Chapter 756 - Royal Army Commander
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Zhan Long Chapter 756 - Royal Army Commander

Chapter 756 - Royal Army Commander

Like this, the Tribe of Deer Cry Cave mission was finally over. The greatest reward I had won from it was the Hero’s Helmet. The number one Demon Harvest Equipment. The [Hero’s Heart] special effect made my heart jump just by looking at it. Dong Cheng Yue got the Deer Cry Staff while Li Mu got the Purple Flame Dragon Bone Necklace along with that [Mortal Imprisonment]. All in all, most of the main players had received ample rewards from this mission. 


As I held the antlers of the Qin Deer in my hands, I said, “Let’s go back to Tian Ling City and turn in the mission. Its an SSS tier Main Quest, so who knows, maybe there’ll be more awards!” 


Everyone nodded. 


“Shua shua shua!” Light flashed as everyone teleported to the plaza of Tian Ling City. All twenty of [Zhan Long]’s players had teleported together. I leapt off my horse and led everyone to the palace. On the way there, we saw several patrolling cavalrymen. Tian Ling City was working on moving a large shipment to Ba Huang City. After all, it is a top tier city. There was no way Ba Huang City would have that many patrols. Even the royal palace didn’t have as many guards. 


I stepped onto the golden stairs and walked into the grand hall of the palace. Both sides were guarded by imperial bodyguards. They carefully examined us, checking our shoulders for our insignias. Only Tian Ling City players could enter. Any other players would most likely be cut down on the spot. 


In the great hall, there was a group of dancers gracefully dancing at the center. King Rob was entertaining some officials. The palace dancers swept around the center of the hall in beautiful stances. All of the dukes and ladies widened their eyes and marveled at the beautiful dance. King Rob sat upon the throne, a beauty in his lap and his face slightly flushed as he smiled, “Today, I have invited all of you here in hopes that we drink the night away! After today, I will rely on everyone here for matters of the state!” 

At that moment, a bearded officer stood up and bowed, “Your majesty, I thank you for your generosity. I, and my 30,000 private troops will slave away for the empire. Whatever your majesty needs, my 30,000 troops will fight tooth and nail for you, without any regret!” 


King Rob smiled, “Sir Qian Long, please sit. I acknowledge your loyal heart!” 


A step below the throne was a large table. The crown prince Theodore smiled coldly, “That man only knows how to drunkenly act. When Dragon City was surrounded, we didn’t see a shadow of his troops. In terms of running away, he will be the first!” 


Princess Pearl glanced around and said, “Brother, watch your words…” 


On the side, the second prince Owen remained silent. He just held up a cup and gulped down the grape wine. After a few seconds, he quietly said, “The Hybrid Demons in the North are already starting to make their move. Who knows how much longer this peace will remain. I hope that this flowery feast will be enough for those officials to bring out their private armies.” 


Pearl smiled, “Brother, do not worry too much, it will happen. After all, they understand the basic theory, if the empire falls, there’s nothing to protect them.” 


“Let’s hope!” Owen said, “These days, there have even been some scattered Hybrid Demon troops wandering past the Ice Ridge Mountains in the empire’s territory. Thankfully the adventurer’s have been leaving their nests and killing them. However, I think that the Hybrid Demon Army will soon launch another attack on Dragon City. If we don’t have 200,000 troops, I’m afraid that we won’t be able to hold them off. Lanais is already planning her second ambush.” 


Owen furrowed his eyebrows and said, “Isn’t Frost guarding Dragon City? She has the power of a Vice God in her, it shouldn’t be that easy to break through Dragon City, right?” 


Owen groaned, “Frost’s Vice God power has yet to fully awaken. She may be able to take on a Hybrid Demon King on her own, but two would be too dangerous. Even if the Red Dragon Queen joined with her, then at most, Dragon City can hold off at most three Hybrid Demon Kings. But,... the north has a total of 14 Hybrid Demon Kings! Just a month ago, Frost had sent her team member Qing Luo to Tian Ling City for reinforcements. She asked for ten thousand weapons, three thousand battle horses, as well as food, metals, and laborers.” 


Owen said, “Yup, I have already reported it to Father. Dragon City’s requests, aren’t excessive, so it should be allowed. After all….” 


Suddenly, Theodore smiled and looked at the officials at the feast, “After all, Dragon City just wants some weapons and battle horses. But they’ve never asked for beautiful women or gold. That is enough to prove that Dragon City is still the number one defense for humans. And that they are a fort of true warriors!” 


Owen nodded, “Yup, I agree with your words! Pearl, from now on, I will leave all communications with Dragon City to you! I will take a faction of the Xia Yu Army to camp in Dragon City so that they can reinforce them at any moment. It's just…” 


Owen said, “Just what?” 


“It's just, I don’t know if Ba Huang City’s little princess Angela will allow our army to camp within Ba Huang City’s territory!” 


Pearl smiled, “Don't’ worry about that, I’ve written a letter to Angela. She has no objections to camping troops near Dragon City, as long as that’s the only area.” 


“That’s good….” Theodore looked over at the old king with a tinge of worry, “Tian Ling City is our home. Even if the blood flows like a river, we will guard it.” 


Pearl said, “Yes….” 



At that moment, we all got off our horses. We didn’t dare act impudently in the palace. I stood at the very front and lead the other 19 people in [Zhan Long]. A general nearby said, “Who are you. Do you not see that his majesty is in the middle of a feast right now?” 


I saw the words, “Dragon Tamer General Li Shi”. Its an NPC general. However, it didn’t seem as though a Dragon Tamer General was a very high position. At least it wasn’t something like Commander. How could he act so arrogantly? 


I walked forward and said, “I have found a treasure within Tian Ling City and I am here to present it to the king.” 


Li Shi gave a look of contempt, “You found a treasure? How is that possible, unless you stole it?” 


At that moment, Princess Pearl stood up and chided him, “General Li Shi, please respect the adventurers of Tian Ling City. Do not forget, who was it that killed all of the monsters in Tian Ling City? It wasn’t the royal body guards under your command!” 


Li Shi’s expression turned extremely ugly, “Yes… your highness Princess Pearl!” 


However, right as the general sat down, I saw a flash of anger pass through his eyes and I heard him mutter, “That b*ch, what’s she doing, acting all high and mighty. Just you wait for the day I have you in my hands!” 


I coldly laughed. This Tian Ling City truly was a shady place! 


At that moment, King Rob finally spoke, “Adventurers, what have you found. Bring it to me and present it to me!” 


I pulled out the antlers from my bag and said, “I and my men entered the Deer Cry Cave and killed the Qin Deer. From there, we obtained its antlers. It should be one of the treasures that the empire has listed that is up for a reward, right?” 




King Rob shuddered, “You… you have really killed the Qin Deer? Theodore, go and inspect it!” 


The crown prince walked up and accepted the antlers. He suddenly turned around, “Father, it really is the the antlers of Qin Lu. The magic power is radiating off of it.” 


As he said that, Theodore turned around and glared at the General Li Shi, “If my memory serves me right, General Li had lead 5000 heavy troops into the Deer Cry Cave to kill the Qin Deer, but ended up completely defeated. I heard that you had lost over two hundred people and had even lost quite a few weapons there. Am I mistaken?” 


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Princess Pearl smiled, “These adventurers are truly amazing. They must have already surpassed our Royal Troops, isn’t that right?” 


As she said that, Pearl turned around to the king and said, “Father, I have a suggestion. How about we reorganize our Royal Army and begin recruiting the adventurers to protect the safety of the country!” 

King Rob nodded, “Yup, I agree with Pearl’s suggestion.” 


Pearl said, “In the past, the Royal Army only consisted of noblemen. They claimed to bring honor to the country, but they never had the strength. As time went on, the rules of the Royal Army has become lax and our strength has waned. If the adventurers join the army, they will strengthen it. However, I also suggest that General Li be demoted from his position. He is not fit to lead.” 


King Rob nodded, “Yup, we will do just as you say. I demote General Li Shi as a deputy general who will be transferred to the Xia Yu Army. However, who do you suggest as the man to lead the Royal Army?” 


Pearl pointed her finger, right in my direction. I glanced around and tried to move away. But she kept her finger on me. She smiled, “Father, this adventurer has lead many accomplishments in Dragon City. Furthermore, he is a well respected hero in the empire. He’s even Frost’s personal student. I’ve heard Frost bring him up and she has said nothing but praise.” 


King Rob looked at me and smiled, “Young warrior, what is your name?” 


I rubbed my nose, “Li Xiao Yao.” 


“Ok, Li Xiao Yao!” King Rob straightened his sleeve and said, “You have brought the Qin Deer’s antlers for the empire, and cleared out a large group of demons. Right now, the reward that I am giving you is a large responsibility. Do you accept?” 



I stood there shocked. Wan Er, Dong Cheng and Li Mu had all been stupefied. Never would we have imagined that something like this would happen. 



System Notification: Once you have accepted the responsibilities as a Commander of the Royal Armies, you will gain Level+5, Charm+100, Furthermore, you will have the power to recruit any soldiers. It is your responsibility to patrol the safety of the empire. Every day, you must spend at least thirty minutes organizing and strategizing the military. Once a war breaks out, you will personally lead the armies against the enemies. Do you accept the position as Commander of the Royal Armies? 


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