Chapter 751 - Unyielding Spirit
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Zhan Long Chapter 751 - Unyielding Spirit

Chapter 751 - Unyielding Spirit

The first floor didn’t have many other monsters, only an uncountable number of Bear Warriors. On top of that, our players didn’t kill very fast. Unfortunately, the Deer Cry Armor sets didn’t have a very high drop rate. We had spent a whole thirty minutes killing before we got two pieces of the armor. It was a Deer Cry Helmet. I glanced at the stats. It was just as I had predicted, the main stat increase from the Deer Cry Armor Set was the attack stat——

[Deer Cry Helmet] (Saint Tier) 


Type: Heavy Armor


Defense: 1280 


Strength: +151


Stamina: +147


Agility: +141


Additional: Increases the user’s critical attack chance by 40% 


Additional: Increases the user’s attack power by 15% 


Defense: Increases the user’s base attack power by 700 points 


Special: [Deer Cry], increases the user’s attack power by 9% 


Outfit Part: Deer Cry Armor - Helmet


Required Level: 130 



I threw the helmet over to Meng Yao and said, “How about you put these together and check out the stats? It must be staggering….” 


Meng Yao nodded with a smile and put the Helmet and the Chest piece together. In the next moment, the Deer Cry Armor’s stats appeared in the air. It was extremely astonishing. It was practically god level armor——


[Deer Cry Armor Set] 


Two Pieces: Attack Power +90% 


Three Pieces: Defense Power +50% 


Four Pieces: Base Attack Power+2000, Magic Defense +270% 


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Five Pieces: MaxHP +1500, Attack Power+150% 


Six Pieces: Ancestral Deer Cry, Each time the user hits the target, it will overlay the user’s attack power by 10%, to a maximum of ten times. Lasts for 120 seconds. 



Li Mu squinted and said, “If we have enough of the Deer Cry Sets, can I reserve one?” 


I nodded, “Ok, no problem, I’ll give the first set to you.” 


Wang Jian was gaping at the stats, “Once this set comes out, I’m afraid the user’s base attack won’t be much lower than Brother Xiao Yao with his Zhen Yue Blade...” 


Matcha smiled, “That base attack really won’t be must lower than boss’, however in terms of special skills, defense and splash damage, there is still an enormous gap. Don’t forget, the Zhen Yue Blade has splash damage that reaches a five yard range. It’s like a small Demolition Bullet and can create panic on the battlefield.” 


Wan Er stuck out her full chest and smiled, “That’s right. I don’t think there’s anyone in the world who can rival our pig’s attack power. Yup, I think that besides Matcha’s Lion King Shield, there isn’t anyone who can hold against a round of skills when Pig strikes with all his power. Besides, he has a savage little tiger by his side too.” 


Matcha shook her head with a smile, “No, I don’t think that I can stand against boss’ attack power. I might be able to stand my ground against one round of skills, but if he continuously attacked me, I’m afraid that I would die a terrible death….” 


Wan Er cheerfully smiled, “Yup. Let’s keep on killing these Bear Warriors. I’m still trying to get the new skill books to drop. Wu wu, I’m already Level 133, and yet I still haven’t found the new skills….” 


Li Mu rubbed his nose with a laugh, “Agh, don’t even mention that. To this day, I’ve only found the [Covering Sword Slash] of all the hidden skills in the swordsmen class. Look at Xiao Yao, with all of those impressive skills…..” 


“Good luck! You’ll find one eventually!” 





Our team of players continued to fight our way through the first floor of Deer Cry Cave. After close to three hours of massacre, we finally killed almost all of the Bear Warriors. Despite that, there didn’t appear to be must hope for the Deer Cry Outfit’s drop rate. We had a total of 11 pieces, and managed to make one set. We handed it to Li Mu. When he put it on, his entire body began to glow with an azure power. Furthermore, we could see the deer symbols etched into the edges of the armor. His attack power had increased quite a bit. With one strike, he could deal fifteen thousand damage. It wasn’t much lower than my Zhen Yue Blade’s attack. 


At the center of the Ba Gua map, we found an entrance that lead to the lower level. It was also where the first floor BOSS resided. After one hour of walking, we found a General with a bear head and a bronze blade in his hand. As we neared him, we were able to read the BOSSes stats——


[Bear Head Genera] (Demon Harvest BOSS) 


Level: 145


Attack Power: 15500-18900


Defense: 13000


Health: 300,000,000


Skills: [Blade Sweep] [Bear Advance and Retreat] [Thunder Surge] [Ground Ripping] 

 Introduction: Bear Head General, is a warrior that has been demonized. He was originally a brave hero of the human race. After he entered Deer Cry Cave on an expedition, he was put under control by the demon power of the Qin Deer. His character became more violent and his body began to evolve so that he had a bear head. With the ancient blade “Ocean Suppressor”, he guards the first floor and became one of the Qin Lu’s first dogs



Gripping my sword in one hand, I smiled, “Prepare to advance. Matcha, you’ll be the tank, and I’ll focus on controlling his attacks. We’ll trap the BOSS in his place, while the rest spread out. Healers, stand a little further. Immediately revive anyone who dies. There’s no need to hesitate . Best case scenario, we’ll kill the BOSS as fast as possible.” 


“Yes sir!” 


Everyone nodded. Matcha then raised her Lion King Shield and pulled out her sword. She urged her Thousand League Moonlight forward, with her snow white cape fluttering behind her. [Zhan Long]’s number one lady knight was extremely charming. No wonder Old K, Bai Qi and the others were practically drooling. Unfortunately, Matcha’s sights were set rather high. Even though she had a pretty good relationship with everyone, she didn’t seem to have a love interest with anyone. 




She used a [Charge] and rammed against the BOSS, immediately getting the BOSS’s attention. He roared and shouted at Macha, “Little girl, you look soft and weak, you must taste very good. Come at me, why don’t you come and get a taste of my blade. It's been a long time since I’ve had fresh blood like yours!” 


[Blade Sweep]! 


Sparks flashed and the ancient blade landed on the Lion King Shield. The blow had only dealt an attack with four digits. It hadn’t gone over five. Looks like Matcha won’t have a problem holding against this BOSS’ attacks. That Lion King Shield really is a godly item that's on the level of a national treasure! 


Closely after that, the BOSS dealt another [Bear Advance and Retreat]. His body suddenly surged forward, knocking Matcha back a couple steps. Right after that, he dealt a [Thunder Surge], channeling several bolts of lightning into his blade. “Pa pa pa!” He dealt a round of chaotic attacks. However, now that Matcha had her Lion King Shield, losing another thirty thousand health was no problem. Plus, the healers immediately brought her health back up. 



I dashed forward, swinging both my Zhen Yue Blade and Dragon REservoir Sword and dealing a [Wind Blade]+[Fierce Ice Blade]+three normal attacks. I had dealt three extremely high damage numbers ——






In that moment, the aggro had shifted and the BOSS spun around and threw a blade at me. “Ka Cha!”, he had cut off 12000+ of my health. Motherf*cker, my defense was much lower than Matcha’s! 



Matcha smiled and urged her battle horse, using a [Brave Ram] against the BOSS. Afterwards, she dealt a [Holy Provoke], shifting the BOSS’ aggro back to herself. The BOSS then dealt continuous cuts at her Lion King Shield. I took the chance to get in a couple of hits and slice down its health. With my attacks, plus the archers, mages, and musketeers’ this BOSS’ health quickly plunged. Even if he had three hundred million health, he still wouldn’t be able to hold up against our attacks. 

In less than ten minutes, the BOSS’ health dropped below 15%. Its body looked as though it were drenched in blood. Its sturdy body was now ripped up, tattered and bleeding from all of our attacks. It was almost too gory to bear. In an anguished scream, the BOSS released its final attack—— [Ground Ripping]! 


This was a dimensional attack with an extremely strong force! 


I raised my blade high and activated a skill interrupt effect. However, I wasn’t able to interrupt the skill. There was no other way. Wan Er immediately activated her skill——[Heaven’s Lullaby]. Instantly, the BOSS was stunned for seven seconds and the [Ground Ripping] effect didn’t activate. Dong Cheng then cast a [Lullaby], however that was dodged. Thousand Sun’s cast the same skill and it was a success. Once the [Lullaby] was a success, then the entire skill was cancelled and it died in its womb. 


“Continue, throw all of your firepower!” 


I raised my sword and dealt rapid cuts. Everyone made a circle and threw  their firepower. Even the Ghost Harvest BOSS wasn’t our rival. [Zhan Long]’s players have grown to unbelievable lengths in this short time. After all, in the past, everyone’s health was around 20,000, making it so that the BOSS could kill us in two hits. However, now that [Zhan Long] started scaling up the Steel Blade Horsemen and the Black Flame Armor, almost all of the main players with mounts had over 50,000 health. Not only that, but our defense was also starting to improve. As long as the BOSS couldn’t instantly kill us, we could retreat and continuously switch the players taking damage. This way, torturing a Demon Harvest BOSS to death was only a matter of time. 


In less than twelve minutes, this Level 145 Ghost Harvest BOSS let out an anguished cry and fell to its knees with a heavy thud. As it fell over, a golden light rose around its body. Wang Jian and Li Mu both leveled up. Furthermore, a pile of equipment dropped beside the BOSSes body. This time, Wan Er had dealt the last strike, leaving me in the dark on what had dropped. 


Brother Xiao Yao, go get our plunder!” Qing Qian urged. 


I nodded and glanced through the rewards. I suddenly saw a faint blue skill book. I picked up the skill book first and waved my hand over it. The stats floated in the air——


[Unyielding Spirit] (SSS tier): Grants the user the [Unyielding Spirit] effect. Defense, attack and movement speed stats increase greatly. Furthermore, attack range increases by 3 yards, and there is an additional splash effect. Every second of this status uses one point of strength. Required Level: 130; Required Class: Assassin, Learning this skill consumes ten points of charm 



“D*mn, the Unyielding Spirit has dropped!” Wolf excitedly smiled. 


Qing Qian smiled, “Your luck isn’t bad at all, you’ve finally got the assassin’s new skill book. That should be the first [Unyielding Spirit] right?” 


I picked up the book and said, “Well, you four assassins, come and roll for it.” 




Wan Er, Qing Qian, Wei Liang, and Wolf all rolled for it. Qing Qian rolled a 97 winning the skill book. She was jumping up and down with excitement.  



The skill book disappeared in the beautiful girl’s hands. In the next moment, Qing Qian activated the effect. We saw a dark aura rise up around her body. She looked as though she were a demoness that had fallen to the dark side. The dagger in her hand revealed an attack range that reached three yards. Well, an assassin with an area attack effect. The times were really changing. 

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