Chapter 57 - Pardon Card
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Zhan Long Chapter 57 - Pardon Card

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Chapter 57 – Pardon Card

This chapter was sponsored by William Wang, Alban de Caumont, Manuel T. and Sai Pakalapati.

TL: Unlike in other MMORPGs, Chinese mmorpgs are filled with PK/Guild wars because of its limited resources which is why there is an excessive amount of PKing in the book. PKing is a larger element in this book than monster killing.


A gold beam fell upon me and I once again reached Level 32 after killing a Cloud Water Snake. I was close to tears. Damn, if not for the 2 consecutive deaths this afternoon, I would already be within the Top 10 of Ba Huang City. To miss such a rare opportunity…

Suddenly, “Sha Sha”, the grass by the shore moved. A few seconds later, a beautiful silhouette appeared, Level 34 Assassin beauty, Yue Qing Qian.

“Qing Qian!”

I walked forward, “You’ve come a long way, what is it that you want to give me?”

Yue Qing Qian smiled as she stretched her hand into her waist-pouch and pulled out a card, “Look, I somehow managed to acquire this from an auction, I’m sure it’ll be useful to you…”

I reached for it and took the blood red card.

[Pardon Card]: After using this card, for 12 hours, the user will not receive any penalties for killing other players.



Shocked, I continued, “Qing Qian, this should be pretty expensive right? I really do need it though…”

Yue Qing Qian laughed and shook her head: “Not really, it’s only 5 gold because not many people want it. Everyone is more focused on rushing to Level 40 for their second class upgrade. Nobody has the time to spend on killing people all day, Of course, Tyrant of Western Chu is an exception…”

Yue Qing Qian looked at my equipment from head to toe as she spoke.

“Eh? Brother Xiao Yao, you…why are you wearing heavy armor? Aren’t you…aren’t you a healer?”

I patted the Dragon City Scavenger insignia on my shoulder, “Nope, I just changed my class to Swordsman.”

“Wah, no wonder you could withstand the attacks from the Generals and even kill 3 of them…”

“I still died though, my level was insufficient…”

“Hmm.” Yue Qing Qi

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Novel Notes

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