Chapter 837- Stepping into Yang Yan
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Zhan Long Chapter 837- Stepping into Yang Yan

Chapter 837- Stepping into Yang Yan

Looking out at the endless darkness covering me from all sides, I found it tough to breathe. I was unable to move at all. I could hear many people calling me and smell the scent of thick medicine, but I kept hiding in the darkness as if this body didn't belong to me anymore.

  Death, what kind of feeling was that?

  Death represented no more pain, no more happiness, and no more senses. You won't exist in this world anymore. People around you will still go through a happy life, and they will only lose all traces of you.

  If I died, what would happen to Lin Wan Er?

  If I died, what would happen to Zhan Long?

  If I died, would Blood Scythe be totally wiped out?

  If I died, will people think about me?

  If I died, will people cry for me at night?


  I was conscious sometimes, but I also was not. I was unable to control anything and could only wait for life's judgment. I didn't know if I was still alive or if I was dead. I felt alone in the darkness, unable to do anything or change anything.

  Suddenly, there was a voice calling "Brother Xiao Yao" reverberating in my head. That was Dong Cheng Lei’s voice. My heart suddenly felt a stabbing pain as I exhaled. My brain instantly cleared up and I suddenly remembered everything.

  "He is awake, he is awake!"

  Lin Wan Er cried next to me.

  Following that, I heard a bunch of frantic footsteps. I heard Li Mu, Song Han, Old K, Mocha, and Yue Qing Qian. Did they all come?

  I used strength to open my eyes and finally saw everyone. I saw that my body was pretty much covered in bandages. I was lying in a ward, and many people stood beside me. Song Han, Old K, Fox were tearing up as they looked at me. They must have stayed up through the night. Who knows how they must have felt when I was in a coma.

  My bandage-covered hand touched Lin Wan Er's little hand as I said, "Wan'er, I am fine, don't cry."

  Lin Wan Er nodded her head with her overflowing tears streaming down her cheeks. Her long eyelashes had tears stuck to them as she nodded her head, "It is good that you are fine, good that you are fine..."

  I exhaled, pushing out the pent up air in my chest and then I struggled to sit up. However, I noticed that it was like my body didn't belong to me. I couldn't move at all. Lin Wan Er quickly helped me up onto the back of the bed as I looked to everyone and asked, "How long was I in a coma for?"

  "7 days."

  Song Han's voice was trembling a little and he nearly cried out, "Brother Xiao Yao, we really thought you were going to die. Lin Wan Er and Qing Qian cried every day and we didn't know how to console them. Luckily you are fine...that's great!"

  "7 days, so long..."

  I heaved a sigh of relief; suddenly, I felt a pang in my heart. I lowered my head, "Dong Cheng... How is Dong Cheng..."

  Song Han said, "Turn around and look behind you."

  When I tried my best to turn around, I noticed Dong Cheng Yue standing there with wet eyes. Tears flowed down her cheeks as she cried, "Brother and you are the same, both of you are stupid, you are both stupid..."

  I was choking up, "Dong Cheng... It is good that Dong Cheng is fine, this is good..."

  Dong Cheng Yue sat on the ground, laying by the bed, tears falling onto the clean white sheets as she said with a hoarse voice, "But brother left... B-brother really left..."

  It felt like knives were slicing my heart as I touched her long hair and said, "Dong Cheng, don't cry. Ah Lei wouldn't want to see you being so sad. He loved you so much and wanted you to have a happy life. Ah Lei would be happy in Heaven."

  Dong Cheng Yue cried as she nodded her head.

  I raised my head and said, "Li Mu, Wang Jian, Bai Qi, Lian Po, Qing Qian, Wei Liang, you all came?"

  Li Mu touched his nose. His eyes were red as he said, "The Guild Leader of [Zhan Long] is like this, so how could we not come? Erm, if you really died like that and abandoned us brothers, how could we walk down our future path..."


  At this moment, the door to the ward opened. The doctor and nurse rushed in and the doctor hurriedly said, "Move aside, let the patient rest. The few of you are probably tired for staying here for so long, head back home to rest."

  As he said that, he came over to check my body while the nurse checked my heartbeat. I said bitterly to the rest, "It's okay, go back and rest. When I leave tomorrow I will invite all of you to a meal."

  "Leave tomorrow?" The nurse looked towards me in shock, "You are injured to such an extent. How can you leave tomorrow?"

  I smiled, "I understand my body better than you."

  Before I said that, I had already used my senses to check the condition of my body. The injuries were mostly healing and even the injured heart and lungs had mostly recovered. Moreover, the cells in my body were ten times stronger than before. This was the effect of the Yang Yan Realm. My internal breathing could give rise to hot life force. Although I was heavily injured, as long as I was awake, I would be able to leave after a day of cultivation.

  Li Mu, Yue Qing Qian, Song Han, Mocha, and the rest went back home. They were all exhausted. Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue, these two girls, weren't willing to leave so I could only let them stay at the side. Luckily, this was the VIP ward and it was big enough. The two of them had enough space to sleep. The only thing was that the doctor looked at me with a weird gaze, probably wondering how a person like me could be so fortunate. It didn't make sense at all.


  Not long later, the doors opened once more. I saw several Guardian Base members there and a few people walked in directly. It was Lin Tian Nan, Wang Xin, Shen Bing, Dong Cheng Feng, and Xing Lie.

  Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue rubbed their eyes and sat up. They simply sat beside me and they didn't try to shy away or anything.

  Wang Xin walked in quickly and looked at me. His face was filled with joy like a little kid as he smiled, saying to Lin Tian Nan, "I told you that this kid has a hard life! Haha... To think he actually didn't die. Li Xiao Yao, your life is just too tough!"

  I said, "I have things pulling me back and I can't afford to leave..."

  Lin Tian Nan smiled happily and said, "If you really left, my daughter probably wouldn't recover for years... Fortunately, you still have a conscience and didn't leave just like that."

  I looked towards Dong Cheng Feng, my heart felt pain and guilt as I said, "Uncle Dong Cheng, I am sorry, I... I didn't protect Ah Lei..."

  Dong Cheng Feng's eyes turned red as he said, "Ah Lei... For him to have a brother like you to give your life fighting for him, he would be really happy below... Li Xiao Yao, don't blame yourself. Without you, Yue'er wouldn't have been saved so easily..."

  I asked, "How was Dong Cheng Yue saved?"

  Wang Xin said, "While you were fighting Ouyang Chuan, a kid known as Tang Qi infiltrated the Blood Scythe headquarters. He killed 7 Artificials and brought her out unharmed."

  I nodded my head, "Oh, Tang Qi that kid really has balls..."

  Shen Bing walked forward with her arms folded, "No matter how much balls he has, he can't compare to you. Do you know how many people you killed? Including Ouyang Chuan, a total of 113 people died to Xiao Hei!"

  I closed my eyes and rested on the bed, my body trembling, "I... I didn't think about so much..."

  Lin Tian Nan consoled me, "Don't blame yourself. The people you killed all deserved to die."

  I looked at Dong Cheng Yue and Lin Wan Er. I felt fortunate that they didn't see how I looked when I killed. I would probably even scare myself as I asked, "How is the Blood Scythe matter going?"

  Wang Xin said, "Wei Fan pushed all the matters to Ouyang Chuan. However, we destroyed his research base and this batch of Artificials was mostly wiped out. Nonetheless, he is trying to sue us. Either way, it’s fine since the Blood Scythe is mostly wiped out. Wei Fan's ass isn't clean either, so we will investigate slowly. Anyways, after losing his bunch of men, he can't create any more waves."

  "Ouyang Chuan is dead?" I asked.

  Wang Xin nodded, "You killed him so it should be clearer to you than to us, right?"

  I heaved a sigh of relief, "It’s good that he is dead, like this... I can confirm... That no one in a thousand miles is my opponent..."

  Wang Xin smiled and said, "Li Xiao Yao, did you break through into the Yang Yan Realm?"

  I was shocked, "You... How did you know?"


  Wang Xin continued to laugh, "I saw you kill him on camera — Xiao Hei could actually control flames. The flames were exactly the same as Ouyang Chuan’s. Without the Yang Yan Realm strength, you probably wouldn't have been able to kill him. That’s how I came to that deduction."

  As he said that, he continued excitedly, "That's great. Our Hangzhou Guardian Unit has a Yang Yan Realm expert. Let's see how they try to do any more funny things against us!"

  I said, "Where is Wei Fan? Did you all arrest him?"

  "He is already at the station."

  "That's good."

  "However, his friends will bail him out soon. We have no evidence to directly link him to Blood Scythe, to the Artificials data, and at most we can only keep him for a few days."

  I sighed, "Are we really going to let a bastard out to continue harming others?"

  Shen Bing said, "The law focuses on evidence. We will try our best."


  I raised my head and looked at Dong Cheng Feng, "Uncle Dong Cheng, has Ah Lei's funeral ended?"

  Dong Cheng Feng nodded, "Yes."

  I choked, "When I leave tomorrow, I want to pray to him. May I do so?"

  "Yes." Dong Cheng Feng sighed and said, "Of course."


  Thinking about Dong Cheng Lei’s death, I still felt a stabbing pain in my heart. Such a great brother had died just like that.

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