Chapter 44 - Dragon City
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Zhan Long Chapter 44 - Dragon City

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Chapter 44 – Dragon City

Ling Wan Er showed a smile, “Well, Li Xiao Yao, Dong Cheng and I are only accompanying you up to here. Since there are no more monsters ahead, we’ll be going back to Fan Shu City to train our pets. I hope you can rush to become the first healer to reach level 40…Oh, and don’t die…”


The two of them pulled out a city return scroll, and one by one they turned into white light and disappeared from my sight. I rubbed Baby Bobo’s head lightly and said, “Let’s go! Let’s show em how strong we get next time we meet! ”


I equipped a white staff dropped by a Polar bear. It had no properties except that it added 50+ points of attack damage, which was better than nothing. We kept moving forward through the snow towards the barren landscape.


In the mountains, the cries of the wolves could be heard, but I didn’t think about them. They were a probably a bunch of high level wolves, me solo them? What a joke.

While I was in a valley, my body suddenly started shaking… I confirmed that it was not the cold, but the earth that was shaking! Shortly, the entire ground started to tremble!

“What is this?!” I held the staff firmly.

At this time, a huge figure appeared in the hills about a hundred meters away. It was at least 10 meters tall with a humongous stone hammer in its hand. The monster’s body was covered in green hair, and it had only one eye in the middle of its face, just like a Cyclops. Damn, it was a legendary monster!


I decisively laid down under tall green bristlegrass that was around 20 cm tall and stared at the Cyclops from a distance. Level: ??, attribute:?? It was a good thing to stay far away from this monster, or else I would die in a blink of an eye!


The Cyclops was roaring at a black tiger monster in front of it, whose body was covered in blood-red flames. The tiger opened its bloody jays and its hair stood up when it roared back with anger and fear.

The one-eyed giant madly roared back and sent its stone hammer out. With a bang, it hit the forehead of the giant beast, causing blood to splatter everywhere. The giant beast countered by using its claws to hit the left leg of the one-eyed giant, leaving several bloody scratches. A giant and a monster were having a death match near the border. Soon, the ground was completely dyed red from the fresh blood.


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