Chapter 750 - Deer Cry Armor
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Zhan Long Chapter 750 - Deer Cry Armor

Chapter 750 - Deer Cry Armor

A deer cry is a very special sound. Shijing once said, “The bleating of a deer, as it nibbles the grass on a plain”. That description, however, wasn’t specific enough. Most players didn’t know what it sounded like, except for older players who had played Hot Blooded Legend. In that game, one of the first mobs that new players encounter is a deer, and killing the animal would force it to release that sound. 


But, the way that games have developed has already taken the originally simple RPG into the high sensory stimulation <Destiny> As I looked into the depths of the Deer Cry Cave, I knew that those monsters were not going to be anything like the mobs in the novice village. And so, I gripped my Zhen Yue Blade and smiled, “I’ll scout ahead. Can a healer give me a [Hundred Battles] BUFF?” 


Darling Duck smiled and waved her hand, successfully BUFFing me. It was a Level 13 [Hundred Battles] effect, which increased my attack and defense by 37.4% and lasted for thirty minutes. Thousand League Spring also quickly added BUFFs, and made sure that the rest of the group were also ready before we went ahead. 



“Sha Sha” Horse hooves swiftly passed across the ground. My Flying Scythe War Horse snorted and slowly stepped into the Deer Cry Cave. The cave itself was fairly large, and so riding a horse into it was not a problem. I waved my hand and summoned my Ancient Heavenly Tiger and pulled out my sword. I continued forward into the cave and raised my Zhen Yue Blade. Light reflected off of the blade, and cast a small bit of luminessences on the cave floor. In the distance, I saw an enormous black figure hiding in the shadows of the ceiling. It was the size of a millstone. 


Qing Qian quickly added, “Brother Xiao Yao, be careful. That’s a Vampiric Bat, a level 145 Titan Tier monster. Last time, Wei Liang was killed by that mob.” 


“Ok, don’t worry, I’ve got it!” 


I opened my hand and locked onto the Vampiric Bat, [Great Realm of Desolation]! 




My Zhen Yue Blade split into three images that levitated in the air. It flew out and pierced right into the bat. The minute the strikes landed, I heard a “Ji ji” and 23212 damage jump out. A level 145 Titan Tier monster’s health was around 200,000 which meant that this wasn’t going to be difficult! 


This enormous bat flew straight at us. The light reflected off of the blade and revealed long savage teeth. It looked very similar to an evolved Plunderer, it was incredibly terrifying! “Pu Chi!” with one bite, it had taken out a thousand of my health. It hadn’t broken through my defense.  


I swung my Dragon Reservoir Sword and threw several cuts and slices along with my Zhen Yue Blade. In moments, I had dealt over ten thousand points of damage. Dancing Forest and Dong Cheng both dealt ranged damage from behind. The first Vampiric Bat screeched and fell to the ground. It had dropped four gold, a soft armor, and an emperor tier weapon. It wasn’t very useful, but could be sold in the end. 


Wei Liang raised her dagger and smiled, “Just as I thought, the more people, the higher our strength. This time, we won’t have to worry about being instantly killed….” 


Before she even finished her sentence, we suddenly heard a sharp screech from deep within the cave. In the next moment, a mass of Vampiric Bats that flew out from the depths and towards us. I stiffened and shouted, “Set up a defense formation, protect the lightly armored players!” 


As I said that, I dashed backwards. Dong Cheng, Darling Duck, Thousand Suns, Xing Lie and the other ranged players retreated to a corner. Matcha, Meng Yao, and One Second Hero lead the knights to form a layer of defense by ramming their shield into the ground. Matcha’s Lion King shield was especially impressive. It released a golden light as she held it. It was truly a symbol of [Zhan Long]’s knight class players. 


A countless number of vampiric bats flew at us. Thankfully, we had noticed fairly early and were able to form an Iron Bucket Formation, and protected the ranged players at the center. Afterwards, we pulled out our weapons and began dealing attacks. We threw out skills one after another. My Zhen Yue Blade was particularly fierce, as I let loose a [Seven Star Fragment Slash]. The attack power was incredibly strong, furthermore, it had an extension effect that increased the range of the attack. It dealt 40% splash damage to all targets within a five yard radius. With that one slash I saw a whole flock of bats have their health plunge. It was quite the sight. 


Dong Cheng smiled as she threw a [Magma Abyss], “Brother Xiao Yao’s firepower is nothing to laugh about, that Zhen Yue Blade is a god weapon for grinding levels….” 

Dancing Forest smiled, “Jeez, that Zhen Yue Blade is a country weapon, how could it be a simple as some god weapon for grinding levels?” 


Wan Er picked up her dagger and stood before the outer layer of the protection. Her dagger glowed as she killed a bat and said, “Hurry up and kill. We haven’t even entered the map completely and yet we’re stuck here. That isn’t good news!” 


“Yes ma’am!” 



Around ten minutes later, a pile of bat corpses formed. We had killed all of the vampiric bats that were guarding the opening. The experience it gave was very fruitful. I steered my horse over and pushed through the bodies. I could see Emperor and Valkyrie tier equipments lying in piles. I did a simple sweep. All of the weapons that weren’t good were immediately changed into God Army Cards. Everyone knew about my Mohist Five Scrolls and cheerfully gave their consent for me to do so. Besides, a lot of the trash equipments was just a waste of bag space if picked up. 


After we finished our sweep, we continued to push forward. I could see slivers of light coming from ahead of us. Steps began to appear. Furthermore, I could see scattered runes etched along the walls. When my Flying Scythe War Horse stepped onto the first step, I suddenly heard a bell ring beside my ear. Finally, we had formally entered the Deer Cry Cave and a quest appeared——




System Notification: Please note, you have entered the SSS tier map [Deer Cry Cave] (First Floor), as the first team to enter the Deer Cry Cave, you have activated the SSS tier Main Quest [Ancient Qin Deer], do you accept? 



I immediately accepted. The other nineteen players didn’t hesitate and accepted as well. Very soon, another bell rang——

System Notification: Congratulations, your team has accepted the SSS tier main quest [Ancient Qin Deer]! 


Quest Introduction: Qin Deer, The emblem of strength for an empire. During the Ancient times, the Qin Emperor was muddleheaded, and commanded his armies to go deep into the mountains to hunt down a Deer Spirit and bring it back to the palace, to make the deer into a mount. From then on, that Deer Spirit became an emblem of the empire’s strength. Several thousands of years later, the empire had fallen and the Qin Deer’s evil spirit rose up. It took over the villa of a marquis, and turned it into its nest. Your team will charge into the third floor of the Deer Cry Cave. There, you will find this Qin Deer. Kill it and hand the deer’s antlers to the king of Tian Ling City in exchange for a generous reward! 



“So it’s a main tier quest. Our luck is pretty good!” Li Mu grinned, “I can already feel the Ghost Harvest and Divine Tier weapons calling out to me, Ha ha….” 


I urged my horse up the steps and looked at the map. The Deer Cry Cave was in the shape of a Ba Gua*. We fought our way through the layers, meeting quite a few mobs on the way there. Not far from us, we saw a Bear Tribe Warrior carrying a large mace. It looked a little like the Evil Bear Spirit from the Journey to the West**. It even had an iron cast armor draped over is shoulders. However, it wasn’t wearing anything else. Thus, right below its waist, a large black thing hung from its body, swaying as the bear moved. 

*TL Note: Ba Gua, Ancient Chinese fortune telling graph, typically used in maze formations, Feng Shui diagrams or when divining Heaven’s Will 

**TL Note: Journey to the West, popular Chinese myth


Dong Cheng wryly smiled and couldn’t help but joke, “It knows to put on chest armor, but not wear pants, what kind of custom is that?” 


Wan Er smiled too, “Pig, hurry up and fight it!” 

I glanced at its stats, it was a Level 145 monster. However, it was also a Level 3 Hybrid Monster, and so its battle power was not going to be bad. I then nodded, “Li Mu, Wang Jian, charge with me!” 


The three of us dashed forward, using our [Charge] state. “Peng peng peng” we rammed into the “Bear Tribe Warrior”. We dealt continuous stuns. I then flashed my Zhen Yue Blade adn Dragon Reservoir Sword. “Shua Shua Shua!” I landed several blows. My attack effect was pretty good, I had cut into the bear’s flesh. Natrually, this bear wasn’t going to wait for its death. It swung its mace, landing it right in my shoulder! 





The attack power wasn’t too bad, it broke through my defense. Unfortunately for it, I had 67000 health now. Killing me was too difficult of a task. 


The three of us surrounded it. After a round of fierce hacks, we killed the first Bear Tribe Warrior. It hadn’t dropped any equipment, but it did drop 11 gold coins. The gold faction people in the team were beside themselves in happiness. This time, no matter if we receive other fruits for our hard work, at least we’ll have a lot of gold. 


We continued along the green railing. As we continued further, we met more and more of the Bear Tribe Warriors. I knew that this quest was too easy so far. From then on, the Bear Tribe Warriors appeared in teams of ten. Motherf*cker, thankfully we had at least ten warrior type players in our team. That was enough tanks. 


I raised my Zhen Yue Blade and targed a Bear Tribe Warrior in the distance and said, “I’ll lure the first and second Bear Warriors over. Li Mu, you take the third, Wang Jian, take four, Old K 5, Matcha 6, Meng Yao 7, Young Jie 8, Yao Yan 9, and Tang Xin 10. Prepare for this.Healers, watch our health. Whoever has low health, keep them fully replenished. Ranged players, make sure to target your skills one at at time. Let’s clear them out as fast as possible!” 


“Yes sir!” 


When I first charged, the rest followed behind me and targeted our respective Bear Warriors. Our attacks were swift and organized, making it easy for us to kill. Besides, all of the players here were [Zhan Long]’s top players. Even if the opponent was a Hybrid Demon type monster, we could still easily deal with them. 


After killing another wave of ten Bear Warriors, the last monster was killed by Meng Yao’s sword. It roared and died, and something dropped in a flash of green light. It was a chest armor, for heavy armor players. I could see symbols of a deer stitched into the edges. I felt my heart leap, I knew that our chance had come…. 


“Meng Yao, share the stats!” I quickly said. 


Meng Yao picked up the chest plate and waved her hand over it. The stats appeared in the air. As expected, this was an extremely strong outfit. It was a good decision to come to deer Cry Cave today——


[Deer Cry Chest Plate] (Holy Tier) 


Type: Heavy Armor

Defense: 1400


Strength: +155


Stamina:+ 151


Agility: +144

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Additional: Increase the user’s defense power by 37% 


Additional: Increases the user’s attack power by 17%


Defense: Increases the user’s MaxHP by 4500 and Magic Defense by 50% 


Special Effect: [Deer Cry], increases the user’s attack power by 11% 


Outfit Set: Deer Cry Outfit - Chest Plate


Required Level: 130 




Wang Jian widened his eyes and smiled, “Is this, the first Saint Tier equipment set to appear?” 


I nodded, “It probably is. On top of that, it's an attack type equipment. Look, it increases attack power by 17%, and that [Deer Cry] increases it another 11%. If we complete this outfit, then it’ll be a terrifying killing weapon!” 

Li Mu turned around and looked  at the group of bear warriors in the distance and laughed “Darlings, I’m coming for you!” 


I was speechless. 

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