his fingers and smiled, "Li Xiao Yao, your blood tastes good. However, what I look forward to is eating your meat!"

  "Come and eat it then!"

  My body exploded forward and I hollered, "Do you have the appetite?!"

  This time I went all out. You Yi panicked, shouting in rage as he reached out with his right hand to strike my left shoulder!


  Fresh blood spurted out. His palm directly passed through my shoulder. An intense pain caused the world in front of me to flip. Xiao Hei also sliced his throat, piercing through the scales. His defenses were totally useless under my attacks and after he was pierced in the throat, he was pinned onto the wall of the shop on the side. I twisted my arm and ripped off his entire head. This person then disappeared from the world.

  With a wave of the army blade along with Xiao Hei, I slashed down a few consecutive times and the last group of Artificials fell to the ground. The remaining ones were those who were heavily injured and were just howling in pain on the ground.

  I was in a bad state too. The area above my chest was pierced through and my throat was injured. Breathing became more and more difficult and blood continued to flow.


I was shot in the left leg. I also tossed the army blade over. With a thwack, the sniper was stabbed in the throat before he could even cry out.

  Raising my head and looking at the door of Blue Water Street Number 7, Dong Cheng Lei's head was hanging there.

  I stumbled forward, taking arduous steps, dragging a trail of blood behind me. It was all my blood. I was even losing sight of the area in front of me and found it difficult to breathe. My energy became chaotic.


  When I raised my head once more, I saw a person float to the ground. His shoulder had a dense flame on it. It was... Ouyang Chuan. Did that thing finally decide to appear?

  Looking at my haggard state, his brow furrowed and said, "Li Xiao Yao, although I wanted to kill you long ago... Looking at you now, I really don't bear to do so. How about this? As long as you don't become enemies with the Blood Scythe and hand the Oracle document over to me, I will let you live. In the future, I won't kill you anymore. Moreover, we can also cultivate and spar together. Isn't that a fantastic idea?"

  I stuck my blade into the ground to keep my balance, raising my head and looked towards him as I laughed, "I won't trade with a bastard. Give up!"

  "You are asking to die!"

  Ouyang Chuan was furious as he stepped forward; fireballs appeared in his palms. I was unable to defend in time, hurriedly raising my Xiao Hei. With a "Peng!" the flame exploded on my chest. The temperature of the Yang Flames was far stronger than that of normal flames. Xiao Hei was instantly scorched black. There were even some changes to it. Fortunately, although it scorched my chest, it helped stop the bleeding. However, this intense pain wasn't something normal people could bear. I retreated several steps as my knees went soft and I knelt on the ground. I swiftly stabbed Xiao Hei into the ground, panting with deep breaths. My mind went blank. I was badly injured.

  Ouyang Chuan laughed coldly, "Li Xiao Yao, you really are stubborn. What are you doing this for?"

  I couldn't help but laugh like a maniac, "If I say that it is for righteousness and for the weak, will you believe me?"

  "F*** your mother righteousness!"

  Ouyang Chuan hollered out in rage, his body pretty much charged in front of me instantly. He kicked out and instantly a cracking sound came from my left shoulder. It was dislocated. The instant that happened, my right hand chopped Ouyang Chuan's armpit with Xiao Hei. There was the clanging sound of metal and rocks clashing. A Yang Yan shield armor formed under his armpit, blocking Xiao Hei's attacks. However, his clothes were already in tatters and fresh blood was seeping out.

  I had an idea. My strength had reached the peak of the Royal Air Realm and was not far away from Yang Yan Realm. Ouyang Chuan's body-protecting energy was unable to fully block my attacks.

  After taking a hit, he took several steps back. A vicious smile appeared at the corner of his lips, "You are definitely going to die here today Li Xiao Yao."


  I fell to the ground. My body was covered in snowflakes and fresh blood. I struggled to climb up in a haggard manner. My right arm was holding onto my left, and my left was pressing onto the ground. I twisted it and the position of my body shifted back. A heart drilling pain spread through me.

  I slowly stood up, and my body shook uncontrollably.

  The smile on his face got even thicker. He suddenly came forward and kicked twice. I could only rely on Xiao Hei to block it. The blade was mostly twisted already and had nearly turned into a C-shape. Xiao Hei's original toughness was extremely strong, but each strike from Ouyang Chuan brought with it the temperature of Yang Yan. It was already really fortunate that Xiao Hei hadn't melted yet.


  Using a kick, I stepped down on the acupoint on his leg, drilling the energy in. He instantly couldn't stand still and barely regained his balance. The killing intent in his eyes grew even thicker as he smashed another giant flaming palm onto my chest. Under that heavy strike, I nearly flew out. Xiao Hei also flew out from my grasp.

  The joints in my body felt like they were all going to be broken. My eyes became a little blurry and I was even unable to see Ouyang Chuan at all.

  My heart fell into total despair. Did I lose all my chances?

  I knelt on the ground, my hands touching the snow-white ground before finally reaching the sword handle of Xiao Hei. I grabbed it, relying on it to barely stand still. I raised my head up and looked at Dong Cheng Lei's head. Tears suddenly flowed out. I muttered, "Dong Cheng, I might not be able to save you… Ah Lei, Brother Xiao Yao will bring you home..."

  Step by step, I walked forward while dragging blood on the ground. I knew I couldn't kill Ouyang Chuan. My field of vision was too blurry and I couldn't even see his movements. My injuries were too heavy and my actions weren’t comparable to his at all. Ouyang Chuan definitely wouldn't let me off — he was going to definitely kill me this time. However, I wasn't willing and I wanted to take back Dong Cheng Lei's head before I died.


  Ouyang Chuan watched me stumble toward his head. I reached out to touch it. He was filled with rage and hollered, "Li Xiao Yao, are you really an idiot? Who is Dong Cheng Lei to you? Is it worth it for you to risk your life like this?"

  My voice was hoarse, "He is Ah Lei, one of the three people who call me Brother Xiao Yao... He is..."


  Suddenly, Ouyang Chuan pierced my chest with his palm, directly pressing me against the wall. The wall behind me cracked. His fingers were like sharp knives, piercing through my skin, bones, and heart. It was filled with a large amount of heat as the fresh blood that flowed instantly evaporated into dust. Ouyang Chuan's appearance in front of me was totally a blur. He looked viciously at me and smiled, "So what? You will definitely die here today. As for this Dong Cheng Lei, I sliced off his head myself. To think that he didn't die after so many arrows and still noisily asked me to return his sister to him. That kid... Hehe!"

  The flame was burning in my heart. I felt my body turning cold, my life force flowing away. Yet, his words made my heart suddenly burn up with a rage that I could not retract. It was like my entire spirit was on fire. My heart cried out in pain and tears flowed down my face. I looked at Dong Cheng Lei's head which was a few feet away. I pulled out the Electric Arc Sword by my waist, stabbing out and directly piercing his neck. Xiao Hei was already broken in half in my left hand. I hollered out in rage, a flame surging up the broken blade as it stabbed his mouth from above. I shouted, "He is Ah Lei. He is Dong Cheng Yue's brother. He is my brother, and you actually killed him!"



  Ouyang Chuan was totally shocked. The flame swallowed his head, and in the next moment his upper body turned to dust.

  "Pata..." I slowly fell to the ground. I took off Dong Cheng Lei's head, but I also felt my body turning cold. I pretty much lost all my strength and slowly sat on the ground. I carried Dong Cheng Lei's head and rested beside the remaining wall. I raised my head, letting the snowflakes fall onto my face. However, the snow didn't melt. My life force slowly faded as I slowly closed my eyes.


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