Chapter 53 - Pine and Crane Restaurant
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Zhan Long Chapter 53 - Pine and Crane Restaurant

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Chapter 53 – Pine and Crane Restaurant

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Ten gold coins for the A rank skill [Binding Chains] was a small price to pay, even if it was not as strong as [Wind Blade]. They were both surely stronger than the regular skills like [Combo] and [Heal] and not something you would usually be able to buy with a little gold, yet they couldn’t be compared to my priceless SS God class sword skill, which had to be earned by thousands and thousands of repeated practice draws.

I was pretty ecstatic that I finally had gotten two completely new skills. First things first, I wanted to test them and see their power.

Using both hands, I raised the sword as I silently cast [Wind Blade]. Immediately, my arms began to tremble as a teal colored aura enveloped the blade. It took 0.2 seconds for the blade to reach the state of being fully covered by the aura.

In the next moment, the blade started to emit a cold wind around it. Suddenly, I executed a downward slash, “Peng!. Rock fragments flew as the rock in front of me was cut about 20 cm deep. Mm, a Level 1 [Wind Blade] raised attack by 3%, already significantly higher than normal attacks. Furthermore, training it to Level 4 would yield a 12% increase in attack, giving it insane power!

After trying [Wind Blade], I immediately went on to the next skill, [Binding Chains]. When I used it, a small “bang” sounded and I could see how a chain came out of earth in the targeted area. It looked almost like a snake strangling its target for 1.9 seconds.


When I finalized my testing, I had to say, the skills were definitely useful. Although they both had high requirements to the user, being able to control the actions of your opponent and predict the right timing to strike, they were undoubtedly powerful.

I went and talked with the quartermaster again to look for more quests, but he didn’t have anything for me. So, I decided instead just to go hunting to practice my skills, as they were still Level 1. Even a SSS

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