Chapter 791 - The Inception of the Heavenly Water Halberd
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Zhan Long Chapter 791 - The Inception of the Heavenly Water Halberd

Chapter 791 - The Inception of the Heavenly Water Halberd

“Commander, should we go and provide reinforcements to the Fierce Wind Forest?”


Han Yuan raised his bloody spear, his face covered in dried mud and blood. I could barely see his eyes past all the dirt. He clenched his teeth, “There’s just too few of our men left. We don’t even have enough for a decent battle. If we go and fight another battle against the Blood Giants, I’m afraid that we won’t have anyone left. General, please think twice!”


I sat upon my Flying Scythe Horse and examined the scene before me. It was clear that the Royal Army had no strength left after the past few fierce battles. Over half of the people left had sustained injuries. If we continued like this, we would only be rushing towards our deaths.


I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and said, “Royal Army, retreat. The adventurers will deal with Han Lin’s final attack. As for the Fierce Wind Forest, there’s the Flame Dragon Army and the Xia Yu Army there, no need for us to go.”


Long Xing was stunned. He walked over with his blade and said, “My lord, are you planning on going against a royal decree? If his majesty decides to pursue this, I’m afraid the Royal Army won’t be able to stand against the punishment!”


I smiled, “It’s no problem, I’ll take all responsibility. Besides, if the Royal Army really were to go to the Fierce Wind Forest, there’s a chance that Blood Giant Kehl will recognize us. With a single blow, he’ll be able to demolish us. At that point, I won’t have a Royal Army. Why should I be afraid of defying a decree? How about this; Long Xing, Han Yuan, take the rest of the soldiers and go into the Southern district of the Fierce Wind Forest and take care of the wounded. Do not get close to the Blood Giants. That is how we’ll do this!”


Han Yuan replied, “My lord, what about you?”


I looked over at the movements on the water and said, “Han Lin is about to lead the final wave of Sea Demons. I will guard this place with my friends. You guys must immediately head to the Fierce Wind Forest, and hurry!”


 “Yes sir!”




The Royal Army’s infirmary camp leaned against each other and retreated. Long Xing and Han Yuan began directing soldiers to push over the Crossbow Carts and cannons. Close to thirty thousand Royal Army soldiers had come to face the Sea Demon Tribe in battle. Now there were less than fifteen thousand left. While we took heavy damage, after that bitter battle, every surviving veteran rose at least five levels and a tier. Overall, it was actually an enormous increase to our battle power. If they went through another couple of battles like this, then these NPCs would become even stronger. This was the ultimate goal I had for these battles. If the Royal Army’s overall strength was on par, if not stronger, than some top tier player teams, then that would truly be a battle force. Otherwise, it’d be too easy for them to be whittled down by the player teams.


When the entire Royal Army retreated, I went to the [Zhan Long] camp. Li Mu, Qing Qian, Wan Er, and the rest were preparing the formations.  They made sure each squad had a tank, a healer, and a damager. Otherwise, it would greatly affect their battle potential.


I could hear a horn sound across the sea’s horizon. The final attack was finally here. I looked over at the central camp and saw that King Rob’s central army actually didn’t retreat a single step. He sat in his camp with his daughter Pearl at his side. It looked like he was determined to make today Han Lin’s last day on earth. I did see that Theodore and Owen already took their troops to deal with the Blood Giants.


 “He he!”


Li Mu smiled, “Han Lin is finally here. We get another chance to meet a Demon King Tier Hybrid Demon. How do you think he wants to die?”


Qing Qian giggled, “Brother Li Mu, stop joking around. I’d thank the heavens and the earth if I survive this battle, and you’re bluffing with talk about killing him? That’s too unrealistic…”


Wan Er smiled, “Let’s see how it goes. We’ll let the NPC army go first and then make our move when we see the opportunity.”






I saw that the formation on the sea banks was spread very thinly. [Legend], [Hero’s Mound], [Vanguard], [Prague], and [Judgement]’s main forces were still there. It looked like the players were all waiting to see the stance of a Demon King. The Demon King Han Lin’s escort was pushing closer and closer. It floated above the surface of the waves and hit the banks with a “Hua La!” A three-headed dragon sprang up from the ocean, shocking everyone. Han Lin’s throne was being pulled by a three-headed dragon?


 “What the f*ck, so flashy…” Wang Jian exclaimed.


I pulled out my Dragon Reservoir Sword, “Steel Bladed Horsemen, prepare for battle!”


Right then, a bell sounded through the air——




“System Notification: Please note, the Hybrid Demon King [Demon King Han Lin] with the Country Weapon [Water God’s Halberd] (China) has appeared on the southern banks of the Sea of No Return. Kill the Sea Demon King and you will have a 100% chance of getting the Water God’s Halberd. Warriors and Heroes, kill the enemy for the sake of your country’s honor!”




Everyone stiffened. Han Lin actually brought such a great gift with him. It looked like the Water God’s Halberd was fated to stay within the Chinese server. The players from the other servers were probably dying of envy. Several main cities didn’t even get their first Country Weapon and the second one already appeared in the Chinese server. But it made sense. The Tian Ling City’s territory was just so large and we had an enormous player population, so naturally we’d need more resources. Otherwise, how were we supposed to protect our borders?




Li Mu gripped his Neptune’s Blade and excitedly said, “Another Country Weapon, f*ck yeah!”


I quickly raised my hand, “Don’t, be more patient. This isn’t a Demon Harvest BOSS, but Han Lin, the Hybrid Demon King. Let’s just watch what happens and then move. Don’t worry, a Sea Demon King won’t die that easily.”






I could see the skirmishes on the banks slowly die down. Han Lin’s Twelve Generals had been killed. Four of them died in the hands of players. I, Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, and Ye Lai each killed one. The other eight had been killed under the attacks of the Tian Ling City army. Han Lin only had several dozen thousand Yasha and Fishmen troops here, but it was still a long road until we defeated them all.


One of heavy shield-carrying Flame Dragon Soldiers couldn't help but cut through the suspense He raised his battle axe and laughed, “Sea Demon King Han Lin, you’re actually left with so few soldiers? The end of the Sea Demons is finally here!”


As his words fell, the Sea Demon King Han Lin raised the Water God’s Halberd in his right hand. He suddenly let go of his reins and the three-headed dragon plunged through the water and arrived right before the banks. “Ka Cha!” a claw slashed through the soldier’s shield and body. One of the lieutenants of the Flame Dragon Army shouted, “Defend! Archers, prepare your arrows! Kill that dragon! D*mm*t, release!”


 “Pu pu pu…”


Arrows flew into the sky like rain, but none of them managed to penetrate the scales of the dragon. The remaining ten thousand Flame Dragon soldiers were extremely brave and immediately rushed forward to meet the dragon in battle. They surrounded it and continuously hacked at its scales.




The dragon’s screech pierced through our ears. It began to twist its enormous body and swept its claws through the crowds of people. It then opened its mouth and let out a Frost Dragon Breath, turning a whole group of soldiers into a block of ice. Even the blood on the ground froze.


King Rob gripped his Sword of the King as he stood up in the central tent, “Pearl, have the Winds of Battle Army charge. We must kill that three-headed dragon!”


Pearl nodded and turned around to give orders to a middle aged man, “Teacher!”


That man was the Winds of Battle commander Bai Li Ting. He was clothed in light armor over his white robes. He leapt onto his horse and charged at the dragon with his staff in hand. With a roar, a blast of flames sprung from his staff and rushed towards the sky, engulfing the nearest head. The dragon’s screech shook the heavens and earth. All of its scales were burnt black and fell off with a “Clink clink.” The Flame Dragon Soldiers grabbed the opportunity and charged forward “Pu pu pu!” They cut into the Dragon’s body as a cannon ball blasted it as well!




The dragon’s abdomen was completely blasted away and blood poured forth. Naturally, the dragon wouldn’t survive long after taking such heavy damage. With a cry, it fell onto the sandy beach, its blood dyeing all of the sand around it. With that, a Level 155 Demon Harvest BOSS died!




The player camp on the other hand seemed incredibly patient. Not a single one of them went out to battle. They just stood and watched as the NPCs went to battle. At the same time, it wasn’t that they were being cowardly, as [Valley of the Gods] War Tent gave a shout and took five hundred cavalry-type players charging into the battle. They were probably hoping to get some great experience or equipment from the dragon. Unfortunately, they had underestimated its strength. The second head of the dragon died under the attacks of Bai Li Ting and the Winds of Battle Army, but the third head killed over half of the [Valley of Gods] players with a few Dragon Breaths and a slash of its claws. In a blink of an eye, there were only several dozen of them left.


Then, the NPCs used their cannons and released several shots upon the dragon. With those hits, the dragon’s body became soft and the moment that it was about to fall, War Tent actually miraculously charged up and killed that Demon Harvest BOSS and rose a couple of levels. War Tent’s face was red with excitement. He picked up the equipment that it dropped and ran. Lu Dong Bing led a team of people to welcome him back, afraid that the third head would rip him apart before he even made it back.


Seeing War Tent get a lick of sugar, some of the other guilds started bustling with energy. Not long after, [Dao Jian Xuan], [Emperor’s Blood], and [Knights Templar] all charged ahead to kill the last head of the dragon. Even [House of Prestige] couldn’t sit around any longer. Bai Li Ruo Feng raised his bow and personally led a couple thousand people to battle.




 “Brother Xiao Yao, should we also charge?” Wang Jian said, “That dragon is a Demon Harvest Tier BOSS, and it’s the personal guard of Han Lin. If we kill it, we might get some Demon Harvest weapons.”


I shook my head, “No need, the Sea Demon King is too close to shore and can attack at any time. Let’s pay close attention to his battle style. There’s no need to care too much about one or two Demon Harvest weapons. Our goal is the Water God’s Halberd!”


 “Yes, sir!”


In the blink of an eye, under the NPC army and the players’ attack, the third dragon’s head dropped to around 20%. [House of Prestige]’s Vice Guildmaster Quick Thunder was red with excitement. He rushed forward with a laugh, “Throw all your firepower! Team two, get close to the BOSS. When you get the chance, grab the equipment. Team 3, flank from the right but don’t attack. We have to keep Dao Jian Xuan’s people away from the BOSS. Don’t let them near the dragon!”


Dao Jian Xuan’s players were clearly unforgiving. The Vice Guildmaster Iron Courage roared, “Quick Lightning, you motherf*cker, you’re crossing the line!”


Quick Thunder paid no attention to him. He probably didn’t even put Iron Courage in his eyes and continued ordering people to kill the BOSS.

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