Chapter 47 - Dragon City’s Scavenger
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Zhan Long Chapter 47 - Dragon City’s Scavenger

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Chapter 47 – Dragon City’s Scavenger

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Carrying my staff, I slowly departed towards the Ba Huang City’s northern gate.

Yue Qing Qian chased after me as I left. Standing outside the city wall covered with moss, she looked at me: “Xiao Yao Brother……”

She was almost about to cry. I turned around and faced Yue Qing Qian. I held out my hand and gently stroked her snow white chin. Smiling I told her: “I have to raise my level, when I’m strong enough, I’ll be back to completely defeat Yan Zhao Uncle, and take you away from [Prague]. Please wait for me to return!”

Yue Qing Qian unexpectedly nodded, tears trickling down her cheek, “pow”, each and every small teardrop splashing on the stone road.

Yan Zhao Warrior followed closely behind carrying a sword, looking very agitated and gritting his teeth. I was guessing Yan Zhao must hate me with his entire soul, while Yue Wei Liang stood there expressionless: “Older sister……Xiao Yao……”


I turned away and quickly disappeared in the forest with Baby Bobo. Carrying my staff, I swiftly ran toward Dragon City.

It was 5 o’clock in the afternoon and Lin Wan Er hadn’t called me yet, not that I was feeling anxious to go eat. Besides, my main priority was to go to Dragon City and maybe change my class.

Many hours and countless ice bears later, I finally arrived underneath the cliff of Dragon City!

Standing below the cliff side, I looked towards the top and gritted my teeth. While barely holding the staff in my mouth I climbed up the hill with great difficulty. After I climbed about 200 meter, I slipped and suddenly I found myself in a free fall. “PopPopPop”, bouncing off the rock walls. I finally landed on a limestone slab. System notification: “You been seriously injured, injury condition at 74%!”

Damn, to fall and get myself injured……

I waved my arms and cast [Therapy], the skill that I had gained after my promotion to a healer, it quickly removed my injury, and I continued to climb!

Finally after 1 hour and 7-8 times of falling, I stood before the immense Dragon City walls. Raising my arm, i  yelled loudly at the night soldier on guard: “Put down the rope, and pull me up. I have an important letters to give to the King of Dragon City!”


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