Chapter 58 - Battle Between the Sword and the Shield
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Zhan Long Chapter 58 - Battle Between the Sword and the Shield

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Chapter 58 – Battle Between the Sword and the Shield

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There were a total of 7 players. The two berserkers were level 31 and the party consisted of another healer, archer, musketeer and mage. In addition to this, there was a level 32 monk with heavy armor. Overall this team combination was perfect for targeting bosses. Also, to level up to 32 as a monk certainly wasn’t an easy task, which showed how well of a player that monk was.

The captain seemed to be the berserker carrying a shining axe, above his avatar were the words, “Mu Tain”, and judging by its looks, the axe should be a silver tiered item; its attack damage surely wouldn’t be low. Though the biggest problem was probably their long ranged attackers, since I had no way of blocking or escaping it. A single round of attack from the entire team would probably be capable of killing me.


Under a tree I smiled and asked: “I’m simply walking around collecting Indigo Seaweed, doing nothing to you. Why would you want to kill me?”

Mu Tain waved his axe and laughed: “By killing you, we would earn a thousand gold. So of course we want to kill you. Do you have any last words before you die?”

I stayed silent for a second, before I said: “This Deep Cold Forest is my domain, if you aren’t afraid, you can come and try to kill me.”

Immediately afterwards, I rushed into the Forest and since it was nighttime the visibility for everyone was poor and I vanished out of their sight.

Mu Tain paused before saying: “Release your pets, we will let them find him for us. Today is the day that Xiao Yao Zi Zai dies!”

Moments later, a few bats, goblins, and other pets were summoned. None of them had a truly outstanding attack force, therefore being a limited threat.



As my battle boots stepped on the moist grass, I slowly walked through the forest. I was kind of scared of facing a 7-member team; if they came at me all at once, I would definitely die. But if I focused o

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