Chapter 794 - No Escape to the Sea of No Return
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Zhan Long Chapter 794 - No Escape to the Sea of No Return

Chapter 794 - No Escape to the Sea of No Return

In reality, it was just Ye Lai had said. The Sea Demon King Han Lin seemed to be especially interested in the players who were close to him. First it was Bai Li Ruo Feng, then it was Jian Feng Han, Simple, and Mu Xuan. Almost half of the players in the top ten achievement points had been killed by him. 



“It’s you again.” 


Han Lin suddenly spun around as his gaze rested on me. He raised his Water God’s Halberd and grinned, “Ant, let’s see who’s going to save you now.” 


“Hua!” The Water God’s Halberd flew past me and I quickly raised my Zhen Yue Blade to parry the blow. I was currently number one in the Achievement Rankings. The fact that Han Lin wanted to kill me was well within my predictions. After all, I had another very important status. I was the commander of the Royal Army. That was enough of a reason for Han Lin to want to cut me to pieces. After all, it was easy enough to guess that for Han Lin to lead this siege against Tian Ling City, the Hybrid Demon Kings must have promised him something great. And there is nothing else that would make him break a peace treaty other than Tian Ling City itself. Afterwards, Da Lin, Lanais, and the other Hybrid Demons only have to use Tian Ling as a foothold to rage war upon the rest of the great cities. 




My wrist went numb as Han Lin’s blade rammed against my own. I nearly lost my grip on the Zhen Yue Blade. I retreated several steps from the impact of the clash. Han Lin had an incredible attack and he immediately threw a second slash right onto my shoulder. Blood spurt forth and my Violet Heaven Cape was torn. I lost 50,000 health to that one slash.




A dragon screech sounded and holy power surged forth from the Violet Heaven Cape. Two dragon spirits rose up into the air and encircled my body, protecting me from all damage. However the Twin Dragon’s shield’s durability was linked with the user’s attack power and this Twin Dragon shield’s durability clearly wasn’t enough to stand against Han Lin’s explosive hit. 


“You will die.” 


Han Lin’s words were filled with malice. He reached out, grabbed my cape, and dragged me by my back. As soon as I was in range, he threw a fierce kick into my abdomen. 


I quickly raised both of my arms to block the attack. As I did that, I cast a Level 12 [Cleansing Rain] while gulping down a potion. My health jumped back up, holding death at bay. 




My base attack determines the effect of my [Cleansing Rain]. I instantaneously recovered a large amount of my health. Han Lin’s second attack threw my health back into critical and the impact threw me backwards. 


Blades of wind encircled Han Lin’s legs as he activated another area-of-effect attack. I felt my heart sink. Is this how I would die?


Right then, Han Lin’s body suddenly shuddered and a “Stun” symbol appeared over his head. It only lasted for 0.4 seconds. I saw Qing Qian’s figure flash before me as she shouted, “Brother Xiao Yao, run! You can’t win against this one.” 


Han Lin roared in anger and he swung his Water Halberd at Qing Qian. She couldn’t parry such an attack! A breeze brushed past my face and I saw a beautiful figure suddenly rise up before Qing Qian. Wan Er opened up her umbrella with one hand to block the dagger. “Peng!” Sparks flew and she was thrown backwards. She grabbed Qing Qian in the process and the two girls were thrown far back. 


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Han Lin growled in anger and was about to pursue, but a white horse suddenly dashed forward. It was Matcha on her mount. Han Lin roared, “Meddlesome ants, die!” 


He threw three separate attacks with his Water God’s Halberd. “Pa pa pa!” They landed against Matcha’s Lion King Shield. Right now, Matcha’s reaction speed was already at the top of the class. She rammed the Lion King Shield against the ground activating [Heavenly Shield] and [Phantom Holy Shield] before the attacks had hit. In the end, the Lion King Shield took all three attacks, while Matcha maintained around 20% of her health. She displayed one of the top survivability skills in all of Tian Ling City. 


“Matcha, hurry up and leave.” Wolf called out from a distance. 


Thankfully, Ye Lai lead his Frost Rams to charge forward, giving Matcha a chance to escape. In the next moment, a [Blade Tempest] ripped through the Steel Blade Horsemen, the Frost Ram Horsemen, and the Azure Oxen. This was truly a battle of lives. Dong Cheng, Dancing Forest, and the others were far away as they cast their spells. Furthermore, they were constantly shifting locations while casting to avoid being locked by the Halberd’s [Wind Blade]. Just one hit would be an instant kill. 



“My god…”


I sat on my horse around a hundred yards away from the battle. At least this way, I wouldn’t be targeted so easily. The Twin Dragon skill on my Violet Heaven Cape had a ten minute cool down. I needed to wait for that cooldown to reset before I could try engaging again. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have the confidence to survive an attack from Han Lin. 


Li Mu and Wan Er both came over to me. They were both among the top twenty players in the Achievement Rankings. Han Lin was especially aggressive towards us. Going after him again was equivalent to committing suicide. If we were to engage, we would at least have to wait until Han Lin was close to dying. 


The sea breeze picked up as all the top players of Tian Ling City leapt into battle against the Sea Demon King, only to be killed in the droves. Within twenty minutes, over 100,000 players had died at the hands of the Sea Demon King. Bodies piled up in layers, even though they disappeared fairly quickly. I could see a thick layer of blood coating Han Lin’s Water God Halberd. There were constant screams of despair. This King of the Sea of No Return had a pride that we could not understand. After all, everyone’s target was the Halberd in his hands. 


Li Mu gripped his reins and turned to me. “Quite a few people left Moon City and entered the Chinese territory. I think they’re trying to take advantage of us. But, I’m afraid that by the time they arrive here, the battle will already be over. Additionally, Port City, Flame Cloud City, and some others are planning on crossing the War God’s River to come to this battlefield. At least several thousand of them drowned in the process. They truly underestimated the underwater current in that river. 


I smiled, “Our mission today is to kill Han Lin. Once we do that, we’ll have at least struck that off our list.” 


“Yes sir.” 



After a few minutes, the Tian Ling City soldiers seemed to rise up again. King Rob waved his hand and another 50,000 man army surged forward and fought side by side with the players. Arrows fell like rain. The shield armor around Han Lin was on the verge of breaking. Despite being covered in blood and injuries, Han Lin was still full of strength and continued raging amongst the crowd of people. 


King Rob stood at the top of the stage with his and on his hilt and shouted, “Han Lin, do you see this? You are fighting a lone battle! Where are your allies? Why don’t I see Lanais? Where’s Ignaus and Gawain? Each and every one of them have the ability to help you in this war. But in the end, despite your legacy, you’ll end up dying here. It is truly a pity.” 


A surge of power suddenly surrounded Han Lin, blowing all of the Tian Ling soldiers around him into pieces. He coldly smiled, “Robert, you are a coward hiding behind a mask. Did you think that you would be able to live out the rest of your days peacefully if you hide in Tian Ling City? Ha ha, stop dreaming! The Hybrid Demon Army will cut off your head and hang it on your walls to show everyone. Even when you’re dead, we’ll make sure that you won’t have a moment’s peace.” 

King Rob shook in anger. “Commander Ludlow, kill him. I will have Han Lin’s heart soaked in wine tonight.” 


Han Lin narrowed his eyes and continued his rage. What astonished me was the fact that even though Han Lin was a god level warrior, because he spent so much time underwater, he didn’t seem to be very skilled at flying. Otherwise, he would’ve easily escaped once he found out that he was losing this war. There was a mass of Tian Ling City war boats that created a chain along the shore, but in reality, that was just a front — everybody knew that. 


Time passed by slowly. But, not long after, Han Lin’s health fell below 10%. [Zhan Long], [Judgement], and the [Legend] players surrounded the BOSS. Combined with the attack from the Tian Ling City’s NPC army, Han Lin’s blood fell at an even quicker rate. Furthermore, the blood flowed continuously from all of the injuries he had received. It was a sign that he was nearing his end. 



Li Mu pulled out his Neptune’s Blade and said, “It’s time for us to re-enter the stage, right?” 


I shook my head. “Wait a little longer. He hasn’t revealed his ultimate strike yet….” 


“Yes sir.” 


Just after I said that, Han Lin let out a roar and a ray of light shot from his Water God’s Halberd into the sky. Soon after, he chanted, “Almighty Heavens, Brilliant Waves, drown all that is before you.” 


The earth trembled and a tsunami wave that rose several hundred meters above the ground towered before everyone. Han Lin waved his hand, commanding the wave to crash against the shores. I quickly shouted into the guild chat: “Everyone, stab your weapons into the ground and stabilize your positions. Take a deep breath and make sure you aren’t swept away by the tide. Otherwise, you’ll be taken into the Sea of No Return, where more Yashas are waiting.” 


All of the Steel Blade Horsemen got off their horses and plunged their blades into the ground. I did the same. I reached out and held Wan Er in my arms. Her dagger was too small of course, and I was worried she wouldn’t be able to stand against the might of a tsunami. 


After a few seconds, the towering tsunami crashed against us. I could even see the great military tent where the Central Army was located collapse from the impact. Like that, the lavish gifts were all swept away by the tide. I could hear the screams of the Winds of Battle Army as they fell to the wave and drowned. Pearl grabbed the old king’s hand and held onto a strong tree. 


The tsunami lasted for three minutes before calming back down. The ground returned to its original position. All of the players who managed to keep their position were soaked in seawater. Over 70% of the players had been washed away by that wave, and a very few percentage of the army was still surviving. Princess Pearl’s Winds of Battle Army had less than 20,000 men left. The losses were severe. At the very least, Pearl looked to be losing her spirits. 




Han Lin huffed and knelt to the ground on one knee. The hand gripping the Water God’s Halberd was slightly shaking. Activating a skill of that level must have sucked away most of his energy. 


Pearl clenched her teeth and pointed with her sword. “Kill.” 


The remaining soldiers charged forth on her orders. [Legend]’s Fang Ge Que, Enchanted Forest and the others followed en suite. Han Lin had used the last of his life to activate that curse. Now he only had 3% of his health left. 


However, against the charge of players and NPCs alike, Han Lin couldn’t help but let out one last malicious laugh. “I am the King of the Seas. Right now, I am standing on the border of the Sea of No Return. Don’t you even dare think of killing me on my own territory. Haha, just how many soldiers have you lost to this battle, while I still have countless men in the water tribe waiting at the bottom of the sea. I just need a month before I can regain 500,000 in troops. Just what will save you from their vengeance?” 


King Rob shook with anger, his face ashen. 



Right then, Frost’s voice resounded through the skies: “Han Lin, after killing so many people, are you sure you can still return to the sea?” 

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