Chapter 52 - Wind Blade
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Zhan Long Chapter 52 - Wind Blade

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Chapter 52 – Wind Blade

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[Combo]s were continuous attacks that forced the opponent to be unable to retaliate or block it and it was performed like a single attack. For example, Yan Zhao’s [Peerless Strike], was composed of a Stab+Slash+Slash+Kick+Hack. In these 5 continuous strikes, the first four strikes only did 30% of one’s attack damage, but the last “Hack” did at least twice the damage of regular attacks. Therefore, the last strike of the combo would do over 50% of the combo’s damage.

This was also why I chose to try to make my combo with “Stab+Slash+Hack+Ram+Slash”. The fourth strike was “Ram”, so as long as that strike was successful, the opponent would be stunned for a short while. It didn’t matter if the stun was as short as 0.1 seconds, it would be more than enough to finish the combo which was where the real strength of combos lay.

In <Destiny>’s system, in order for a “Ram” to be successful, one must have more strength and attack damage than the opponent, which was calculated through Strength x 1.5 + Attack damage. So the fights of heavy armor classes, weren’t solely decided by strength but also decided by a good weapon.

My development so far was me putting all my points into strength. With my [Heal], I could be unbeatable, since I didn’t put points in other stats such as endurance. I was pretty much a pure-strength swordsman!


Even though the troll in front of me didn’t get knocked back, my fifth attack still dealt over 300 damage! Although it wasn’t part of a combo, it still greatly exceeded any normal attack!

The total HP of the troll was around 1900 or so and it stood no chance again me and Bobo’s savage attacks. With a cry, it fell and dropped a shiny battleaxe!

I happily walked up and picked up the battleaxe. The stats weren’t bad——

【Troll’s Battleaxe】(Green-Tier Equipment)

Attack Damage: 75-149

Strength: +18

Other: +11 Strength

Level Requirement: 32


Damn, the level requirement

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