Chapter 793 - Wheel Battle
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Zhan Long Chapter 793 - Wheel Battle

Chapter 793 - Wheel Battle

I couldn’t help but take a deep breath. Han Lin rushed into the central camp and killed several NPCs from the Winds of Battle. In turn, I gained precious time for my skills to recover. If I took another round of attacks from Han Lin, I was afraid I would die on this spot. The [Twin Dragons] saved me once, but for a short period of time, it wouldn’t be able to save me a second time. 


“General Li…” 

Pearl walked over and saw the deep gashes in my Hidden Dragon Armor, “You… Are you ok?” 

I could see large tears welling up in the princess’ eyes. I couldn’t help but feel my heart soften. I was brought up to this position as the Royal Army Commander by her. The princess was actually worried about my safety against a terrifying enemy like Han Lin. That was enough to show that she wasn’t just using me, or at least, it wasn’t as simple as using me. 

I wiped the scratches clean on the chest of my Hidden Dragon Armor and said, “I’m fine, your highness, you don’t have to worry about it. But just what are we going to do about Han Lin? Almost no one here can kill him…” 

Pearl turned around to the mage and said, “Teacher, what do you think?” 

Bai Li Ning stood there with the aura of an immortal. But at that moment, he suddenly shuddered and spat out blood. It looked like he wasn’t much better off than me. When his shield dimension broke, he took enormous damage. 

King Rob raised his Ruler’s Sword, frustration written across his face, “Pearl, General Li, do not initiate another attack. The Empire cannot lose commanders like you. Just let… Just let the warriors of the Winds of Battle army attack Han Lin. No matter how strong he is, there’s a limit. As long as we whittle away at that strength, we’ll be able to find an opportunity to kill him. This time, we have to kill Han Lin and force thee Sea Demons out of our territory!” 

I exclaimed, “We’re just going to let the Winds of Battle soldiers die for nothing? This…” 

King Rob scoffed, “General Li Xiao Yao, don’t be too soft hearted. As a commander, you should know that sometimes, you have to be able to use any method possible for the sake of victory!” 

I gave a curt nod, “Yes, your majesty…” 

I quickly turned around and went back towards my camp. I gulped down a potion and leapt onto my horse. That’s when I saw that Wan Er, Li Mu and the others took a team of [Zhan Long] people and were only 200 yards away from the Central Camp. Not only that, but [Legend], [Hero’s Mound], [Judgement], and the [Prague] players were all there, waiting for Han Lin to die. 


“Xiao Yao!” 

Ye Lai walked over with his battle axe in hand, “Just now, what happened with the king and the other NPCs? Han Lin hasn’t gone and killed the king yet, has he?” 

I shook my head, “Not yet, but it’s hard to say in the future…” 

The [Prague] guildmaster Yan Zhao came over and said, “This battle has lasted for a long time. Who knows how many soldiers from the Tian Ling City empire have died for this fight.. For us players, it’s free equipment and experience, but for the future country battles, it’s not necessarily a good thing. The more soldiers from Tian Ling the die, the lower our defenses become.” 

I smiled, “Uncle Yan Zhao, don’t worry too much. The city will spawn new soldiers. At the very least, we won’t have too few troops. Besides, this is a game, not the real world. Everything goes much quicker.” 

“You’re right!” Yan Zhao looked at the distant cavalry charging at Han Lin, “Including the players and the NPC, Han Lin has killed at least 20,000. F*ck, he’s a killing machine….” 

Wan Er smiled reassuringly, “If he couldn’t, how would he have the face to hold the name as one of the top ten BOSSes in Destiny!” 

Yan Zhao narrowed his eyes and smiled, “Wan Er , Han Lin is carrying the Water God’s Halberd. Are you guys interested? Ah, nevermind, forget I asked. How could [Zhan Long] not be interested. It’s a country weapon. The stats will undoubtedly be incredible.” 

I replied, “The Water God’s Halberd, will go towards the person that can use it. How about we make a pact, whoever deals the last strike to Han Lin will be the one to use the Water God’s Halberd. That way we won’t start fighting amongst each other. How’s that sound? Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han, Ye Lai, what do you think?” 

Fang Ge Que raised his staff and smiled, “Xiao Yao’s suggestion isn’t bad. If we start fighting amongst each other, we’ll just be smashing our own foot. How about this, whoever killed Han Lin, will be the one who get’s the Water God’s Halberd. And then, the guilds in this pact must use their main forces to protect that halberd for ten hours, so that it doesn’t end in enemy hands. How does that sound? This kind of a gentleman’s pact is pretty good, don’t you think?” 

Ye Lai nodded, “I agree.” 

Jian Feng Han and Simple whispered for a bit and finally gave a nod, “[Vanguard] agrees as well.” 

Q-Sword, “Alright!” 

And with that, Yan Zhao Warrior, Mu Xuan, Misty Cloud and the other main guilds all gave their agreements. With that, the pact was made. I looked at my own skill set and saw that [Nine Heavens] had finished its cooldown. With this, the chances of me killing the BOSS was pretty high. Of course, it’d be the best if we could keep the Water God’s Halberd within [Zhan Long]. 

This all came with the condition that we first kill Han Lin. The current difficulty was still too high for that. 


“Shua shua….” 

In the Winds of Battle crowds, the halberd swept like a whirlwind, slicing through all of the knights and soldiers. Han Lin slashed at everything before him. He struck the Water God’s Halberd into the ground and a power wave surged outward. The wave carried a massive destructive force, smashing all of the soldiers around him into mincemeat. Just that one attack was enough to kill several thousand of their soldiers. 

Princess Pearl stood on a high platform, her face ashen, “Ah…” 

The old king almost seemed like he couldn’t bear sending more of the Winds of Battle troops to their deaths. Finally he commanded, “Magic Flame Army, go. We have to take Han Lin’s head! Everyone, send out your navy ships and create a defensive line along the shore. We must cut off all chances of retreat for Han Lin. He must die here, or else we’ll never have peace on our shores!” 

Looks like old Rob was putting everything on the line to kill Han Lin. 

Hooves thundered across the round and soon another branch of knights appeared. It was the NPCs from the Magic Flame Army. There looked to be around 30,000 of them. Looks like they were pretty elite as well. They began a barrage of attacks on Han Lin. Spears surged forward and arrows struck against his armor. Not long after, Han Lin roared, as the defense around his body was broken for the second time. A black arrow plunged into him. 


Han Lin was enraged. He pulled out the arrow and roared, “You cowardly humans. You actually dare to strike me with a poisoned arrow. D*mm*t, I will kill every last one of you!” 

Only if we kill Han Lin is there a chance for us of surviving. Humans were not afraid of using shameless tactics like those. 

After Han Lin activated [Aquamarine Surge], his breath became ragged. His body was riddled with poisonous arrows. The vicious poison was entering his bloodstream, and it looked like he was reaching his end. But even so, the Sea Demon King seemed to have endless energy. While his arms and chest were covered with arrows, he seemed to care less and continued swinging his Water God Halberd. The Magic Flame Army died in the droves, hacked apart by the cruel blade. 


Around twenty minutes later, Han Lin’s health finally dropped below 50%. Less than half of the Magic Flame Army was left. Everyone was starting to get excited. Q-Sword raised his sword and said, “How about, we launch an attack now. If we keep this up, the NPC army will be completely decimated….” 

Fang Ge Que furrowed his brow and said, “50% health…. Alright then, let’s stop beating around the bush and just attack together. How does that sound?” 

Ye Lai swung his battle axe and said, “Let’s attack!” 

With everyone so hyped up, I didn’t want to rain on the parade and so I nodded, “Steel Blade Horsemen, follow me”. I lead my cavalry and attacked the BOSS from the North. Hero’s Mound, Judgement, Prague, and Legend can flank from all sides, Archers and Mages, do as best you can to get close and maintain continuous firepower!” 

Everyone nodded. All of the main guilds charged forward. I took my 2000 Steel Blade Horsemen and charged out, launching the northern attack. 

Right then, Qing Qian said into the guild chat, “Gale Forest is in complete chaos from battle. The Blood Giants aren’t much better off than our side however. After they took several charges from each of the great armies, Ba Huang City’s Princess Angela brought several armies over the Zi Wu Mountains and provided support there. 

 I nodded, “There’s some rather strong NPC’s over there. The strongest NPC’s over here are Pearl and that Master Mage. But it looks like they aren’t much more useful than me…..” 

 Qing Qian grinned, “But of course, my brother Xiao Yao is the strongest!” 

 I felt a little burst of confidence rise in my chest. I took the Steel Blade Horsemen with me and roared, “Spread out! The vanguard of his blade is incredibly deadly. Everyone, do your best to minimize damage!” 


The entire Steel Blade Horsemen Cavalry sirged forward. Wuite a few had already begun shooting [Sword Break] and [Flying Sword] skills at the BOSS. At least half of their skills had failed however since it didn't reach the BOSS. The site was both hilarious and stunning. Even the Steel Blade Horsemen had their moments!


Even with everyone gathered together, Han Lin didn't shirk back and only grew even more frenzied. He swung his Halberd and charged straight into the cloud. Many of the players couldn't handle the area attacks and dropped like flies. A group of the[Legend] cavalry happened to be in the range of the rampage, and in the end only Enchanted Painting and Xuan Yuan Feng were left alive. It was utter cruelty!

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Li Mu swing his Neptune's Blade and cut right into the BOSS’s back. Han Lin didn't even look back and threw a punch behind him. “Peng” Like Mu flew backwards. Thankfully the punch wasn't an attack by the Water God's Halberd or else Like Mu wouldn't be alive anymore. 




Just Feng Han raised his long sword and threw a ranged skill at the BOSS while Simple stood beside him, leading tactical. Right then, Han Lin looked up at Jian Feng Han. His Halberd shot out like lightning and buried itself right into Jian Feng Han’s chest. It sounds around and ripped through is body. Jian Feng Han fell off his horse and died. Simple backed away in horror. That Water God's Halberd flew forward as though it were alive!


“Pu Chi!”


Simple was brought to her knees as well. 


Ye Lai raised his blade and quickly retreated. He could see Han Lin twisting his hands and opening them. Frost magic raged outwards and the Queen Mu Xuan wailed and fell behind the BOSS. As though a light bulb went off, Ye Lai immediately galloped over and shouted, “Xiao Yao, be careful. That BOSS is targeting all people around him!’

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