Chapter 41 - Cang Tong
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Zhan Long Chapter 41 - Cang Tong

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Chapter 41 – Cang Tong

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I could see a group of people approaching. In the front was Tyrant of Western Chu! When he saw my lone shadow, he could not help but laugh, “Xiao Yao, where are you going to hide this time? Nobody can help you now.”


The leaves next to Tyrant curved downwards even though nobody was stepping on them. It had to be Ageless Beauty, because invisibility didn’t mean that one wouldn’t affect their surroundings. An assassin’s stealth would be especially useless in water since the water would make ripples, clearly showing their position.

When I looked behind Tyrant of Western Chu I saw more than a hundred people. As a lone player, I had no chance against them.

I turned around and ran through a thorny field. It would be a waste of time to respond to their nonsense. My main focus should be to finish the quest as quickly as possible and rush towards level 30. My [Heal] skill had risen to level 4, which meant it now healed 600 health, and Baby Bobo was almost able to solo a bandit at this point.



A few shadows flew over me, and before I could respond, arrows started flying towards me.

I tried to dodge them, but I still ended up getting hit by two of the arrows. I used [Hemostasis] to return to full health, before looking up and seeing three wind elf archers. The archer at the front sneered, ”Xiao Yao, with us Wind Elves scouting, do you still think you can escape? Did you think that [Wrath of Heroes] would let you escape so easily?”

I cried inside, I had no chance to escape from the Wind Elves; after all, out of the 5 races, they were the only ones who could fly. They could control the situation with long ranged attacks, and Liu Ying had brought more than 10 of them with him.

Behind me, Liu Ying and his men came running. I also knew that somewhere out there, Liu Ying’s lover, Ageless Beauty, was approaching to take my life.

I clenched my teeth, I knew that I had to let them attack first, but getting killed without returni

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