Chapter 51 - Trolls
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Zhan Long Chapter 51 - Trolls

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Chapter 51- Trolls

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The next morning at 7 AM, quite a few students had already prepared their books to go to class, but today’s class was extremely boring. Both Wan Er and I had no interest in it, and Cheng Yue also wanted to skip, so we decided that after eating breakfast we would go level grinding!

At the ground floor of the girl’s dorm, Wan Er and Cheng Yue walked towards me.

“Cheng Yue,we meet again…”

Dong Cheng Yue put her hands behind her, and sarcastically said: “What? It’s only been a day, and you already start to miss me?”

I ignored that comment and replied: “We’ll go and eat breakfast, then we go online…”

“Oh? You’re pretty calm…” She lightly smiled.

I was astounded: “Why wouldn’t I be calm?”

“All of Ba Huang City is in an uproar, don’t you know?” Wan Er glanced at me with her pretty brows: “Hmph. I really pity your future…”

“Future?” I had no idea what they were talking about.

Cheng Er tried her best not to laugh: “This guy really doesn’t know!! Hehe, this morning, Ba Huang City went into an uproar. The player [Tyrant of Western Chu] gave out a ridiculous bounty for a player called [Xiao Yao Zi Zai]. I hear, if you can get a video that shows you killing [Xiao Yao Zi Zai], then you can trade that video to the [Wrath of the Heroes] guild for 1000 gold coins!”


I widened my eyes: “1000 gold coins? You’re not joking are you? One level of me is worth 1000 coins? I think I should suicide and grab all that money!”

“It’s for real…” Ling Wan Er looked at me with both compassion and pity: “It’s better if you don’t show yourself too often, players from Ba Huang City will look at you like a walking gold bar…”

I nodded “Mm, I always keep my head down when I do things…But it’s not that easy to kill me. Hmph, Liu Ying is better off dreaming. Using money to suppress my level? Ha, impossible!”

“Is that so? Let’s make a bet.” Wan Er smiled.

Cheng Yue smiled on the side: “Wan Er’s mood is pretty good today, even suggesting a bet…”

“That’s fine, what do you want to bet on?”

Wan Er crossed her arms in front of her chest, and said: “How about this, go online for 5 hours. If you don’t get killed by anyone then I’ll treat you to a meal and let you order anything you’d like.”

“And if I lose?” I started to have greedy thoughts.

“If you lose, meaning if you die once, then you need to treat me and Cheng Yue for a meal. It doesn’t even need to be a top-class restaurant, just spend around 200 Yuan (~32 dollars) and it’ll be fine. How about it?”

“Its a deal!” I stretched out my hand.

Wan Er smiled, and also stretched her white, soft hand, and we shakeed on it. “Deal!”

Cheng Yue was probably the happiest, she got to be treated no matter who won or lost!


After breakfast, at 8 o’clock in the morning, I went straight back to the dorms and went online!


I appeared in Dragon City, and all around me was an area of wilderness. South of me were the endless forests leading to Ba Huang City, and north of me was a mountain range with a continuous ice spine. The ice spine went from east to west and separated the continent into a south part and north part. The south was where rain and wind fell peacefully with flowers and plants growing vigorously and the land where the 7 empires in <Destiny> were established. The north was an area of unknown to mankind, and Dragon City was built in the middle of the ice spine, acting like a gate for the 7 empires.

I pulled out the Jade Sword and thought about what I should do. For the next 5 hours, I would go grind my level and do quests around Dragon City. Very few players came to this area, so for at least 5 hours I should be fairly safe and my bet with Wan Er was pretty much in the bag. Mm, I hadn’t eaten the Squirrelfish from the Pine & Crane restaurant yet. The dish costed 250 Yuan per pound…Personally, I couldn’t pay for it but now I could have Miss buy it for me, what a rare chance!

At the quartermaster, I repaired my equipment and also looked at what he had to offer. Level 4 Health Potions, 50 silver coins per bottle, it regenerated 400 points of HP. Pretty decent, so I bought a few and threw them in my bag. If I ever got into an emergency situation, and my [Heal] was on its 6 second cooldown, I wouldn’t be helpless. After changing classes to Scavenger of Dragon City, I lost [Hemostasis], which meant that I needed to be more prepared from now on.

I called out Baby Bobo, and he flew happily around the area. I think that even he could feel that his master’s power had increased significantly. But Bobo was always buzzing happily, even the second before he was annihilated by Yan Zhao…

I opened up Ba Huang City’s leaderboard——

1) Yan Zhao Warrior – Level 33 – Swordsman

2) General Li Mu – Level 32 – Swordsman

3) Yue Qing Qian – Level 32 – Assassin

4) General Bai Qi – Level 32 – Berserker

5) Yue Wei Liang – Level 32 – Assassin

6) Soaring Dragon – Level 32 – Mage

7) General Wang Jian – Level 32 – Swordsman

8) Fierce Tiger – Level 32 – Berserker

9) Black Tortoise – Level 31 – Archer

10) Frozen Gravestone – Level 31 – Swordsman


The levels were pretty close to one another and Yan Zhao’s level was rising pretty fast as well. He probably didn’t sleep last night and kept on leveling up. Even the Generals couldn’t chase up to his level. The two beauty assassins also had their places on the leaderboard. Black Tortoise and Fierce Tiger had been on Ba Huang City’s leaderboard for quite a long time, so it was no surprise that they showed up this time. As for Frozen Gravestone, he was a new high-level player. The early stages of the game had a lot of competition, but the skilled players showed their dominance in the later stages.

I checked my own position on the leaderboard, it was 271st place, level 30 Scavenger of Dragon City. Looking at this placement, I was extremely proud of myself. I had finally reached the top 10000 in a game!

In the morning, I did my profession job, excrement mover. After I became an apprentice, Beast Tamer Dalin just sat around all day eating meat and picking his teeth. He didn’t do any work whatsoever.


I took Bobo and walked around the wilderness, bringing back a few piles of excrement from Phoenixes. From that, I gained some experience, and afterwards, I tried talking to the quartermaster. Finally the quartermaster spoke: “Young Scavenger of Dragon City! To the West of the city are some uninvited guests! They are strong trolls and I hear that they are the crossbreeds of whales and lions. Go there and kill 100 trolls then come back to collect your reward!”


System Notification: Do you accept the quest [Slaughter the Trolls]? (Quest difficulty: A)

Very nice, I quickly accepted it, and an A level quest popped up in my quest menu. Why would a quest that asked to kill normal monsters be an A ranked quest? This could only mean one thing, the levels of the trolls were higher than mine. Damn, it may not be me slaughtering them but rather the other way around!

I went to talk to Dalin again: “Instructor, do you have some secret skill that you can pass down to me?!”

Currently, I couldn’t return back to Ba Huang City to learn new skills so the only skill I had from being a swordsman was the [Combo]. Also, I didn’t even have a chance to learn Quick Blade, Parry, or Heavy Strike etc. since I could only learn skills from this extremely unreliable instructor!

Dalin laid on his little grass bed in his tent and didn’t even bat me an eye. His finger picked his nose and he flung a snot-ball at me——“Nope!”


I pull out my Jade sword and sliced that snot-ball in half and said angrily: “Then I’m leaving…”


Walking west for 10 minutes, I reached a dark green valley, the area for my quest. In the forest, 3 meter high trolls were just sitting there and between every two trolls was a boiling pot of soup. The Trolls had sharp teeth and a strong body. In addition, when their skin rubbed against their rock seats, sparks appeared! These monsters!

I inched my way forward, and I looked at their stats. Damn, I couldn’t see most of their stats, but I could see the level——

【Troll】(Normal Monster)

Level: 38

Attack: ???

Defense: ???

Health: ???

Skills: ???

Description: Trolls, a group of monsters living in the wilderness. Trolls have extremely strong attacks and defenses but their movement are slow. That’s their only weakness. Of course, if a warrior’s sword is sharp enough, it can penetrate their thick skin, but in the past thousand years warriors haven’t been able to kill off any trolls, and instead became ingredients for their soup.


“Damn it! I hate eating alligators! Their skin is way too rough!” One troll said while holding a soup ladle.

Another one growled: “Idiot. don’t whine. If it wasn’t for you, we could have gotten that young woman yesterday. Her flesh must be very sweet and delicious!”

“Ha!” The first troll replied “With one hit, that women wounded you! Those kind of women are impossible to swallow. She would break your throat and stomach, and jump out from your stomach!”

The third troll used some branches to stir the soup and said: “No one say anything more. I heard that that woman is the captain of the castle on top of the ice spine and she’s called Frost. She is already a heavenly ranked person, we can’t even be compared to her!”

“Screw it, tomorrow we go to the western graveyard to grab some maggots to eat!”

“Okay! Every time you talk about maggots, I start drool…”


I almost threw up but I didn’t dare to suddenly go up and fight them. If these 3 level 38 monsters combined their attacks, I was pretty much dead instantly. So I must find a suitable moment to attack! Hmm, those trolls probably didn’t eat anything good today, and as they drank that soup, they probably would need to pee, and right when they were in the bathroom I would attack them individually!

I waited for a full 3 minutes, and finally, the troll with the wound stood up, and slowly walked away from the campfires. He untied the cloth on his waist…..



I slowly pull out the sword, and a ray of light appeared, showing that [Turmoil Sword] was in effect. My chance had come! First I would kill off this slightly wounded troll!


The Silver-locked boots stepped on the rocks and I dashed towards the troll. Bobo’s speed was even faster and went straight into a level 3 [Combo] attack on the troll’s behind!




Indeed, the defense of the troll was pretty good.

At the same time, I activated [Combo] with my sword, and with a golden hexagram swirling on the sword’s edge, I struck two times on its rock-like skin. This was no fake gold-ranked sword! The troll snarled but it lost quite a bit of HP——



Indeed, with [Turmoil Sword], in addition to Jade City Sword, my attack damage was just slightly over Bobo’s!



The troll snarled, spun, and bashed his huge bat on me and Bobo——



I was still good, and although Bobo’s defense wasn’t as good as mine, he didn’t need any healing either. I continued with the rapid attacks, Stab+Slash+Hack+Strike+Slash!


The troll’s leg hit my chest plate, and knocked me back. Damn, it was quite tough!

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