Chapter 755 Hero’s Helmet
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Zhan Long Chapter 755 Hero’s Helmet

ZL Chapter 755 Hero’s Helmet

Once the Lion King Shield and the [Zhen Yue Battlesong] activated, Li Mu, Wang Jian and Old K’s battle power rose to a whole new level. They were actually able to hold off the BOSS on their own, relying solely on potions and heals. The Demon Harvest BOSS was of decreasing importance now. I swung my swords and continued the fight. Under the added BUFF from my [Zhen Yue Battlesong] my Zhen Yue Blade actually dealt 27,000 damage to the BOSS.

The Qin Deer was doomed the moment that it went against us. It had basically wasted all those centuries of training and evolution. Just like that, it was cut apart by our group. Once its health turned red, it activated “Deer Cry Aria”, a lasting attack skill. It continuously dealt sonic wave attacks against its targets. Unfortunately, every one of us now had increased our magic defense by 800 points. Killing us was too difficult of a task. Especially me. With my 20% [Drain] effect, I could take the Qin Deer head on without any problem.


“Killing the BOSS like this is a little shameless….” Dancing Forest was having so much fun she could barely keep her mouth closed as she smiled, “Of everyone in Tian Ling City, I’m afraid we’re the only ones who can fight a Demon Harvest BOSS like this…”

Li Mu smiled back at her, “Probably, keep killing! I’ve been waiting for this for a long time!”

Wang Jian swung his sword in a cut and asked, “Who’s dealing the kill?”

Wan Er replied, “Well, after that painful lesson from the last BOSS’s terrible drops, how about Li Xiao Yao deal the last attack? His charm is over 500 points. Otherwise, it’d be a waste of this BOSS’s level and tier.”



Very soon, the Qin Deer only had 1% health left. As soon as that happened, everyone immediately retreated, while I dealt the final attacks. The 15% dragon power on my Dragon Reservoir Sword activated, dealing two attacks that had three times the damage——




Following that, my Zhen Yue Blade also began to make a distinct noise. The moment that my blade fell, the Qin Deer’s head was actually cut off by a sweep from my Zhen Yue Blade. “Hua La!” The deer’s antlers fell onto the ground and three pieces of equipment were dropped. They all had a holy light aura. With a single look, I could tell that none of these were gold or silver equipment.


I leveled up to 137! The experience from this was incomparably generous!

Wolf smiled, “Congratulations Brother Xiao Yao, you’re level 137 now! It’s a new high!”

I looked at the level rankings and smiled, “Well, I’m still two levels behind Fang Ge Que. That b*st*rd’s speed at leveling is just inhuman….”

Qing Qian said, “It's ok, it doesn’t matter if your level is low. As long as you get close, I think that even if Fang Ge Que had activated his [Black Tortoise Shield], he would still not be able to survive after a round of your attacks. For Fang Ge Que, Brother Xiao Yao’s strength is like a nightmare right now. Last time, Enchanted Painting had said it in their guild chat and Fang Ge Que even conceded.”

I was stunned, “Huh? How the h*ll do you know what other guilds talk about in their guild chat?”

Qing Qian blushed and began to fiddle with the fur on her cape, “Brother Xiao Yao, are you underestimating the intel I have on other guilds? He he, I’m not some kind of decoration that you made as the vice guildmaster you know….”

I smiled, “Yup, I know that Melon is the strongest!”

Dong Cheng, “Alright already, don’t tease the young ones any more. Hurry up and check out the equipment.”


I picked up the three pieces of equipment. One was a long staff that was covered in flames. I could hear the faint sound of a deer cry come from it. It didn’t look bad at all. The second was a red battle helmet with a very unique structure. I could feel the killing intent radiating from its edges. It should be pretty good too. Finally, there was a shining necklace. I decided to pick up the staff first. Dong Cheng and Thousand Suns’ were practically drooling. I waved my hand over it and the stats appeared before us. The two girls gasped——

[Deer Cry Staff] (Demon Harvest Tier - Superior)

Magic Attack: 5100-6200

Strength: +170

Stamina: +168

Magic: +165

Agility: +162

Additional: Increases the user’s magic attack power by 80%

Additional: Increases the user’s Magic Burst by 20%

Additional: Decreases the user’s cast speed by 33%

Additional: [Deer Cry], increases the user’s magic attack power by 40%

Special: [Violence], increases the damage dealt by flame attacks by 50%

Special: Demon Harvest Weapon Number 3211

Required Level: 130

Required Charm: 200

Required Class: Mage


I laughed and raised the Deer Cry Staff, This is the second Demon Equipment that we’ve found since entering the Deer Cry Cave. Our luck is really great. Well then, the two mages, why don’t you step up for the raffle!”

Dong Cheng and Thousand Suns walked up, barely able to contain their excitement. They looked as though they were about ready to leap with joy!

71 Points!

43 Points!


They had easily decided the victor. Dong Cheng had not rolled a high number, but was still able to win the Deer Cry Staff. The next moment, the staff disappeared from my hands and into hers. The Dong Cheng right now was a killing machine. With a single wave of that staff, she could make countless warriors die.

Continuing on to the second piece of equipment. It was a flame helmet, and was something that I have coveted for a long time now. As I held the helmet in one hand, I waved my other hand over it to reveal the stats. I could feel a blazing heat radiating from it. There was no way that this had bad stats. When the stats finally appeared, everyone was stunned ——

[Hero’s Helmet] (Demon Harvest)

Type: Heavy Armor

Defense: 2200

Strength: +175

Stamina: +172

Agility: +170

Magic: +167

Additional: Increases the user’s magic defense power by 127% and physical defense by 40% [a]

Additional: Increases the user’s base attack power by 1800

Additional: Increases the user’s MaxHP by 7000

Special: [Hero’s Heart], The user will not be affected by Stuns, Lullaby’s, Confusion, or Poison[b]

Special: Demon Harvest Armor Number 0001

Required Level: 130

Required Class: Heavy Class

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Required Charm: 300


‘“What the f*ck!”

Li Mu cursed in amazement. He exclaimed, “What the actual f*ck…. Is this the number one Demon Harvest equipment? It’s number 0001 in the Demon Harvest Class. Doesn’t that mean its the best?”

Wan Er nodded with a smile, “Yup, our luck practically exploded….”

Old K, “1800 base attack, 7000 MaxHP, it doesn’t look like it's good enough to be the number one Demon Weapon, right?”

Wang Jian shook his head, “Old K, you don’t get it. The OP part about this Hero’s Helmet isn’t the stats, but the special skills. That [Hero’s Heart], prevents stuns, lullaby, confusion, poison and what not. In other words… the person who has this [Hero’s Helmet] won’t be stunned even by an assassin, archer or mage!”

Old K gaped, “F*ck, that’s way too OP…”


I raised the Hero’s Helmet and smiled, “Well then, let’s ROLL for it and see just who Lady Luck is smiling upon!”

Li Mu thought about it for a moment and sternly said, “I want that Deer Cry Outfit, so I won’t take this Hero’s Helmet….”

Wang Jian also stepped out, “I also want the Deer Cry Outfit…”

In the end, they all stepped out. Finally, all that was left was Old K, staring at me stupidly. He then chuckled, “They’re all very magnanimous, but I won’t be polite with you, haha….”

I smiled back, “Just what part of you makes you think that lady luck will smile on you over me?”

As I said that, I threw out the dice. They rolled a few times, finally stopping on 11.

Old K roared in laughter. Tears nearly rolled down his cheek, “Motherf*cker, now she’s just laughing at you….”

I glared at him, “Hurry up and ROLL!”


Old K threw out his dice. It rolled a few times. His eyes stared so hard they nearly dropped out of their sockets. Finally it stopped on an incredibly sorrowful number——1 point!

I laughed back and raised the helmet, “Old K, thank you brother….”

Old K’s tears rolled down his cheek, “But, I wasn’t….”

I didn’t bother to hear him out. It was rare for me to get an equipment that I had wanted for so long. [c]

 [Xiao Yao Zi Zai] (Dragon Knight)

Level: 137

Attack: 16464-20325

Defense: 11242

Health: 73155

Magic: 15330

Charm: 553

CBN Battlenet Ranking: 6


I switched out my Magic Dragon Helmet. Now I wouldn’t have the [Dragon Transformation] skill. But, I would have the [Hero’s Heart], that OP special skill. From now on, I won’t have to worry about stun and lullaby. Great! On top of that, with my rage limit, once I’m in the team battles, then most of my rage will be used on skills like [Zhen Yue Battlesong] and the [Halberd Flame], and [Grip of Purgatory]. There was no need to keep the [Dragon Transformation].

Like this, I actually became the biggest winner in this Deer Cry Cave mission. I felt like I had eaten a whole spoonful of honey.


Continuing on, we took the last equipment. It was a necklace.

[Purple Flame Dragon Bone Necklace] (Demon Harvest)

Strength: +177

Stamina: +172

Agility: +170

Magic: +168

Additional: Increases the user’s attack power by 75%

Additional: Increases the user’s MaxHP by 5000

Additional: Decreases the skill and item cooldown period by 20%

Special: Purple Flame, Increases flame damage by 10%

Special: Mortal Imprisonment, deals an attack on the soul of the target. For 180 minutes after the target is killed, it cannot revive, nor can the spirit awaken. Furthermore, it decreases the target’s heal effect by 40%. Consumers 70 points of rage, Cooldown 10 minutes

Required Level: 130

Required Charm: 220

Required Class: All Heavy Armor Class


Looking at the Purple Flame Dragon Bone Necklace, Li Mu couldn’t help but smile, “This necklace’s special effect is really savage, it doesn’t allow the player to go online for three hours after they’ve been killed. This is a killing machine in the team battles!”

I nodded, “Yup, this is great for killing the strong players in a team battle. It’s extremely useful. Let’s go. Whoever gets this gets to be our compass. Whoever you pick to kill, we’ll kill!”

Wan Er grinned, “A close combat necklace, hurry up and ROLL. I saw that the BOSS dropped two books too….”

“Wow, you noticed that too…” I smiled.

“He he, what do you think!”

Very soon, everyone else also finished their ROLLs. In the end, the Purple Flame Dragon Bone Necklace went to Li Mu with 97 points. With this, Li Mu will truly become the compass of our team. After all, whoever he gives that [Mortal Imprisonment], then we can kill whomever. By the time he revives in three hours, everything will be over with.

After we finished splitting up the equipment, there was still two green skillbooks left. When I checked them out, I saw that one was the [Unrivaled Spirit] while the other was [Concealed Spirit]. As for the [Unrivaled Spirit], there was only Wan Er and Wei Liang left who didn’t have it. The two girls rolled for it, in which Wan Er lost once again. Her tears nearly dropped out of her eyes, as she watched the [Unrivaled Spirit] go to Wei Liang. Thankfully, when the four assassins rolled for the [Concealed Spirit], Wan Er had finally won. This was most likely the first to appear and be learned in Tian Ling City. After she activated the [Concealed Spirit], every time she attacks a target, she obtained 0.5 seconds of concealment. It was extremely good for ambushing.

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