Chapter 48 - Ginseng Earthworm
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Zhan Long Chapter 48 - Ginseng Earthworm

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Chapter 48 – Ginseng Earthworm

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The freezing wind howled through the forest and pounded of the city walls of Dragon City, making a frozen whirlpool. Two people could be seen walking through it. One with a burly physique and carrying a heavy chain and another with a staff and a tiny bee.


”Sir, what’s the main responsibility of a scavenger in Dragon City?”

Dalin dragged the chains behind him, and smiled, answering: “Our main responsibility is to clean up the surrounding area of Dragon City from anything that would either pose a threat towards Dragon City or the ordinary soldiers transporting goods to or from Dragon City.”

I nodded, thinking back to the time when Dalin killed the Cyclops with a single blow. If I had to hunt down such creatures, I’d probably die before scratching them.

“Moreover…” Beast Tamer Dalin looked into the distance with a cold look in his eyes: “There is another important duty.”

“What duty?”

“Come with me!”


Dalin leaped forward, traveling more than a hundred yards in a single leap. I rushed after him with my staff, until I came to an earth slope which had large lumps of steaming hot excrement. Some were even giving off small sparks on the top while the others were frozen solid. The pile had a radius of around 1 meter from the top to the button.

“What is this?” I was quite startled.

Beast Tamer Dalin was looking in the sky, pretty curious, I looked as well: “Kid, what you see is the excrement of the phoenix. The phoenix’s main food is the fruit that grows in volcanoes. This causes the phoenix’s body to store lots of energy, which causes its excrement to be high quality and good for heating. Since the winters are unusually harsh in Dragon City, we must store lots of excrement to keep Dragon City warm in the winter.”

Suddenly Dalin’s chains danced in the air and compacted the excrement before he started dragging them towards Dragon City.

I was completely astonished, was this my duty?

“Kid, don’t just stand aroun

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