Chapter 50 - Skill Testing
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Zhan Long Chapter 50 - Skill Testing

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Chapter 50 – Skill Testing

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The night wind blew and the dropped leaves danced. I walked on the forest path in the school yard. Even through it was early autumn, there was a firefly dancing in the bushes.

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In front of me, Wan Er was wearing a short white skirt. Even without makeup, her pretty face was bewitching under the warm light of the road lamps. Although she wore very simple clothes, anyone could tell that she was a top-class beauty. I followed behind Wan Er, which meant I  was a bodyguard; if I walked side by side with her, it would imply that I was her boyfriend.

“Xiao Yao, today we’re not going to eat in the cafeteria. Let’s go out somewhere to eat. Where should we go and eat?” She asks suddenly.

I instantly replied: “We should go and eat expensive food!”

Wan Er suddenly stopped then turned around and looked at me with those beautiful eyes: “You want to die? My savings for this month are used up and not much money is left…”

I spread out my hands: “Then let’s eat some fried egg rice from a stall somewhere, but I’m only afraid that you won’t like it…”

Wan Er pouted her mouth and smiled: “Who said that I won’t like it? Let’s go!”

“Will we really go eat fried rice?”

“Of course, why would I lie to you.”



We went outside of the school and rows of stores were selling delicious food. 9 o’clock at night was the business peak for students and in Liu Hua University there were probably over a thousand students playing <Destiny>. So, the number of people that came here and eat was not a small one.

We chose a small stall and I pulled out a chair and let Wan Er sit down first. I then sat directly opposite to her and raised my hand and said: “Boss, two bowls of fried egg rice please! The 4 yuan (70 cents USD) ones!”

Wan Er took out her cellphone and looked at the forums online. On the side, many students that were eating rice discovered that there was a super beauty here. All of them had their eyes wide open and their drool almost fell onto the tables.

I rested my chin on one hand and I looked at Wan Er bored. She pursed her lips and whined: “Damn it…I was ranked first just a few seconds ago in Fan Shu City, but now I’ve been overtaken and dropped back to fourth. I was just helping Cheng Yue with a quest, but now so many people passed me already… ”

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