Chapter 754 - The Glory of Two Country Weapons
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Zhan Long Chapter 754 - The Glory of Two Country Weapons

Chapter 754 - The Glory of Two Country Weapons

A small stream flowed between the mountain ranges. On both sides were thick and flourishing forests. The third floor of the Deer Cry Cave was practically heaven on earth. Small flours dotted the green landscape. I took a deep breath of the soft fragrant woody notes on the wind. As a breeze brushed past my face, the red and green trees swayed lightly in the air. The landscape was unparalleled in beauty. Around forty yards away from us, a red deer was nibbling on the grass beside the stream. There was a soft holy light glowing from the the Deer Spirit's head, planting a seed of awe in our hearts. 

“Woah, this place is really beautiful…” Wan Er smiled carefreely. After spending so much time in the Iron Cage of a city, even if this scenery is fake, it still gives a pleasing feeling.” 

Li Mu replied, “This really is nice. It’s even more beautiful than the Shou Xi Lake in Yang Zhou.” 

Wang Jian smiled, “That Deer Spirit is also prettier than the so called beautiful women in Shou Xi Lake….” 

I pursed my lips, “Pretty my *ss, that Deer Spirit is a monster. Everyone, be wary. I’m only forty yards away and yet I still can’t see the Deer Spirit’s stats. It’s strange. Just what level is it? Old K, you go and check!” 

Old K raised his battle axe and walked forward. In the end, before he could even get close to the Deer Spirit, it raised its head and let out a cry. Magic suddenly burst around the Deer’s antlers. In the next moment, “Pa Tse!” a bolt of lightning descended from the sky, and cracked Old K smack in the head, and dealt 17332 damage. 

“What the f*ck…” 

Wolf was stunned, “That’s an instant magic attack. Old K, cut it down!” 

Old K swung his battle axe and charged forward. After all, he had a lot of brothers behind him to give support. 

I also lead my horse closer to the deer. Only then did I see that the monster was Level 150. It was fourteen levels higher than me, and so naturally, I wouldn’t be able to see the stats. However, the Deer Spirit’s skills were very distinct. One was a lightning attack, while the other was a defensive aura that surrounded its body. The shield could block a certain level of damage. Furthermore, it dealt a burn effect on the enemy. Other than that, there was the thunderbolt skill. It deals an area attack of around five yards range. Instantly, Old K and I had lost over ten thousand health. The magic attack of this mob was truly impressive. A level 5 Hybrid Demon should be around this level of strength as well. Otherwise, Frost and Zi Shu wouldn’t be so worried as they toughened the defenses in Dragon City. 


“Level 150 Deer Spirit, Level 5 Hybrid Demon. These are the monsters on the last floor.” 

Wan Er picked up her dagger and lot a few bloody cuts on the Deer. She deftly threw out a series of attacks, and instantly racked up nearly 40,000 damage. The moment that the Deer Spirit raised its head, Wan Er pulled out her iron umbrella. “Peng!” she had successfully defended against the magic attack. The momentum of the attack had thrown her backwards though. As soon as her boots touched the ground, she lurched forward, and fought the Deer Spirit again. She then smiled, “Hurry up and fight. It's already eleven at night, we still have to go to work tomorrow morning….” 

Dong Cheng threw a [Thunderbolt Finger] and grinned, “Wan Er, have you already become subservient to the corporations? Tomorrow’s a Saturday, there’s no need to work….” 

Wan Er stiffened and smiled in surprise, “Oh… Yay, then don’t wake me up early tomorrow. I want to sleep until noon!” 

Dong Cheng replied, “Eh… alright then, I’ll do that with you….” 

One Second Hero replied, “I want to too…” 

Wang Jian glared at him, “You dumbass, that’s Brother Xiao Yao’s girlfriend!” 

One Second Hero added, “I said I want to log off to go to the bathroom….” 

Wang Jian said, “Oh, go ahead then….” 


The Deer Spirit’s attack and defense were both pretty good. Especially that Thunderbolt attack. It was deadly for a situation like ours where there were three to four people surrounding the monster and attacking. It could let loose a barrage of lightning. After fighting for less than thirty minutes, some people had already leveled up. Golden rays of lights rose up around me. Just another sign that our rewards for this mission were very nice. 

On top of that, these Deer Spirits had a higher drop rate for the Deer Cry Equipment than all the others. In one hour, we managed to get eight pieces. It was around 40% higher than the past monsters. Looks like [Zhan Long] will be able to create 1-3 more outfits for the close combat players. That was good, after all, [Zhan Long] will definitely make it their goal to use the Deer Cry Outfits on the battlefield.If our enemy were to run into multiple people of ours who wore this set then they might as well just surrender.

We kept fighting all the way until three in the morning. Finally, we had killed all of the Deer Spirits. There was only one corner of the map left, since that was the Qin Deer’s den. We left the BOSS until the end. Either way, nobody had come into the map yet. Even if they had, there wouldn’t be enough time. In terms of small scale team battles, who in Tian Ling City could match [Zhan Long]? 

We had gathered a total of 12 sets of Deer Cry Outfits, as well as six extra parts. That was fine too, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K, Dong Cheng Lei, and Yue Yao Yan were all adorned with the Deer Cry Outfits. I had given out seven sets to the people who were with us. The rest were in my bag, to be divided up when we returned to the city. For equipment this good, I wasn’t worried that people wouldn’t want it. 


We heard the loud cries of a deer travel out from the depths of the valley. As we got closer, we saw an enormous deer about three meters tall that just stood there. I could see a divine aura coming from its entire body, as though it were the mount of a god. But, we all knew that this was the final BOSS. There was no way it was going to be an easy task to defeat it. As before, I couldn’t read the BOSS’s stats. But, I knew that it must be a magic attack type, Level 150 Demon Harvest BOSS. This was also the highest level BOSS that we had met to this point. Of course, that is besides the Hybrid Demon Kings. After the game updated, Igoras and Lanais had all leveled up. They were probably God Level BOSSes by now, and was no longer something that we players could even dream of fighting. 

Prepare to battle. Let’s let the BOSS use its skills first to figure out the situation. Whoever’s magic defense is the highest, goes first?” Wan Er glanced at our team of knights. 

Matcha raised her Lion King Shield and smiled, “The Lion King Shield is with me, so I should be the one to go…. Healers, give me [Hundred Battles], I’ll go and try it out!” 


The moment Darling Duck cast [Hundred Battles] on Matcha, Matcha had already charged out. “Peng!” She rammed into the Qin Deer. At that moment, the Qin Deer started to glow even brighter as it dipped its head and charged at Matcha. It had a look of contempt in its eyes, as though it were a god looking upon us mortals. Right after that, the Qin Deer raised its head, and a bolt of lightning raced right out at Matcha’s chest! 



Matcha shuddered and furrowed her elegant brows, “What a terrifying magic attack. Everyone, be careful….” 

Surprisingly, the Qin Deer not only dealt superb magic damage, but also physical. After that bolt, it immediately leaned forward and “Peng!” rammed against the Lion King Shield, dealing 11000+ damage. Matcha’s health had already dropped below 50% at that moment. We could not let her tank this BOSS, otherwise, she might end up getting instantly killed. This high level Demon Harvest BOSS couldn’t be killed with blunt force even if we had the Lion King Shield. 

“Let me at it!” 

I picked up my Zhen Yue Blade and charged forward. I then raised my arm and locked my [Great Realm of Desolation] onto the Qin Deer! 


Yup, the BOSS’s defense was acceptable and we could still break through it. As I dashed forward, my Dragon Reservoir Sword arced forward. “Pa Pa Pa!” it dealt a chain of attacks. I then swung my Zhen Yeu Blade, and unleashed a burst [Combo] attack along with my [Strength of a Thousand Men]. Both multi attacks landed against the Qin Deer’s enormous body, and it shuddered in pain. It immediately directed its aggro onto me. “Hua la!” another bolt of lightning screamed right at me. However, I wasn’t the only one hit. Matcha also yelped out in pain. The feeling of lightning running through my body set all my nerves on fire —




Looks like my magic defense was somewhat stronger than Matcha’s even when she had the Lion King Shield equipped. It was probably due to the effect from [Wall of Dou Qi]. After all, it was now stacked so that it had a 200% defense. That was an effect that could not be replicated. 

The Qin Deer raised its hooves and cried out under my attacks. Blazes of fire began to spread out, and turned into a shield. When the shield was complete, I was stunned as I tried a [Wind Blade]+[Fierce Ice Blade]——



My attack power had been greatly decreased. Isn’t this defense increase too high? 

Matcha couldn’t deal an attack through it either. She quickly shouted, “Ranged players, decrease your attacks. Don’t drag the aggro away from us!” 

Xing Lie, Dancing Forest, and Dong Cheng hadn’t stopped in time. The Qin Deer was already charging towards them. Matcha quickly threw a [Brave Ram], but the attack missed. Even my [Binding Chains] had missed. With no other choice, I could only use my special skills. I raised my arm and used  [Grip of Purgatory]. That skill had a 100% success rate. As long as it hit, then it was fine. In the end, the Qin Deer screeched as it stood there. Lightning flashed between its antlers, and then struck the center of our group. Xing Lie, Dancing Forest, and Thousand League had all been slain in the one single attack! 

“Calm down and, revive everyone!” 

Wan Er charged out front and dragged the BOSS’s aggro to her with [Blade of the Death God]. When the BOSS activated its lightning skill again, she immediately raised her Iron Umbrella and said, “Meng Yao, go and tank the boss. Just use your Iron Umbrella!” 

Meng Yao nodded. She’d been ready for this moment for a while. With her Black Flame outfit, she rushed forward on her Verdant Pear. She raised her Iron Umbrella and melded it with her shield. With one hand, she cut forward while the other parried attacks. Even after several bolts of lightning, she had only lost ten thousand health. She was completely fine with holding it off. Looks like the Moon Elves have surpassed my imagination. 

Yue Yao Yan quickly joined the battle. Five to seven people dashed forward and controlled the BOSS while the rest focused on firepower.

In a short ten minutes, the Qin Deer’s health was under 40%. I quickly said in the chat, “Matcha, activate the special skill on the country weapon. I’ll do the same. This way, we’ll kill the BOSS without any more casualties!” 

Matcha nodded with a smile, “Yes sir. Just in time for me to use that 30 point additional rage ring that I got on the market!” 

Matcha lowered her Lion King Shield and successfully activated her skill. At that moment, a ray of light burst forth and covered everyone’s body. A shield symbol appeared above everyone’s head. 4000 points of additional base defense and 800 points of additional magic defense. It was the best effect for fighting against a BOSS like Qin Deer! 

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My Zhen Yue Blade also leapt out as the special skill activated, Zhen Yue Battle Song. It increased the base attack of all friendlies by 4000 and lasted ten minutes! 

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