Chapter 43 - Cloudy Moon Staff
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Zhan Long Chapter 43 - Cloudy Moon Staff

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Chapter 43 – Cloudy Moon Staff

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”What is this?!”

Miss Lin Wan Er stood with a blank face blinking several times in shock as she reread the information again and again. Finally, she snapped out of her trance and looked at me like I was a monster, “5 stars in attack, 4 stars in defense and 4.5 stars in agility with a 97 degree of excellence… This monster is a beast… so that’s why you’re so successful in Ba Huang City even though you’re a groupless healer.”

My face grew pale, ”You got it all wrong! I’m quite talented as well you know? Also, I have some good friends here, Qing Qian and Wei Liang, they have been helping out a lot!”

Lin Wan Er glanced at me, “I think they’ve been charmed by you, right?”

I said quite sorely, “Don’t you dare to say anything thing, I’ll…”

The beautiful missy looked charmingly at me, “You’ll what? You want to fight me? Come on~ Let’s fight~.”

I looked down and endured it, “Never mind…”

Dong Cheng Yue said smilingly, “This Bee Overlord is pretty good. My and Wan Er’s pets are Killer Bees with 87 and 79 excellence. These are considered quite high-class but compared with yours we would be embarrassed to show them off…”



We continued killing thieves, taking less than 10 minutes before the last page of the diary dropped. As I quite joyfully picked up the last page I said, “Okay, now the task is complete, would you follow me down to turn it in, or…?”

Lin Wan Er asked, “Are there any follow up quests?”

”There probably are, but first add me as a friend, okay Miss?”

”…..” Lin Wan Er bit her lip quite flirty, with a teasing look in her eyes: “But I do not add male friends, unless they are extremely handsome.”

I felt a tiny flame of fury in my heart as I clenched my fist, “Will you add me or not?”

Lin Wan Er beautiful eyes continue teasing me, “How scary~What is a healer with no weapon going to do to me~”


As she seaw I remain silent, she smiled and says: “Oh well, I’ll make an exception even though you are not

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