Chapter 795 - The Final Owner of the Water God's Halberd
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Zhan Long Chapter 795 - The Final Owner of the Water God's Halberd

Chapter 795 - The Final Owner oft he Water God's Halberd


Han Lin looked up, his eyes fierce. “You… you’re Frost?”  

Frost stood in the air with her clothing fluttering with the wind. The Severing Beauty Sword gleamed in her hand. You could see remnants of fiery blood that stained the blade. It was the color of Giant blood. She had finally left Gale Forest to provide reinforcements for the Sea of No Return.  

Once Frost arrived, I felt my heart settle. Her arrival signaled the beginning of the end for Han Lin. After he had killed so many Tian Ling City soldiers, there was no way we would let him leave unscathed. Han Lin was underestimating the strength of us human soldiers too much. At the very least, it was obvious that he did not place enough importance on Frost and the Dragon City Army.  

Frost stood in the air and looked down at Han Lin with a smile. “Is that the Sea Demon King? Don’t you typically guard the Sea of No Return and never question what happens outside? What brings you on land? Looks like you’ve truly grown tired of living.”  

Han Lin coldly smiled, “Frost, who do you think you are? You’re just a small human general in charge of guarding a city. Everyone else seems to think you’re some super human, but I don’t see anything special. Besides… if you were truly strong, then it is only fitting that I die in your hands and not in the hands of some ugly, nameless and hairless brat.” 

Li Mu shuddered, “Motherf*cker, even the NPCs know that I’m ugly?” 


Wang Jian nodded and comforted him. “Boss, don’t think too much of it. You’re the type that’s ugly on the outside but kind on the inside.” 

I raised a fist with a smile. “Wang Jian really knows how to put ice on the wound.” 


Li Mu’s face was completely pale, as though he didn’t want to recognize us as brothers any longer.   …… 

King Rob stepped onto a large boulder in the middle of the ruins. It was one of the foundations of the central army camp. All of the wood had been washed away by the tsunami. “Keng!” He pulled out the Ruler’s Sword and roared, “Warriors of Tian Ling City, charge! Kill Han Lin, kill him!”  

All of the knights roared in response. Their footsteps rang like thunder as they rushed forward.  

I pulled out my own Zhen Yue Blade and flipped onto my horse. “Let’s go, the BOSS only has 33% of his health left. It’s our turn to attack too!”  

Over a thousand Steel Blade Horsemen cheered in response and followed my lead. Not only us, but the other Tian Ling City guilds also surged forward. There looked to be about seventy to eighty thousand people in this one wave.  

Han Lin laughed like a maniac and flicked his Water God’s Halberd. The blade cut open the ground, instantly killing a group of [Judgement] Frost Ram Knights. “Come at me. No matter how many of you there are, I will kill every last one of you. The power of the Water God’s Halberd is limitless. I will never bow before you!”  

He swept the powerful halberd around him, creating a fierce whirlwind that even I and the Steel Blade Horsemen couldn’t charge past. All I could see beyond the flying debris was a group of Dragon Sword Horsemen from [Prague] that got sliced up in the winds.   “……” 

Frost’s face remained tranquil. She slowly raised her Severing Beauty Sword into position. Her graceful figure suddenly shot forward like lightning, striking right at the center of the whirlwind. “Peng!” Han Lin was thrown backwards from the force of the strike and a large wound opened up on his palm. Blood poured out. He had taken so much damage that he couldn’t even hold his stance before Frost’s strike.  


With a cry of pain, Han Lin tightened his grasp on the Water God’s Halberd. A murderous glint lit up his eyes. He raised his hand to his mouth and bit it, breaking the skin. He then pressed it against the blade of the halberd and shouted, “Sleeping Water God, please, open your cold eyes and pour your power into this blade. I promise to you that even in my death, I shall protect the water tribe!” 


A loud hum rose from the blade as the halberd began to emit golden rays of light. The light wrapped around Han Lin’s body, creating a golden armor. 


It seemed as though he had powered up quite a bit.  

“Be careful!”  

I roared out a warning, but the Steel Blade Horsemen charging in from the flanks had moved too quickly. Han Lin roared and opened his palm. Suddenly, an empty hole opened up right in the middle of the sand, swallowing a group of Steel Blade Horsemen. All that was left of them were numerous pieces of equipment, cards, and potions. But besides that, there wasn’t any sign of them!  

Frost was now enraged. She sped forward and threw a [Cosmic Blade]!  


The Water God’s Halberd clashed with Severing Beauty, creating several sparks. Han Lin’s attack had actually pushed Frost back a few steps. A trickle of blood emerged from the side of her lips. Looks like she had taken some damage during the Battle of Gale Forest.  

Han Lin crowed and retreated towards the Sea of No Return. “Frost, do you really think you can stop me from returning to the sea? Stop dreaming! All you have is the body of a Superior God, but you don’t possess a hint of the power and skill that a Superior God should!” Frost didn’t waste a single breath and surged forward, landing three blows from different angles! 

Han Lin was clearly becoming even more frenzied. Even with 3% health left, he refused to retreat. Instead, his halberd shuddered and he pushed Frost backwards! He then opened his hand at the Tian Ling City warboats and roared. Right then, a tornado rushed past, splitting the boats into splinters.  

Nobody would have imagined that Han Lin had a skill like that still hidden up his sleeve. Even Fang Ge Que and I halted in our steps to watch. Just who would still have the courage to take Han Lin on after seeing a sight like that?  

Disdain filled Han Lin’s expression. “Frost, just what will you use now to keep me here?”  

Frost stood at the shoreline, her emotionless eyes peering straight forward. She suddenly took a step back and turned around, walking straight towards the sea water. The moment she stepped into the water, a “Sss” sounded. Meters of ice spread from below her feet, freezing the sea water. She then stabbed her Severing Beauty into the ice. With her back towards all of us, she continued stepping forward, creating petals of ice with each delicate step. Soon enough, the entire shoreline had turned to ice.  


Frost suddenly lept into the air and landed in the middle of the sea. “Pa!” She created an enormous frost magic circle. Right after that, the ice spread out far and wide, creating a thick layer throughout the bay. Nobody would have imagined that Frost would actually freeze the ocean! 


“Ah…..” Han Lin let out a shocked voice. He charged straight for the ice with his Water God’s Halberd in hand and threw a heavy slash at it. “Peng!” I could feel the godly power radiating from that strike, and yet the ice remained just as it had before. This thick layer of ice now contained some of Frost’s godly power. Even the Water God’s Halberd couldn’t break through the enchantment. 

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Princess Pearl raised her long sword and lead the knights of the Winds of Battle army straight towards the ice. 

It was only then that the player teams awoke from their reverie. This was Han Lin’s final moments. In other words, it was our chance to shine! 

The Steel Blade Horsemen all galloped forward. The noise of battle and fighting rose up over the ice. Han Lin didn’t have any way of retreating back into the ocean, and he had used up all of his power in that battle against Tian Ling City. Unfortunately for him, the 3% health he had left was slowly being whittled away. This king of the Sea of No Return was meeting his end! 


“Prepare your targets!”  

I opened my hand, shooting my Dragon’s Hook through the air!  

Han Lin roared and swept out his halberd. “Keng!” the blade knocked away my Dragon’s Hook. I quickly continued dashing forward. I swung my long sword, only to see that Han Lin’s target wasn’t me, but rather... Fang Ge Que! Fang Ge Que was extremely calm. He continuously cast spells onto the BOSS. Furthermore, he continuously used three [Dimensional Leap]s, dragging Han Lin’s aggro straight towards [Legend]’s formation. Seeing this situation, I felt a shiver run down my spine. Motherf*cker, was the Water God’s Halberd really destined to end up out of [Zhan Long]’s hands?  

In that next second, a round of system alerts rang through the sky—— 


System Notification: Congratulations player [Little Scholar], for killing one of the Hybrid Demon Kings [Sea Demon King Han Lin]. You’ve received the reward: Level+4, Charm+100, Reputation increase, and Achievement+400!   …… 

Everyone was stunned. To think that Little Scholar, an insignificant flag bearer was the one to kill Han Lin. His death was truly shameful. In the next moment, the Water God’s Halberd appeared in Enchanted Painting’s hand. Fang Ge Que raised his staff and walked forward with only 7% of his health left. He smiled to us and said, “Now, it’s time to fulfill our promise. The Water God’s Halberd is now [Legend]’s. This is an agreement between men. All you guildmasters have to send some men to help us guard this godly weapon!”  

Li Mu was a little speechless. “You f*cker….”  

Ye Lai candidly said, “Alright then, a promise is a promise. I’ll leave a thousand Frost Battle Rams to help you protect the halberd!” I added, “There will probably be players from Moon City and Flame Cloud City who want to steal that Water God’s Halberd. How about…. having Enchanted Painting go to a player city. She can take refuge in [Zhan Long]’s Dragon’s Den. There’s hundreds of thousands of NPC soldiers there to protect her. There’s no reason to believe she’d be in any danger there.”  

Xuan Yuan Feng seemed skeptical. “We should go to [Legend]’s Nine Cloud City…. [Zhan Long] just needs to send a troop to help guard us.”  

I nodded. “Yong Jie, take two thousand knights with you, alright?”  

One Second Hero nodded in frustration. “Alright then….”   …… 

The Hero’s Mound Guildmaster Q-Sword walked up and said, “Fang Ge Que, did Han Lin drop any other goods?”  

Fang Ge Que smiled, “A Deity Level ring. It adds attack damage. I’ve given it to Ah Jin already. The other was a set of Demon Harvest tier leg guards. I’ve taken that for myself. And finally, there was a Demon Harvest Sword. That was given to Lu Chun Yang.  Q-Sword fumed in silence. 


To be honest, the rewards were actually pretty good, but they weren’t truly impressive. After all, Han Lin was one of the fifteen god level BOSSes. Dropping a Deity Level equipment wouldn’t be too difficult. As such, this Deity Level ring wasn’t very impressive. 


Right then, Wan Er piped up. “Now that we’re done fighting, why hasn’t there been an explanation on how the rewards will be given to us?”  

Li Mu also had a puzzled expression. “Yea, exactly!”  

Then I said, “Let’s go to Gale Forest. The Blood Giant Kehl has yet to die!”  

“Let’s go!”   …… This was another chance. Han Lin was now dead and he dropped a Water God’s Halberd. [Legend] had its entire guild and the support of several other guilds to protect that weapon. And so if we could really kill the Blood Giant Kehl, then [Zhan Long] would have a rather interesting opportunity. After all, the achievement points were still growing. Killing the Blood Giants and reaching number one in the rankings was now top priority. Who knows, perhaps a reward will drop that’s even more impressive than the Water God’s Halberd. 


I looked at the worn out [Zhan Long] players before me and I couldn’t help but smile. “Let’s go home first, fix up our equipment, and replenish our potions. After that, we’ll head to Gale Forest and see if this Blood Giant is as strong as he sounds!”  

Everyone nodded. “Yes sir!” 

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