Chapter 752 - Neptune's Blade
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Zhan Long Chapter 752 - Neptune's Blade

Chapter 752 - Neptune's Blade

“Congratulations Melon!” Wan Er and Dong Cheng both yelled out.


I smiled too and said, “looks like the drop rate for [Unyielding Spirit] from a Ghost Harvest BOSS isn't bad. We'll just have the assassins kill the BOSS from now on.”


“Lets check out the equipment!” Wan Er excitedly added.




I picked up the three pieces of equipment that the Bear General had dropped and displayed them all. There was a leather helmet, with elaborate stitching. It looked as though a Flaming Phoenix was rising up into the sky. I decided to look at that first. I placed it in my palm and waved my hand over it. The stats appeared in the sky before us.


[Flame Phoenix Helmet] (Divine Tier) 


Type: Leather 


Defense: 1300

Agility: +137


Stamina: +135


Strength: +132


Additional: Increases the user’s critical attack by 7% 


Additional: Increases the user’s MaxHP by 2900


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Special Effect: [Flame Spirit], increases defense against flame attacks by 150% 


Required Level: 130


Required Charm: 140


Required Gender: Female



I picked up the Flame Phoenix Helmet, and smiled with frustration, “It’s a female helmet. Looks like there’s no other way. Wolf, you and this helmet aren’t fated at all. How about the assassins and archers ROLL for the equipment?” 


Wolf rubbed his nose, “Yup, just getting the experience of seeing it was pretty good!” 


Wan Er, Qing Qian, Wei Liang, and Dancing Forest began to roll for the equipment. Very soon, we figured out the victor. Qing Qian was victorious again with 91 points and she put the Divine Tier equipment into her bag. The little girl was practically leaping with joy. There hasn’t been a single time before this that she had gotten so many treasures all at once! 


The next moment, Qing Qian had put on the Flame Phoenix. She immediately made the flame effect in the helmet disappear, and turned it into its original black state. That was much more fitting for her, and prettier as well. 


I picked up the second reward. It was a long blade. It looked very similar to the ancient blade that the Bear General was wielding. I waved my hand over it and let the stats jump up. As I had expected, it was the same blade. On top of that, the stats were very incredible——


[Neptune’s Blade] (Demon Harvest Tier - Superior) 


Attack: 4750-5800

Strength: +160


Agility: +157

Stamina: +155


Magic: +152

Additional: Increases the user’s attack power by 65% 


Additional: Ignores 30% of the target’s defense 


Special Effect: [Sea Suppressor], Gives the user a 20% chance of receiving a heal as the weapon moves the power of the sea. The heal effect is two times the user’s attack


Special Effect: [Enemy Break], gives the user a 20% chance of forcing the target back and stunning them for 0,7 seconds


Special Effect: [Holy Body], summons the power of holy spirits to the user’s body and awakens the spirit of the heavenly warrior, greatly increases the user’s attack and defense. Lasts for five minutes and consumes 110 Rage


Special: Demon Harvest Weapon 1782


Required Level: 130


Required Class: Swordsman, Knight, and Monk


Required Charm: 170



It was a Demon Harvest weapon. Just the attack power was enough to make a person gulp. It had completely surpassed my Dragon Reservoir Sword. Especially that [Sea Suppressor] effect. It had a 20% chance of activating, and if it was calculated off of my attack power. It would instantly heal around 40,000 of my health. This means that someone could use this in a battle against tens of thousands of soldiers, and as long as he didn’t receive focused firepower, who could kill him? 


“F*ck, it’s another weapon, and it’s a Ghost Havest weapon. Our luck today is incredible!” Wang Jian smiled with his fist gripped, “Wan Er, I couldn’t tell before, but your drop rate is incredible. You got another Ghost Harvest weapon!” 


Wan Er smiled, “Well, how about everyone ROLL for this blade. Remember, whoever gets the sword has to treat everyone to dinner!” 


“They must.” Li Mu smiled, “Then, how about all of the swordsmen, knights, and monks step up and ROLL for it?” 


I nodded and said, “Yup, you guys ROLL for it. I have the [Kill for Blood] effect on my Dragon Reservoir Sword, so there’s no need for me to get another blade. You guys fight for it. That Neptune’s Blade is pretty great!” 


“Yes sir!” 


A group of knight class players began to ROLL for the weapon. One after another, the numbers appeared before everyone and the competition was getting fierce——


Wang Jian —— 77 points!


Yue Yao Yan —— 52 points! 


Matcha —— 81 points! 


Meng Yao —— 87 points! 


The moment I had hoped that my sister would get the Neptune’s Blade, Li Mu suddenly got a shocking number —— 100 points! Nobody had expected that Li Mu, and his crap luck, would actually get a hundred. It was a miracle! However, since Li Mu was the boss of Valiant Bravery and was one of the pillars of [Zhan Long], so giving him a godly weapon like that was a pretty good fit. 


I threw the Neptune’s Blade to Li Mu. He immediately equipped the weapon. He pulled out some Spirit Gems and evolved the blade up to +5. He couldn’t help but laugh, “D*mn, my base attack is only 4000 points away from Xiao Yao. He he, too cool!” 


Wang Jian and the others all congratulated him. I then glanced at the last ring. It was a gold tier, and looked as though it were just some regular equipment that drops after the really good equipment drops. There was always usually some trash equipment that’s there to surprise everyone. 




I raised my Zhen Yue Blade and said, “Let’s go, we’re going to prepare to head to the second floor. Let’s do this as fast as we can. I have to go to my internship tomorrow morning!” 

Matcha laughed, “Boss, work? That can’t be. You’re actually going to work? Isn’t the beautiful Wan Er feeding you properly?” 


I furrowed my brow and said, “What’d you say? I need to be raised by her? I’m a man, I must have the ability to make my own living. Otherwise, I won’t even be able to straighten my hip at that point…” 


Wolf smiled, “Brother Xiao Yao, where are you working?” 






At the center of the deer Cry Cave, an enormous Tai Ji* diagram opened up. Below it was an endless cave. I jumped straight in, my cape fluttered behind me. A crazy wind blew up around me. Nobody would have imagined that the environment in the second floor would be so nasty. Under the crazy wind, we practically lost all sense of direction. “Peng!” I landed on a rock and regained my balance. A ray of light shined from above. When I looked up, I saw that the second floor was around a hundred meters wide. This small space had actually turned up a crazy gale of wind. I could even see Wan Er and Dong Cheng being carried in the wind. A group of twenty people came down scattered in different directions. 


“Careful!” I said into the team chat, “Nobody got hurt right?” 


Li Mu grunted, “Darling Duck and I were rather close. I’m heading over there now. The second floor monsters are pretty savage!” 


Actually, the second floor’s topography was also based around stone pillars and enormous garden walls. It was large and spacy. At the center, there were several fierce tigers that were acting as guards. “Mang Battle Tiger”, a level 147 Hybrid Demon monster, Level 4. It was around the same level as the Magic Sword Masters of the Hybrid Demon Territory. After the twenty of us were scattered by the wind, all of the people who didn’t have much attack power were surrounded and killed. 


In the team chat, Thousand League Spring, Xing Lie, and Wolf’s names had all became dull, demonstrating that they were killed. Li Mu and Wang Jian only had around 50% of their health left and it was in the middle of jumping up and down. They were probably in the middle of fighting. Not far from me, I saw Dancing Forest running and shooting from her bow. She only had around 20% of her health left. 


I quickly urged my Flying Scythe War Horse forward. I used a [Seven Star Teleportation] to rush forward, and arrived right beside Dancing Forest. I swung my Zhen Yue Blade, and threw a [Fierce Ice Blade] right onto one of the tigers. At the same time, my Ancient Heavenly Tiger lunged forward, and attacked another tiger. We had made it in the nick of time, otherwise Dancing Forest would’ve been killed. 




Dancing Forest sat down beside a pillar, her face pale, “D*mn, that was f*cking scary. Two of those tigers suddenly appeared. Thank god you were close by!” 


I swung my blade, and dealt another cut and smiled, “Help me deal some firepower. Let’s finish these two tigers off as soon as we can so we can meet up with the rest.” 





With the two of us working together, our speed was much higher. When the second Mang Battle Tiger fell, it dropped another piece of Deer Cry Equipment, it was the armor set we need. I put it into my bag. I then searched through the map to determine what everyone else’s location was. The twenty people had been scattered across four quadrants. That gale had caught us off guard. 


Just a hundred meters away from us were Wan Er and Dong Cheng. Thankfully, under the protection of Wan Er, Dong Cheng was safe. Wan Er and I began to clear the map as we traveled forward along the border. After killing a dozen of the Mang Tigers, we met with Li Mu and Wang Jian. Close to an hour later, the twenty of us were finally together again. All of the ones that had died in battle had been revived. Everyone was feeling their blood boil. This Deer Cry Cave was extremely abundant with resources, however this map was somewhat stingy. 



We continued killing along the long hallway. We hadn’t let a single tiger go. Not long afterwards, we actually encountered a Level 1 Mang Battle Tiger. It had been turned into a pet by Yao Yan. It was a Saint Tier BOSS level pet and had incredible stats. 


As we were grinding levels, we also got continuous news from Tian Ling City——


The guildmaster of [Prague], Yan Zhao Warrior had killed the Sky Demon Gu Lie and obtained a Ghost Harvest Long Sword! 


[Legend]’s Enchanted Painting had obtained a Divine Tier BOSS pet from the map just north of the Steel Blade Mountain, Vast Peak! 


Q-Sword from [Hero’s Mound] had killed a BOSS in the Barbarian Tribe and obtained a Demon Harvest Battle Axe! 

[Vanguard]’s vice guildmaster Simple had been ambushed and killed by several unknown beggars in the Fairy Path Forest! 


Minimalist had lead four thousand Greedy Wolf Raiders and destroyed a two thousand man team from [Epic] in Beast Spirit Valley! 


There were a lot of battles going on in Tian Ling City. Everyone was either grinding levels and getting equipment, or else there were all sorts of PKs going on. Among the different news that was coming our way, [Thousand Burial] occupied the most headlines. As before, they understood that the Greedy Wolf Raiders needed to rely on killing and plundering in order to grow and sustain itself. And so, Minimalist and You Yi kept that fact in mind and were continuously cleaning out players from smaller guilds. [Flying dragon] and [Wrath of Heroes] had all suffered the same treatment. Even so, they didn’t dare to voice their anger. [Thousand Burial] now had 30,000 Greedy Wolf Troops, enough to make any second rate guild tremble in fear. 


Currently, the cavalry of most guilds haven’t even surpassed 30,000, whereas [Thousand Burial] was now in charge of 30,000 Greedy Wolf Raiders. That was enough to demonstrate the wild ambition of Not Ordinary and You Yi. They wanted to scale up their operations, no matter if the Greedy Wolf Raiders had been washed out or not. They were just waiting for another opportunity to upgrade their mounts and once again dominate Tian Ling City! 



Unfortunately, the country wars were drawing closer, and there shouldn’t be time left for [Thousand Burial] to satisfy their desire for an internal battle.

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