Chapter 753 - Boiling Mountains
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Zhan Long Chapter 753 - Boiling Mountains

Chapter 753 - Boiling Mountains

Three hours later, we cleared out all of the Mang Battle Tigers on the second floor of the Deer Cry Cave. By the end of this, we had completed the fourth set of the Deer Cry Outfit. We had already given up hope on mass producing this set. Even if we had cleared out the entire third floor, at most we would have six or seven of those Deer Cry Outfits. But, that wasn’t bad either. We would only give those to the most top tier swordsmen of [Zhan Long] to equip. That way, they would be able to deal the greatest force. 



“BOSS is here, it’s a tiger.” 


Qing Qian raised her dagger and charmingly stood beside a wall. She smiled to me, “It’s a wild beast type BOSS. Logically speaking, its drop rate for pet eggs and mounts should be fairly high. Everyone pray for good luck!” 


I nodded, “Prepare for the fight, I’m going ahead to check out the BOSS’s stats!” 


“Yes sir!” 


I lead my horse forward. When I was only 40 yards away from the BOSS, his stats appeared. It was another level stronger than the BOSS from before, but it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Everyone’s equipment and levels were growing better and stronger. Unless the BOSS was a Hybrid Demon King. Otherwise, the Ghost Harvest BOSS’s are no longer unrivaled. Besides, we had twenty people with us this time, with all types of attacks and players. There was nothing to fear. 


The fierce tiger was at least three meters tall and looked more like an elephant. The fur on his back did not look soft at all, but rather spiky, like a porcupine. It growled, revealing long and sharp canines that looked to be at least 20 centimeters long.The sight of it made goosebumps rise up on my arm. A dull red flaming aura rose from its body, giving off heat. Furthermore, that fierce tiger looked straight at me, its eyes filled with killing intent——


[Hell Fire Tiger] (Ghost Harvest BOSS)


Level: 148


Attack: 16200-19500


Defense: 14000


Health: 360,000,000


Skills: [Hellfire Claw] [Awe of the Land] [Burstfire Raid] [Boiling Mountains] 


Introduction: Hellfire Tiger, originally a battle beast raised by one of the kings in the depths of hell. The Hellfire Tiger was born from within the boiling depths of magma. It had taken the power of the flames to stay alive. It is extremely strong. After it was tamed, it became the tooth and claw of Hell. While on a mission, it was brought to the human world. In the end, it was surrounded by three Holy Domain Heroes. It escaped with mortal injuries and ran to Deer Cry Cave where it slowly recovered. Finally, it was tamed once again by the Qin Deer and became one of the Beast Guardians



“The skill names are really pretty…” Meng Yao said as her eyes lit up. 


Qing Qian agreed, “Yup, Awe of the land, Boiling Mountains, who knows what kind of effects those are. Should we prepare to attack now? Matcha will be our tank and Brother Xiao Yao will be back up.” 

I nodded, “Yup, sounds like a plan. When we attack and the BOSS activates a skill, let’s do all we can to interrupt it so that we can decrease our losses. Its attack power is incredibly fearsome, we cannot underestimate this tiger. On top of that, it’s clear as day that his strength is above that of the bear.” 


“Yes sir!” 


Matcha raised her Lion King Shield and lead her horse forward. “Peng!” she rammed against the Hellfire Tiger. She swung her long sword and activated [Skyshaker Pierce]+[Flame Axe]. “Pu pu!” She dealt 4000+ damage. Matcha’s defense was incredibly high but with the Black Flame Set, her attack was pretty high up as well. 



The Hellfire Tiger let out a roar and swung its fierce claw, lunging right onto the shield! 



My heart shook. That attack power is insane. Even the Lion King shield couldn't completely block it. If I were the one there, I’m afraid that the tiger would’ve taken out twenty thousand of my health in one swipe? 


Thankfully, the Hellfire Tiger’s normal attack wasn’t as high. With a normal hits it only dealt around 6000 damage. With our healers around to wean Matcha, there wasn’t any fear for her life. 


Behind me, I set up an [Azure Dragon Crossbow]. I urged my horse forward and then activated a [Black Tortoise Realm] onto the BOSS, and decreased its movement speed. I then set up a [Soul Army] to back up our attacks. Then, with both my Zhen Yue Blade and my Dragon Reservoir Sword, I cut into the side of the BOSS, and activated all kinds of skills and attacks against it. I had a country weapon in one hand. Even a Ghost Harvest BOSS couldn’t block the edge of my attacks! 


Qing Qian let out a shout and a black fog covered her body. It was as though a demon witch from hell was charging towards the BOSS. Her dagger now had a range of three yards. “Shua shua shua!” She swiped at the BOSS’s back, dealing quite a bit of damage. In addition, her damage output was not much lower than wan Er’s. I was speechless. The attack power of the [Unrivaled Spirit] was incredibly strong. What would happen if Wan Er learned it? 


The Hellfire Tiger roared and swept its tail at Wan Er and Qing Qian, dealing 15,000 daamage. Thankfully it wasn’t life threatening. Following that attack, the flaming aura around the Hellfire Tiger’s body suddenly grew and flames rose from the tiger’s four paws. I was all too familiar with this attack. It was the [Burstfire Raid]! A tiger the size of a mountain was lunging right at us! 




Dancing Forest and Xing Lie both didn’t get the chance to dodge and was instantly killed in the onslaught. They had both received close to 30,000 damage. I quickly opened my hand and activated, [Binding Chains]!




Iron chains burst through the floor and wrapped around the tierg’s legs, locking it in place. Matcha quickly charged over and attracted the BOSS to her again. Darling Duck quickly revived the two of them. This could be considered a warning that the BOSS was giving. If we underestimate it, then the price we pay would be equally as heavy. 


“Surround it!” Li Mu roared/ 


Wang Jian and Old K lead a group of people over, surrounding the BOSS. As soon as it was trapped, the Hellfire Tiger roared again, creating a small whirlwind in the cave. It was his [Awe of the Lands] skill. Thankfully, Li Mu and Wang Jian had a lot of health. Both of them retreated with 25% of their health left, allowing Matcha and I to continue tanking the BOSS’ hits. 


From then on, nobody dared to underestimate the enemy. Li Mu and Yao Yan all looked on from afar, waiting for Matcha and I to switch out when we hit critical health. This didn’t mean, however, that we didn’t have a chance. Matcha had the Lion King Shield to protect her, so killing her was a far too difficult task. I, on the other hand had 20% [Drain]. Additionally, with the Zhen Yue Blade and Dragon Reservoir’s attack, my survivability was also pretty incredibly. As long a we could hold our ground then we could survive. 



Around fifteen minutes later, with the combined effort of Dong Cheng, Dancing Forest and Xing Lie’s ranged attacks, the Hellfire Tiger was in critical health. Despite that, its attacks were just as equally fierce. Even though none of the people in our group had hit the Holy Domain, our advantage in intelligence exceeded that of the advantage in a Holy Domain and so killing the BOSS with our team work was not hard. 




The Hellfire Tiger suddenly stopped its attack. It raised its head towards the sky and let out a series of roars. The earth split and flames soared into the sky. Furthermore, magma bubbled out like water and spurt furth. At the same time, an enormous rock that looked like a mountain suddenly fell from the sky. Motherf*cker, so this is what the Boiling Mountain was. Flames spewed as though under a cauldron as the rivers water boiled and the boulder the size of a mountain. So that is where the skill name [Boiling Mountain] had come from. 




I gripped my Zhen Yue Blade and shouted, “Retreat, the attack range is a hundred yards!” 


Qing Qian and Wan Er both quickly darted backwards. Anyone who couldn’t get out could only prepare their potions and take the attack head on. Matcha and I continued to attack. Even Meng Yao’s Verdant Peach was beside us, ramming into the BOSS. This [Boiling Mountain] effect lasted a whole twelve seconds. Three of the people in our team had died while Matcha and I had both fallen to critical health. 


“Matcha, retreat!” 


I covered for her. I could not let [Zhan Long]’s chief knight die. I myself had activated my [Chi You Body]’s unrivaled effect to take on the BOSS. It was 25 seconds long, enough time for everyone to regain full health. 


The magic of the unrivaled body is that you could sustain attacks without taking damage to your health. It wasn’t like other unrivaled skills that don’t take attacks. This way, it was much easier to attract firepower and aggro. 


Not long after Matcha, Meng Yao and Li Mu returned to full health and once again joined in the battle. The people who had died were all revived. In less than two minutes, the Hellfire Tiger cried out and collapsed in a pool of blood. It had finally died. Additionally, it dropped  a pile of equipment. Among them, I saw another faint green skillbook. I felt my heart jump. Our luck wasn’t bad, looks like we got another skill! 



“We finally killed it!” Li Mu took a deep breath and said, “Guildmaster, quick, go and check out what we got.” 


“Got it.” 


I leapt off my horse and walked forward and picked up the drops. Afterwards, I took out the green skillbook first. I waved my hand over the skillbook to see the stats. It was the second [Unrivaled Spirit] book. This time, the three assassins ROLLed for it again and Wolf ended up as the victor. Wan Er’s beautiful eyes were practically red. “Wu wu” she cried. She had fought a week's worth of BOSSes trying to get the skill but it still hadn’t come. In the end, while we were in Deer Cry Cave, we got two in a row and she still couldn’t get it. 


I smiled comfortingly to her and then rubbed her shoulder, “Don’t panic, you’ll get it eventually. Isn’t it just a skillbook? If it really doesn’t drop, then we’ll just buy it from another player.” 


Wan Er nodded, “Well, looks to be that way….” 


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We continued looking through the rest. The Hellfire Tiger gave us four equipments and they all looked pretty impressive. However, what was most disappointing, was that of all four pieces, there wasn’t a single one that was worth our attention. The highest tier was a Saint Tier while the lowest was a Green tier. I gripped the Green tier sword, at least it had given us the [Unrivaled Spirit] book, otherwise it would’ve all been for nothing. 



“Everyone, stand over there!” Li Mu waved. Everyone followed his command and stood on the roulette plate at the center of the second floor. Like that, it would send us to the third floor. 




Magic light rose up all around us. I could hear the wind screeching from all sides. In the next moment, all twenty of us appeared on the third floor. I could hear the cries of deer in all directions. Birds sang and fragrant flowers bloomed. It looked nothing like the deadly battlefield that we had imagined. Have we finally arrived at the Qin Deer’s den? 

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