Chapter 55 - Struggle Between Life and Death
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Zhan Long Chapter 55 - Struggle Between Life and Death

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Chapter 55 – Struggle Between Life and Death

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Wang Jian raised his sword and said angrily, “Isn’t Xiao Yao Zi Zai a strength type healer? This…how can a healer with .5 growth in strength use a Level 4 [Combo] to oneshot Bai Qi?!”

Li Mu pointed at me with his sword and yelled, “Stop talking and kill him already!”

I got hit by two more arrows in my back and lost 400+ HP. General Lian Po’s archery was way too strong. Facing me, Li Mu thrust his sword towards me with exceptional speed! The player ranked just second to Yan Zhao, he was indeed strong!



I powerfully swung my sword as I stepped backwards into the shallow water with my Silver boots. Li Mu’s sword was forcefully knocked away with a clang. The surprise in his eyes became very obvious, he was mistaken to think that a healer’s attack damage and strength could be enough to knock him away.

Although I knocked the edge of his sword away, Li Mu reacted quickly. He bent and suddenly leaped forward, and he kicked my chest with his boot!


I rolled into the water with a dull feeling in my chest. I clenched my fists and thrust them into the surface of the water. A row of chains broke through the water, encircling Lian Po.


General Lian Po got bound by the chains for 2.1 seconds. At the same time, Baby Bobo also appeared behind him, buzzing around while a golden hexagram started to appear on his stinger.

“Ah d*mn…”

Lian Po cursed, and fell on the ground, killed within moments.


As I was focusing on killing Lian Po, I received yet another blow from behind and multiple pets started chasing me around. Wang Jian came rushing at me with the edge of his sword glowing, indicating a [Combo] cast, and the only thing I could do was keep backing away. While doing that though, I waved my hand, and cast [Heal]!


Li Mu appeared at my side and attacked together with Wang Jian. Although my body was in the game, I flicked my Jade City Sword out of reflex and with a bang, it hit Li Mu’s wrist. At the same time I yelled loudly, and the wind concentrated around my blade. With a teal glow lingering on my sword, I quickly slashed towards Wang Jian’s shoulders.

“Careful!” Li Mu yelled out.

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