Chapter 42 - A Misunderstanding
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Zhan Long Chapter 42 - A Misunderstanding

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Chapter 42 – A Misunderstanding

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The bloody dagger emitted a red glow, and Qing Qian ground her teeth, “How can I let this go when you’ve already killed us? I’ll get revenge first and talk later. I don’t care if you’re a high ranked player from Fan Chu City!”

With small steps, Qing Qian shifted left and right on the fallen leaves to gain momentum, and with an exploding PA, she rushed straight towards Lin Wan Er. Suddenly another dagger appeared in her left hand and she attacked with both daggers!


Lin Wan Er used her left hand to steady the iron umbrella across her chest!


Bright sparks flew in every direction. Wan Er’s power was not inferior to Qing Qian’s; it was even a bit stronger, and when she pushed her arm out, the impact immediately sent Qing Qian flying back. Then, Lin Wan Er used the force of the impact to propel herself backwards, resulting in both women jumping back to around 3 yards. On top of Li Wan Er’s head, a *Miss* could be seen, meaning that Wei Liang’s sneak attack had failed to hit her target. All of this seemed to be within Lin Wan Er’s calculations.

Wei Liang’s body became unbalanced from her failed strike, and Wan Er took advantage of it by pushing her with her umbrella, *Bang*, Wei Liang fell backwards and rolled down the grass, her beautiful face becoming blemished by the grass. She leapt back up and looked at Qing Qian, muttering, “Sister…”

Qing Qian stared at Lin Wan Er while gnashing her teeth.

Wan Er just smiled as she stood there, glowing in the moonlight with no visible tension. Her young figure was draped in leather, and a dark red cloak slightly fluttered in the wind behind her. She leaned her left hand on the iron umbrella, and held a dagger in a right hand. With no rush and a slight grin, she said, “If you two beautiful ladies are Li Xiao Yao’s friends, then can we stop? It was all a mistake…”

Qing Qian said with a cold face, “You insist we should stop? Don’t forget, you ki

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