Chapter 790 - The Twin Dragon Special Skill
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Zhan Long Chapter 790 - The Twin Dragon Special Skill

Chapter 790 - The Twin Dragon Special Skill

I actually managed to get 200 achievement points in that one battle?


I was stunned. That reward was truly juicy. Wasn’t it enough to bring me to first place in achievement points?


Unfortunately, the moment I opened up the Achievement Rankings, another bell sounded in the air. Once again, I fell to second place.






System Notification: Congratulations [Fang Ge Que] has killed one of the Twelve Generals of the Sea of No Return. [Wang Xi] and has received the following reward, Level +1, Charm+30, Achievement+200, Gold+40000!




A total of twelve Demon Harvest Tier BOSSes were supposed to appear in this wave. [Zhan Long] and the Royal Army dealt with one, while [Legend] killed another. However, the rest of the battlefield was in chaos. Most of the Yasha continued ravaging among the troops and we had no way of getting reliable information on what was happening at the other formations.


The second that Iron Scale had died, he dropped quite a bit of equipment. I galloped forward and picked up the three pieces and then displayed their stats for the [Zhan Long] players. One was a red helmet, one was a fiery dagger, and the other was a white cape. Qing Qian, Wan Er, and Li Mu all looked at me expectantly. Equipment dropped by a Demon Harvest BOSS, they must be pretty good, right?


I smiled, and pulled out the red helmet. I waved my hand in the air and the stats appeared. Just as I had expected, it was a Divine Tier equipment. While that was one tier lower than a Demon Harvest equipment, it was still among the top levels of equipment in the game at this stage. 




 [Iron Scale Helmet] (Divine Tier)


Type: Heavy

Defense:      1750

Strength:     +140

Stamina:      +138

Agility:        +137

Magic:         +134


Additional: Increases the user’s attack power by 20%

Additional: Increases the user’s Max HP by 5000

Additional: Increases the user’s critical hit chance by 11%. Stackable, up to 50%


Special Effect: [Steel Scale], Increases the user’s Hidden Defense and Magic Defense by 70%


Required Level: 140

Required Charm: 200




Raising the Steel Scale Helmet, I said, “Check out that Special Effect, it increases Hidden and Magic Defense. Some Demon Harvest equipment doesn’t even match up with that. Let’s go, the three people with the most damage and support come and ROLL. I don’t need it, my Hero’s Helmet is a bit stronger. Let’s do this quick so we can get back to the battle!”


Everybody picked up the pace. Six people rolled at the same time, and in the end Wang Jian ended up with the helmet.


Next up was the second piece of equipment, which was the fiery dagger. The dagger’s workmanship was exquisite and the flowers that were carved into its hilt were extremely elegant. I could see the faint glow of a fire lighting up the etchings. I waved my hand over it and revealed the stats to everyone




 [Heavenly Flame] (Demon Harvest - Superior)


Attack:        4450-6100

Agility:        +165

Stamina:      +160

Magic:         +157

Strength:     +155


Additional: Increases the user’s attack power by 75%

Additional: Increases the user’s attack speed by 120%

Additional: Ignores 355 of the target’s defense


Special Effect: Flame Devour, While attacking a target, the skill transfers 15% of damage caused by the attack into the user’s health


Special Effect: 3% chance of dealing 4x the damage to the target


Special: Demon Harvest Weapon 0012


Required Level: 140

Required Charm: 220




I weighed the dagger in my hand and then smiled, “It’s ranked twelfth among the Demon Harvest weapons. This dagger has to be among the strongest ones, right? Here here here, it’s a dagger with an attack power that’s even higher than my Dragon Reservoir Sword. How about we Roll?”


As I said that, I looked over at my beautiful girlfriend and smiled, “Wan Er, it’s time you start praying for good luck. Otherwise, if you keep losing each time you ROLL... anyways, the three assassins with the most amount of damage, come and ROLL!”


The top three assassins were Wan Er, Qing Qian, and Wolf. One was my girlfriend, one was my sister, and the other a brother. To be honest, it didn’t matter who got it. Either way, it was a boost to [Zhan Long]’s strength.


But at the same time, this Heavenly Flame dagger’s stats were just too great. It was a god weapon among assassins. Even if a swordsman, or a berserker were to wield it, they would deal terrifying damage. It felt a little bit wasteful in their hands, however. In an assassin’s hands, the dagger’s might would increase by over 50%. Plus, there was that 15% [Drain]. Normal weapons with high level damage didn’t include a [Drain] effect. This [Heavenly Flame] had it, however. That was where this Demon Harvest weapon was truly superior.


 “Pa pa pa” the three dice fell onto the ground and the numbers were revealed before us. I glanced over. Wan Er truly did not disappoint——


Wan Er: 91 points!


Qing Qian: 14 Points!


Wolf: 78 points!




The Heavenly Flame dagger appeared in the beautiful vice guildmaster’s hands. Wan Er immediately equipped it. With an Iron Umbrella in one hand and a Heavenly Flame dagger in the other, she was a truly impressive sight.


I finally tore my eyes from her hypnotic smile. If I continued looking, I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from giving her a kiss in front of all these Royal Army soldiers. That wouldn’t be good. After all, I just gave them a beating about not falling for the allures of women and wine. For the sake of the goal that Lin Tian Nan had given to me——dominating the world, I had to resist!


I picked out the final piece of equipment. It was a white cape. The cape itself didn’t look very exquisite, you could even call it a little deteriorated. There were even signs of rust on the shoulders. There were clear signs of wear on the embroidered edges. As it fluttered in the wind, it looked as though one edge was even tattered. But despite its appearance, it gave off a thick godly aura. I could feel it emanating from the threads when I reached out. I fell in love with it at the first glance. I had to get this cape!


[Violet Heaven Cape] (Demon Harvest)


Defense:      2400

Strength:     +170

Stamina:      +167

Agility:        +165

Magic:         +160


Additional: Increases the user’s attack power by 40% and attack speed by 25%

Additional: Increases the user’s magic defense by 105%

Additional: Increases the user’s Max HP by 8000


Special Effect: [Wind Stepper] Increases the user’s movement speed by 60%

Special Effect: [Twin Dragon], When the user’s health falls below 20%, the cape will automatically activate the [Twin Dragon] skill. Durability and defense is proportional to the user’s attack power. Cooldown: 10 minutes


Special: Demon Harvest Weapon Number 0022


Required Level: 140

Required Charm: 200




My eyes nearly rolled right out of their sockets as I stared at the Violet Heaven Cape’s stats. I waved my hand over it and smiled, “Wow, this is the cape of a solo king…”


Li Mu rubbed his nose, “No matter how you look at it, it was practically tailor made… This cape can be equipped by any class, so everyone can use it, alright? Let’s go and ROLL for it!”


Wang Jian retorted, “Nah, we need to give Brother Xiao Yao at least a little bit of hope. Let’s at least exclude anyone with less than 200 points in charm. Either way they wouldn’t be able to use it!”


I chuckled and stabbed my Zhen Yue Blade into the ground, “No matter if we decide to ROLL for it or Roshambo, either way that cape is mine!”


Li Mu looked as though his nose was about to bleed from excitement, “Okay, then all warriors with a charm over 200 points ROLL! Little Dance, can you count out the number of people?”


Little Dance decided to join in on the fun, “There’s 27 people!”


Wang Jian smiled, “Brother Xiao Yao, shall we ROLL? To be honest, you could be shameless and say that the cape will go to the person with the highest damage. If we do that, the beautiful Cang Yue would win it. She likes you so much that I’m sure she’ll hand it right over to you. Of course, the prerequisite would be… Wu, well with her personality, she’ll probably ask you to do a little something something…”


Wan Er was starting to panic. Her eyes widened at everyone and said, “Let’s just ROLL…”


Wang Jian laughed, “When the Vice Guildmaster Wan Er gets jealous, it’s indeed cute…”


Wan Er’s face was flushed, “Just hurry up and ROLL, let’s not waste anymore time…”


I nodded and put the cape over the horse’s head and said, “I’ll start. I’m thinking that the heavens have already decided that the cape is mine. Nobody will take it from me!”


One Second Hero replied, “Oh stop bluffing and just ROLL first!”


I threw out my dice. “Hua La La, it spun a few times. “Pa ta!” it stopped. Everyone gaped at the number——100 points. I actually rolled 100 points!


I clapped my hands and smiled, “Well, everyone else make the ROLL. If nobody gets a hundred points, then that Violet Heaven Cape will go to me… ahahaha….”


Of course everybody else couldn’t let my ego inflate like that and so they all ROLLed. In the end, Dong Cheng had the highest with 97 points. There wasn’t another person of the 27 who rolled a  hundred. I draped the cape over my shoulders. I felt a shiver rise up in my spine. Not only did my stats greatly increase, I felt my confidence spike too. When my health dropped below 20%, the cape would automatically activate the [Twin Dragon] skill. Hehe, this self-preservation skill was truly a godsend!


I looked at my stats gain and saw that they increased significantly——


 [Xiao Yao Zi Zai] (Dragon Knight)


Level: 147

Attack: 16554-20435

Defense: 12299

Health: 77,525

Magic: 15400

Charm: 683


CBN Battlenet Ranking: 6




I gripped the Ruler’s Cape in my hand and revealed the stats in the air, “This was my old cape. It’s a Divine Tier equipment. Who wants it? I’m giving it out for free!”


In the end, One Second Hero took it. The Ruler’s Cape added quite a bit of health and defense. It was very useful for him as a knight.


After we split up the rest of the spoils, we continued the battle. The mission before us was to kill the endless sea of Yasha soldiers. Ashen clouds hovered over the Sea of No Return and lightning continuously flashed across the ocean’s horizon. It was as though those demons of the Sea of No Return were also being cursed by the heavens. However, I could see the Sea Demon King Han Lin pushing closer and closer. I could even see that he sat atop an enormous shelled monster. At his feet was an army of demon soldiers. The Sea Demon King’s entourage was so impressive that even King Rob would feel a little admiration and envy. Thinking about it, it made sense. Han Lin was a carefree emperor at the bottom of the sea. Naturally, he worried about far less than King Rob.


 “Is Han Lin about to make a move?” Han Yuan nervously asked as he stared into the distance.


Long Xing replied, “Looks like it… The final battle is here!”


Xiao Ye coldly laughed, “Look at our Royal Army, do we even have the strength to meet Han Lin in battle?”


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As he said that, Xiao Ye looked at me, “General, we… There’s no need for us to act as the vanguard, is there? We’ve already lost over half of the Royal Army’s brothers. If we meet Han Lin in battle, I’m afraid that not a single one of our men will be left.”


I felt my heart clench as I thought about my men and nodded, “Let’s kill all of the Yasha troops before us. The Royal Army will maintain its current position and will not fight on the frontlines against Han Lin.”


 “Thank you, general!”




Right then, a conch suddenly rang from the central army. A messenger dashed over and shouted, “All generals be cautious, the Sea Demon King Han Lin’s advance is just a pretense. The Blood Giant Kehl is leading 100,000 Giants through the Fierce Wind Forest. They’ve already ambushed our injured camp that was posted there. They cut through seventy thousand of our soldiers. It looks like the Hybrid Demons true target is Tian Ling City. All armies, leave a third of your soldiers here to defend against Han Lin. The rest set off for the south and prepare for battle against the Blood Giant’s armies!”


I sat atop my battle horse and couldn’t help but feel a little faint. Motherf*cking, the AI of these NPCs was really high. They actually managed to trick all of the generals and players of Tian Ling City.

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