Chapter 56 - Strength of a Thousand Men
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Zhan Long Chapter 56 - Strength of a Thousand Men

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Chapter 56 – Strength of a Thousand Men

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Now that I had this Necklace of Bravery, my total HP rose to 930 points, one step closer to 1000! At least now I wouldn’t die as easily. But d*mn, there was still that bitter feeling. I died two times, and dropped back down to level 30!

In my soul form, I returned to the [Desolate Cloud Swamp], and Li Mu was silently standing there while holding his sword. He, together with Wang Jian and Bai Qi formed a triangle formation, with Lian Po holding his longbow in the middle. A typical defense formation. No matter which side I attacked from, I couldn’t get any surprise attacks off.


“We killed him twice, equivalent to 2000 gold coins. I’ve already contacted Tyrant of Western Chu, and within the next 10 minutes, I will put the video of us killing Xiao Yao Zi Zai two times on the forums as proof, so that he has to keep his word.” General Lian Po said faintly.

Wang Jian frowned, “That video… can’t it be edited? We 4v1ed, and we still got killed. If people see that we would lose face! Also, Boss’s necklace dropped as well, d*mn it. That necklace is worth at least 50 gold!”

Li Mu stood there quietly and said, “No need. Xiao Yao is originally strong, why else would Tyrant of Western Chu give out a 1000 gold bounty? Although quite a few of us died, ultimately, we finished our bounty hunt. But what kind of class is ‘Scavenger of Dragon City’? How did he get it…”

Bai Qi asked, “Boss, do we continue waiting here and kill him for the third time?”

Li Mu shook his head, “Nah, we can’t be too greedy…”

After saying that, Li Mu faced the open space, and yelled, “Brother Xiao Yao Zi Zai! Today, we Generals were unfair to you, and we apologize for our actions. We only want the 2000 gold. My Necklace of Bravery dropped, you can keep that as our apology. We hope that you won’t hold a grudge against us, and we Generals will remember about you!”

After saying that, Li Mu muttered, “Let’s go!”

All four pets were released, and they backed away carefu

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