Chapter 49 - Power Spike
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Zhan Long Chapter 49 - Power Spike

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Chapter 49 – Power Spike

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Wandering through the wilderness, my first target wasn’t anything special. It was the lowest level monster that I could find——Steel Hat Goblins. It was a level 34 monster so I could see all its stats. It had average attack damage, decently high defense. Basically, it was not a huge threat towards me. It wouls become a stepping stone to level 30.


In the dark night, the Steel Hat Goblins were walking around lazily while holding sharp axes. Occasionally, they made sharp screeching sounds, which was extremely annoying. From the outside, they looked just like little dwarves and the very nasty type ones.


Under my command, Baby Bobo flew over there, and performed a [Combo] on a Goblin. Under the attacks 800 HP was taken away. I also rushed up with my staff and with a small cry, a golden hexagram hovered over the tip of the staff, LV-2 [Combo], activate!



My attack was indeed much less than Bobo’s. The attack damage that this staff gave was too little, it was barely 10% of Jade City Sword’s attack damage. What I needed to do was be able to equip that weapon. That was my #1 priority.

Under the barrage of attacks, the Goblin fell with a screech and dies. I waved my hand and cast [Heal] and Bobo’s HP was filled up the brim. At the same time, Goblin also dropped an item, it was an axe as bright as snow——

【Steel Hat Goblin’s Axe】(White Tier)

Attack: 25-40

Level Requirement: 30


I picked it up and threw it in my bag. At this stage in the game, the players’ levels were pretty high and most of them probably didn’t need any white-ranked weapons. But if I sold it in a store I might be able to get a few dozen silver coins, since the level on this axe was quite high.

Continuing on, I killed a few dozen more Goblins. My experience bar was filled up to 94% at level 29. The distance to level 30 was getting closer and closer! Also, I got 7 more Goblin Axes, all white-tiered. Well, it was a small reward…

As I was fighti

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