Chapter 54 - Attack of the Mercenaries
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Zhan Long Chapter 54 - Attack of the Mercenaries

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Chapter 54 – Attack of the Mercenaries

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“Q Sword is already level 36 and ranked first in Fan Shu City. Also he’s already made a custom [Combo] and learned an exclusive skill. Last night outside of Fan Shu City there was a battle and Q Sword single-handedly challenged 9 players that were over level 30 and won. This guy is an idol to everyone…”

Dong Cheng Yue blinked her beautiful eyes, smiled, and said: “I also heard that yesterday’s battle caused a lot of girl players to confess to Q Sword on the forums. ..”

Wan Er looked deeply at me and her pretty pupils had a trace of provocation, but she smiled and said: “Mm, yeah I also feel that Q Sword belongs to the group of men that are perfect in every aspect. It’s normal for girls to fall for him…Unlike a certain person who chose the healer class and at the end…Was bullied left and right by Tyrant of Western Chu…”

I rubbed my nose and said angrily: “Miss, don’t mock me…”

“What are you talking about…” Wan Er spread her hands and looked at me innocently: “I’m just saying the truth…Which reminds me, Li Xiao Yao what’s your level right now and what rank are you in Ba Huang City?”

I thought for a bit: “Level 31 at 97% experience and almost level 32. As for the ranking, when I went offline I was around 300, but now I’m guess that it should be around 500…”

“Oh? Your level rises so fast?” Wan Er’s mouth was wide open.

I was speechless: “Not as fast as you, already level 34 and almost level 35…”

“How about you come to Fan Shu City? I’ll introduce you and you can join [Q Sword]’s guild. How about it?”

“Q Sword’s guild?” I frowned. “Isn’t that the one that’s really popular on the forums, [Hero’s Mound]?”

“Yep!” Wan Er nodded. “It’s the second ranked guild in the entire server and [Hero’d Mound] has a bit of history. There are over 80 thousand player registering. Is there any need to hesitate?”

I clenched my fist and said plainly: “Nope, I’ll build up my own guild. I won’t join [Hero’s Mound].”

Cheng Yue looked at me in a daze and after a while said: “Xiao Yao is jealous…”

While my face was red, I said: “Nope. Definitely not. Jealous? What are you talking about? How can I be jealous of this guy? Impossible!”

Wan Er giggled, hummed a song, and didn’t bother me anymore.

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