Chapter 792 - Cower before the Nine Dragons
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Zhan Long Chapter 792 - Cower before the Nine Dragons

Chapter 792 - Cower Before the Nine Dragons

As the saying goes, even a rabbit will fight in a corner, much less a man. Much less a fearless and arrogant Vice Guildmaster who was wielding a blade .


And so, Quick Like Thunder focused all of his [House of Prestige] forces to surround the BOSS while he focused on dealing damage. On the side, the seven hundred [Dao Jian Xuan] players took the opportunity. Attempting a charge, they shook the [House of Prestige] front lines. After several more, they finally created an opening for themselves.




Quick Like Thunder roared and swung his battle axe at them. Bai Li Ruo Feng coldly laughed and raised his bow as he wordlessly pressed closer. After letting loose a round of ranged arrows, his [Big Dipper Meteor] ripped through Iron Courage. After Bai Li Ruo Feng delivered a [Silencing Arrow], Quick Thunder surged forward and hacked his battle axe into Iron Courage. After a round of attacks from [Battle Axe Whirlwind], nearly 70,000 of his health emptied out. Disbelief filled his face. Never in his wildest dreams would Iron Courage have imagined that Quick Thunder and Bai Li Ruo Feng would instantly kill him in a wave of attacks.


Once Iron Courage died, [Dao Jian Xuan]’s Guildmaster Blade Hero was angered. He raised his blade and charged straight for Bai Li Ruo Feng. He did not expect his target to use a series of [Catapult]s to dodge his pursuit. Quick Thunder, on the other hand rushed right at Blade Hero. He laughed, “So, even a third rate guild like [Dao Jian Xuan] dares to compete with [House of Prestige]? Aren’t you overestimating yourselves too much now?”




Right as Quick Thunder’s battle axe had cut off Blade Hero’s head, Bai Li Ruo Feng yelled out, “Thunder, careful!”




In that moment, Quick Thunder felt a surge of cold air above him. It was then that he realized a god-like man was right above him. This man carried a chilling halberd and was heading straight for him. He didn’t have any chance to dodge, and took a hit straight to his shoulder. He was nailed right to the ground!






Those damage numbers were terrifying. Quick Thunder was just a berserker, and one that didn’t fill up on his health points. That one hit had instantly killed him and he instantly turned into a corpse. The ambusher was none other than the Sea Demon King Han Lin!


“Hua hua…”


The winds billowed against his battle ropes and he coldly stood at the center of group of Iron Scaled Riders, a cruel smile resting on his lips. He suddenly raised his Water God Halberd, creating large waves and rising winds. All targets within a 30 yard radius took damage. The Iron Scaled Riders screamed as they were ambushed. That one attack was enough to turn all of them into blocks of ice. Almost every one of them took 70,000 damage and were instantly killed. Bai Li Ruo Feng escaped in the nick of time, otherwise he would’ve definitely died.


Raising his long bow, Bai Li Ruo Feng exclaimed, “Motherf*cker, just what kind of power does Han Lin have?! Hurry, kill that sea dragon! We’re retreating!”


Unfortunately, it was all too late. A pit of rage rose in Han Lin as he watched his precious mount suffer. He stared directly at Bai Li Ruo Feng and shot forward like a bullet. He threw out his halberd. The speed of the attack was terrifying!






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Six digit damage!


Bai Li Ruo Feng looked down to see the halberd piercing his chest. He seemed incapable of believing what had just happened. He must’ve never thought that the BOSS would be able to hit him from 70 meters away. Furthermore, that halberd’s speed was too fast! There was no way he could dodge or hide from it.




Han Lin coldly laughed. He opened his hand, and with a single gesture, the Water God Halberd flew out of Bai Li Ruo Feng’s chest and back to the hands of its owner. In half a second, it was resting nicely in the hands of Han Lin, while Bai Li Ruo Feng fell to the ground and died.




All of [Zhan Long]’s players were stupefied. This time, even Wang Jian thought it was unwise to attack now. [Legend], [Hero’s Mound] and the others were all gaping at the scene before them. Without any hesitation, they all decided that it was a lost cause. Who would dare face the bloody Han Lin?


In the midst of battle, Han Lin had descended as though he were a king. Wielding the Water God Halberd in his right hand, and gathering an ice like power in his left, he shouted to his dragon, “Rise for me!”




A frost shield appeared before the dragon, protecting it from further damage. Additionally, it even healed the dragon’s wounds. The dragon’s health was rising faster and faster. With a screech, it swept away a whole group of Iron Scaled Riders with its long tail. Han Lin then raised his Water God Halberd and stepped onto the beach. A wave of ice type magic surged outward, freezing an entire group of knights. Their health plummeted and in the blink of an eye, they all died.


All of this happened in seconds. [House of Prestige] lost close to two thousand people. A whole group of players were instantly killed by Han Lin and the others. A couple of the team leaders were so terrified by all of this that they immediately retreated with their squads in order to maintain at least a thousand man army for [House of Prestige]. Otherwise, [House of Prestige] would’ve disappeared from the Sea of No Return Battle from that point on.


I rode my Flying Scythe Horse nearer to Han Lin, but didn’t dare get too close. Han Lin’s AI was very high, and could recognize any players with a high number of achievement points. It was exactly for that reason that Bai Li Ruo Feng was killed by him.


At the central tent, the old King Rob raised his Ruler’s sword and stood in his tent and roared, ‘Han Lin, have you forgotten about the alliance that you signed several hundred years ago? You agreed to never invade Tian Ling City. Yet now, you’ve joined the Hybrid Demons and brought your troops to our shores again?”


Han Lin coldly smiled, “Little sh*t, who knows where you even were when I signed the alliance, yet you dare say words like that to me? If your ancestors knew that this was how you died, wouldn’t they be disappointed? Ha ha, seeing as you are claiming that I am breaking the alliance, I can argue that I haven’t. After all, I had signed the alliance with Tully. Now that Tully is dead, the alliance is in effect, nullified. Besides…”


Han Lin revealed his sharp teeth in a wide grin, “Rob, do you even have the same might as your ancestor Tully? Do you have the same strength that was close to the Holy Realm? If not, then I’ll be taking your life today!”




When those words fell, Han Lin suddenly disappeared from his spot and appeared in a bright light that was shooting straight for the central tent. He roared, “Rob, leave your life here and now. Tian Ling City is mine!”


The old king shuddered, and a sliver of acceptance that his death was near appeared on his face.


Princess Pearl shouted and pulled out the sword at her hip. She stood right before her father, blocking any attempt. Her sword glowed with Dou Qi power. She clenched her teeth and shouted, “No matter what, I will not give you the chance to achieve your goals, you b*s*rd!”


Han Lin let out a malicious laugh as his halberd flew straight for the heart!




Just as the tip of the spear was about to plunge into Pearl’s chest, it was contained in a magic dimension about five meters before her. Magic power emanated from the dimension. “Dang!” It was actually thrown backward and fell before Han Lin. The dimension in front of Pearl shattered.


Han Lin stiffened, “[Absolute Dimension]? Ha, Tian Ling City actually has a Master Mage? Who is it? Stand before me!”


Not far from Pearl, the commander of the Winds of Battle Army, Bai Li Ting stood out with his staff in hand. “Peng!” He rested his staff against the ground, initiating a magic circle. Bai Li Ting looked at Ha Lin and coldly said, “Sea Demon King, you do not belong to this land, why would you attempt to take this land?”


“So it was you!”


Han Ling laughed, “Alright, today, I will kill both you and Rob!”


Right then, the sounds of hooves suddenly thundered throughout the battlefield. A group of Winds of Battle cavalrymen dashed over. A lieutenant lead them in the front with a longbow in hand. He roared, “Prepare your [Dou Qi Shots] and release!”


All of the archers raised their bows and released their arrows. Each arrow was loaded with Dou Qi power. Clearly, the power was gathered by magic. They shot out like lightning. Han Lin coldly smiled took a defensive stance with his Halberd in front of his chest. As he did this, a magic shell surrounded his body. Not a single one of the arrows passed through. Even so, there was a clear effect on the magic shield. Clearly, it was whittling away his power in some way.




Han Lin suddenly shifted and left his magic shell. He charged right at the central encampment. Even if Bai Li Ting was a Master Mage, he wouldn’t necessarily be able to parry any close combat attacks from Han Lin. It would be more accurate to say he definitely wouldn’t be able to. Han Lin was a God tier BOSS, while Bai Li Ting was just a Demon Harvest one. One a God, one a Demon; the gap in strength and power was just too great.


A group of royal guards immediately stood out to hold off the incoming attack, but they were all thrown back by Han Lin’s powerful winds.




Pearl was stunned, shock written all over her face.


Right then, my Flying Scythe Horse arrived before the scene. I came charging from the right with my sword raised. With my Zhen Yue Blade and My Dragon Reservoir Sword, I rammed right into Han Lin’s back. This ambush caught the god level BOSS completely by surprise, pushing him to the side!






Even with both swords attacking together, I only managed to deal this much damage. I quickly recovered from the surprise and continued my charge forward. Using [Seven Star Teleportation], I instantly appeared before Han Lin and threw another slash with my Zhen Yue Blade right into his shoulder. “Peng!” my blade pressed into the Sea Demon King’s body. But, a strong force pushed back, making my Zhen Yue Blade nearly fly out of my hand.


Using his shoulder to push against the Zhen Yue blade, Han Lin stood up. With a twist of my right wrist, I gathered strength in my Dragon Reservoir Sword, activating [Fierce Ice Blade].


 “F*ck off!”


Han Lin suddenly swung his Water God Halberd. “Peng!” he shattered my [Fierce Ice Blade] effect and cut right into my chest!




It felt as though my ribs all cracked and pain shot through my body.


Han Lin coldly smiled and raised his Halberd again. I could see a cold power gather at the blade. This was the attack that instantly killed Bai Li Ruo Feng. If it dealt a six figure damage to Bai Li Ruo Feng, how much better off would I be if I took this attack?


I didn’t even have the chance to dodge. “Peng!” I felt the attack hit my chest. My [Wall of Dou Qi] completely shattered, and the hit had thrown my health bar into critical. Right then, my Violet Heaven Cape let out a dragon’s whistle. A red and blue dragon lifted from the cape’s embroidery and came to life, creating a shield around me. This was the special effect——[Twin Dragon]!






A group of Winds of Battle cavalry archers had all dashed into the central encampment. Han Lin frowned, “D*mn them, I will deal with them later!”                      

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