Chapter 789 - The Twelve Generals
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Zhan Long Chapter 789 - The Twelve Generals

Chapter 789 - The Twelve Generals



Li Mu ran over to fill in the gap. He raised his Neptune’s Blade and blocked the path of the Yasha crowd, “We can’t keep this up. That one charge they killed so many of our people. What do we do?”


Without a second word, Wan Er immediately activated her skill. Light rose off from her Wintry Clothes of a Minstrel. “Pop,” the sounds of bubbles wafted through the air. It was the [Heaven’s Lullaby] skill. The skill put all of the Yasha troops within a hundred yards of her to sleep. The effect lasted for seven seconds. This way, [Zhan Long] and the [Royal Army] would at least get a chance to recover for a moment. Everyone cast their skills and damage, quickly eliminating the first row of Yasha monsters.


I raised my Zhen Yue Blade and hacked away at all enemies in my path. Several times, my Zhen Yue Blade would cast a powerful stroke that would cut through everything within five yards of me, dealing 40% splash damage. Of course, with my attack power, it was incredibly painful to take that kind of damage. Very soon a space opened up around me, decreasing quite a bit of the pressure on [Zhan Long].


My Ancient Heavenly Tiger roared as it pounced into the crowd. The little tiger was a little frightened by these strange fish-shaped monsters, but after killing a few, it quickly gained confidence. It grew larger and threw a [Burstfire Raid] into the monster crowd. It had quite the stance as the King of Animals.




I looked to the side and saw that the Blade Shield camp of the Royal Army had all raised their heavy shields under General Xiao Lie’s command. Like that, they were able to parry the [Aquamarine Surge] and [Aquamarine Break]. The horsemen all ducked behind the shields. They had the advantage of higher ground, and so they stabbed their spears through the Yasha. The archers always had their bows prepared to attack. While the Yasha had a high attack power, it wasn’t enough to completely overpower the heavy shields. Furthermore, those shields were at least five centimeters thick. Normal humans couldn’t even pick them up. But its defense was extremely high.


Even so, quite a few of the barbarians in the Blade Shield camp had taken injuries. Han Yuan raised his spear to attack and shouted, “Medics, quickly tend to the injured! Any brothers who can still fight, raise your weapons. If you’re injured, retreat. These Yasha b*st*rds are extremely fierce!”


The Royal Army people were fighting with all they had. There was even one soldier who had lost an arm, but continued hacking away at the enemy. But as usual, the Yasha only needed one attack to fell the soldier. Just in terms of individual battle power, the Yasha completely overpowered that of the Royal Army. The strategy with the highest probability of winning for the Royal Army was to not only attack with the Blade Shield Army and the Cavalry, but also have the crossbow carts, archers, and cannons throw a fire net over the enemy. Very soon, the Yasha discovered that the Royal Army was not easy to deal with.


Time passed by slowly. Before the blood on the sand had been swept away, new blood was already dripping onto the old. The bodies of the Yasha piled up on top of each other. The Royal Army wasn’t much better off. The rate at which people were dying was only growing. [Zhan Long] was also losing a lot of players. Almost everyone had staked all of their strength in this battle.


In the blink of an eye, three hours passed. There was no way to count how many of the Yasha we had killed. All I knew was that [Zhan Long] had less than five thousand people left. We took heavy damage in this battle. Of course, those who had died would naturally get a pretty good reward after this battle was over, so they didn’t lose out on too much, unless they had died the minute that they entered battle.


 “Careful, someone’s coming from the side!”


Qing Qian pointed to the north. All I could see was a man riding on a green battle horse riding towards us. He was dressed in a deep blue armor and with each step, green ripples spread out in the sea. Clearly this was some kind of  general. From a distance, I was able to see the general’s stats and I copied it into the guild chat.



 [Twelfth General Iron Scale] (Demon Harvest BOSS)


Level: 155

Attack: 18200-20500

Defense: 17000

Health: 5,000,000,000


Skills: [Steel Scales] [Surround Slash] [Tidal Strike] [Water God Possession]


Introduction: Iron Scale, one of the leaders among the Fishmen in the deep sea. Iron Scale is an evolved human. The scales on his body are extremely hard and can’t be cut by blade or spear. Furthermore, he has trained in martial arts since he was a child, and has a stunning amount of experience. When he was only 17 years old, he was chosen to become a part of the Sea Demon King Han Ling’s personal guard. When he was only 21, he became one of the strongest warriors in the Sea of No Return. Wielding his Wave Break Blade, he fought everyone in the sea and was undefeated. Soon after, he became one of the twelve generals. Both in political and military achievements, he is second only to the Sea Demon King himself. He is widely regarded as the most likely heir to the throne.




 “Scatter before your general!”


Iron Scale roared and slammed his blade against the shield of the Royal Army’s Blade Shield line. “Ka Cha!” The entire shield split in two. The Break Wave Blade quickly cut into the barbarian standing behind the shield. He stood there, stunned, and slowly fell to his knees. Everything from his head to his shoulders had been sliced in half. Blood poured out from the top half of his body.




Han Yuang cried out. He was watching as the soldier died a gruesome death. It was rare to see something so gory occur. Iron Scale’s voice projected across the battlefield, scaring some of the rather cowardly soldiers out of their wits.


Iron Scale was right in the middle of the Royal Army soldiers. He was charging straight for the cavalry. He raised his Wave Break Blade and “Ka ka” cut down two of the horsemen. He then roared again, and his blade swept out in all directions, throwing slashes all around him. All of the horsemen who were near him cried out and fell. While Iron Scale was only a Demon Harvest Tier BOSS, he clearly had a lot of hidden skills. It looked almost as though he was completely dominating the Royal Army.


I was not far and felt my heart wrench with pain as I watched my soldiers die. I quickly yelled out, “Wan Er, Qing Qian, bring a group of people and follow me. We’ll go and kill that BOSS Iron Scale!”


A group of [Zhan Long] players lined up and followed behind me. A level 155 Demon Harvest BOSS. He was at the cusp of our limit as players.


I activated a [Charge] from a distance and locked onto Iron Scale. My Flying Scythe Horse whinnied and dashed forward in a flash. “Peng!” I rammed right into his back. I then raised both my Zhen Yue Blade and Dragon Reservoir Blade and dealt tree slashes. One after another, the damage numbers popped up. While Iron Scale had his [Steel Scale] effect up, his defense was truly terrifying. Even with my attack power, the damage was fairly light——








I tried again. This time, I put all my energy into my Zhen Yue Blade and threw a [Wind Slash] right onto his neck——




This time I finally hit a sore spot. Iron Scale roared and raised his Wave Break Blade, throwing a slash right onto my Hidden Dragon armor. When he saw the general badge at my waist, he coldly smiled, “So you’re the general of the Royal Army. Go die——[Tidal Slash]!”


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It was the Tidal Slash skill! I felt a cold shudder through my chest, and in the next moment, a flame blossomed on my armor. You could say it was like a tide. “Peng!” I flew back from the impact and an enormous damage number popped up over my head. That Iron Scale’s attack power was just too terrifying. He was practically on par with a Demon King——




Han Yuan and Long Xing both cried out, “Lord general!”


Matcha glanced at me, shock written across her face, “Thankfully it was boss that took that hit. If it was anyone else… I don’t even want to think about it!”


Li Mu and Wang Jian had already surrounded Iron Scale and dealt attacks from all four sides. I lead my horse forward and charged at the BOSS once again. Iron Scale roared and slashed at everyone. He then dealt another [Surround Slash]. Li Mu and Wang Jian all retreated, but even so, everyone lost over 50,000 health.


 “Matcha!” Wan Er shouted.


Without a pause, Matcha marched forward and rammed against the BOSS. She then activated [Holy Provoke]. Iron Scale immediately changed his attacks to attack Matcha. With a cold laugh, he mocked, “You dare provoke me? You naive little brat!”


 “Keng keng keng…”


His Break Wave Blade created sparks as it slashed against the Lion King Shield. From a distance, Darling Duck continued to feed Matcha [Heal]s. It was only like that, that she managed to take all of the hits. Dong Cheng, Dancing Forest, and Xing Lie all opened fire. Dancing Forest used her [Break Armor Shot] to lower his defenses. That way, Xing Lie and Li Mu could break through his defense. Otherwise, with Iron Scale’s defense stats, just one slash would only take one to two thousand damage. At that rate, when would they ever finish?




The Royal Army all organized their formation. As the Yasha attacked them, they supported us with arrows. With the NPC working together, Iron Scale’s health dropped much quicker. Within ten minutes, it was already getting to the bottom.


 “The gods of the sea will never forgive you!” Iron Scale screeched at us. With his Break Wave Blade in hand, he looked up at the sky and shouted, “Water God, please give me your power. Lend me the strength to kill my enemies!”


A ray of light fell and the Water God Possession was complete. His health recovery increased by 400%, furthermore his attack power increased by 20%. In one [Surround Slash], Iron Scale instantly killed three Steel Blade Horsemen. Li Mu and Wang Jian both quickly retreated. The three Steel Blade Horsemen that had been killed were all wearing the Black Flame Armor, and yet they were still instantly killed. Who knew just how strong he had become!?


I quickly recast [Wall of Dou Qi] and [Frost Armor] on myself. I went forward to provoke the BOSS. Never would I have imagined that he would remember a Royal Army General like me. As such, he immediately counter attacked with another [Tidal Slash]!






I flew back from the hit. I was nearly instantly killed in that one hit! Thankfully I was at full health…


I quickly gulped down a potion. Han Yuan and Xiao Lie were both distressed “B*st*rd, don’t you dare make a move on our general!”


A group of Royal Army horsemen charged forward to attack. They threw slashes and stabs onto Iron Scale, but quite a few couldn’t even break through his defense. Rather, Iron Scale used a single sweep of his blade and cut seven of the Royal Army horsemen in half!


I was starting to get panicked, “Don’t stop your fire! We need to control the BOSS with our skills!”


As I said that, I used a [Beast Lock] on the BOSS from afar. Unfortunately it was a MISS. I clenched my teeth and used another special skill——[Grip of Purgatory]. “Hua!” It locked Iron Scale in his original position. Now, he could no longer move. Dong Cheng and Dancing Forest continued shooting their spells. I also threw a [Seven Star Fragment Slash]+[Great Realm of Desolation]. I then also added an [Azure Dragon Crossbow]. It was only then that Iron Scale’s health finally began dropping again.


 “D*mn*d cowards!”


Iron Scale roared and charged ahead with only 2% health. He hacked down two other Steel Blade Horsemen with his blade, only to be stunned by Dancing Forest’s [Scatter Shot]. I then cast another [Charge] and rammed against the BOSS. I quickly followed with a [Strength of a Thousand Men]. In between the attacks, the BOSS’ health finally emptied and a bell sounded through the battlefield——




“System Announcement: Congratulations Player [Xiao Yao Zi Zai] for killing one of the Twelve Generals of the Deep Sea [Iron Scale]. You have received the following reward: Level+1, Charm+30, Achievements+200, Gold+40000!”

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